The World That Tao Rules

The World That Tao Rules

Author: Ye Xingyue Status: Ongoing 热度: 12134

The Newest Chapters: The World that Tao Rules - Chapter 231 Updates: 2024-06-14 20:42:01

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A mysterious youth who came from a mysterious village, didn’t have the Heart of Tao. Nor did he have the Tao Spirituality nor an unblocked Tao Physique. However, even in such a situation, he had his heart set on Tao and submitted himself to the Seeking-Tao Sect as a disciple and stepped on his way, an unusual and unique way to Tao cultivation!

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The World that Tao Rules - Chapter 231

Chapter 231: Seeing the Sun Again

Just as Xue Ranyi stomped his foot, the snow-covered mountains surrounding the entire Snow clan valley, which had been standing tall for who knows how many years like city walls, suddenly began to shake violently.

Even the ground of the entire North Mountain shook along with it.

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