The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 108

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Chapter 108: Luo Family

A chatterbox DondFang Bo came out when Jiang Yun asked that question. He excitedly rubbed his hands and said, "This can be a long story, come, sit down, I'll explain with you a simple explanation!"

Before Jiang Yun sat down, DongFang Bo said, "Do you remember, I told you, Tao has three treasures?"

Jiang Yun nodded and said, "Yes. But i remember that Tao has many types of so-called three treasures."

"Yes, let's not talk about the other three treasures for a while. Today I'm going to talk to you about another three treasures, Tao Learners, Tao Cultivators and Tao Walkers.

"When Master accepted me as a disciple, he told me that when he accepted his disciples, they needed to fit in with the three treasures, that is, to convert to the three treasures!"

This sentence made Jiang Yun's heart suddenly moved. Looking at DongFang Bo, thinking of SiTu Jing and XuanYuan Xing, he grasped something vaguely in his mind.

DongFang Bo pointed to himself and said, "My name is Bo, which means erudite, because I am a Learner, so I have to learn all kinds of knowledge of Tao and theory of Tao;"

"Your second elder sister's name is Jing, meaning quiet, because she is a Cultivator, so she was always meditating, cultivating, and extracting the essence of Tao."

"Your Third Brothers' name is Xing, which means walking, because he is a Walker, so he always walks the world, walking through the true meaning of Tao!"

Jiang Yun suddenly realized that his three brothers and sisters, no matter their names or personalities, or even their cultivation, were all related to the three treasures: Learners, Cultivators and Walkers.

"Now, since there is you little brother besides the three treasures, Master should only accept you as a disciple outside the Tao, but don't mind, it's just a title, and Master still likes you very much."

"You know, The Human Tao, he did not teach us!"

Jiang Yun said in a hurry, "Brother, I am satisfied to be a disciple of Master."

"Haha, of course I know that!" DongFang Bo laughed and said, "By the way, Master said you would leave here in three days. Although I seldom left the sect, there were several times I left. So it's better to tell you more about Five-Mountain Island, which I know, to let you gain more experience and take less detours!"

Although almost everyone couldn't accept the nagging of DongFang Bo, it was very pleasing to Jiang Yun at the moment because he wouldn't be able to hear it for some time, so he nodded with a smile and said, "Good!"

In this way, when the day passed, although Jiang Yun could not bear to interrupt DongFang Bo's story, he did have something to deal with before he left, so he had to say, "Brother, how about you let it be for today, I have to go to see Old Hei and say goodbye to him!"

Speaking of Jiang Yun's friends, apart from the crowds on Hidden Peak and Lu XiaoYu, he only had Old Hei who however was trapped in the beasts forest.

Moreover, Jiang Yun promised to help Old Hei to make a Dan medicine, but he had not been to the forest for half a year after he broke through the latter two meridians. Moreover, he didn't know when he would come back. So he had to say goodbye to him before he left.

"Old Hei? Who is Old Hei?" DongFang Bo asked.

The reaction of DongFang Bo made Jiang Yun feel a little confused, but he did not think much about it. He repeated, "Old Hei in the Beasts Forest!"

"Beasts Forest?" DongFang Bo's eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and his expression became grave. "You said, it's not the Old Hei in the beasts forest that crossed the red light line, was it?"

"Yes!" Jiang Yun nodded his head and said, "You recall it, brother. He said he knew you and had known you for a long time."

"For a long time..."

Hearing these four words, the dignity on DongFang Bo's face gradually turned into meditation, and if one looked carefully, he would find that there was a trace of triumph in the meditation.

Seeing that DongFang Bo no longer spoke, Jiang Yun naturally would not take the initiative to arouse his nagging and hurriedly said, "Brother, then I will go first!"

After that, without waiting for DongFang Bo saying anything, Jiang Yun rushed out of the hut, even down the Hidden Peak all the way to the sect gate!

DongFang Bo did not care too much about Jiang Yun's departure. He was indulging in self-talking, "Although he is a demon, he knew my name and has known me for a long time, then it seems that I should find time to visit him!"

"Wait!" DongFang Bo's face suddenly changed and he said, "Younger brother just said he will go to the beasts forest. That place is dangerous!"

Jiang Yun stayed in the woods for three months. DongFang Bo didn't know about it. But just as he was about to recover Jiang Yun, Gu BuLao’s voice was sounded near his ear: "Let him go, it's fine!"


Jiang Yun slowed down until he rushed out of Seeking-Tao Sect in one breath. He thought that if he hadn't interrupted, the brother would have been talking about the moment till he left.

However, the story DongFang Bo told did benefit Jiang Yun a lot, at least let him have a general understanding of the outside world.

At that moment, Bai Ze's voice suddenly sounded, "There is a demon around here, boy. Are you going to see this demon?"

Jiang Yun also did not hide: "Yes, he is my friend."

"You and a demon are friends, rare!" Bai Ze smiled and said, "Then I advise you to hide my Heavenly-Demonic Energy in your Dantian. Otherwise, I'm afraid that your friend can't withstand it!"

Jiang Yun had already had some experience of how strong Bai Ze’s strength. Now he heard that even Old Hei would be affected. Of course, he dared not neglect it. He hastened to hide the Heavenly-Demonic Energy in the Spiritual Lake in his Dantian.


As soon as Bai Ze's voice sounded again, Jiang Yun interrupted directly: "Bai Ze, I'm sorry, I need to isolate you for a while."

Before Bai Ze continued to open his mouth, Jiang Yun pinched his hands and made a seal, which closed the whole alchemist pen completely.

The reason for doing this was that Jiang Yun wanted to consult Old Hei about some things, which were related to Bai Ze and can't be heard by him naturally.

After all this, Jiang Yun rushed to the forest.

When he had just crossed the red light limit, Old Hei's figure appeared beside him. His thin face was smiling and he said, "I haven't seen you for many days. My brother Jiang's breath is much stronger than before. Haha, it seems that this period of time he has improved again!"

"Brother Hei!" Jiang Yun was a little embarrassed and said, "I'm really sorry. I've been meditating recently. I haven't come to see you for so long."

The Old Hei waved his hand and said, "It's all right. Aren't you here now?"

"I'm here to say goodbye to you, because Master asked me to leave the sect for a while."

"Master, you have Master now?" Old Hei's eyes stared and said, "Who is it?"

"It's the Lord of the Hidden Peak!" Jiang Yun dared not mention Master's name.

"The Lord of Hidden Peak?" Old Hei repeated these words, shook his head and said, "I have never heard of such a person in Seeking-Tao Sect! Nevertheless, this fellow has some wisdom, just don't know if he is really strong, don't waste my brother!"

Jiang Yun was not surprised that Old Hei didn't know his master. After all, even if inside the sect, few people knew him at the beginning, but his slightly ironic tone made Jiang Yun a little uncomfortable. Therefore, he said rightly, "My master has great abilities and is very good to me."

"Ha-ha, that's good! By the way, where did your master let you go?

To be honest, Old Hei felt a little pity for Jiang Yun. He thought that with Jiang Yun's qualifications, he should not be buried in Seeking-Tao Sect.

However, when we saw the manner and tone of Jiang Yun's speech, he could also see that Jiang Yun respected this master very much, so he diverged from the topic.

"It’s said to be Luo family."

"Luo family?" The smile on Old Hei's face suddenly converged, and two cold lights appeared in his eyes: "It can't be the Luo family--Demon Refiners, can it?!"