The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 109

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Chapter 109: Great Tao Achievements

"Luo family? Demon Refiners?"

This was exactly what he was going to inquire about. After all, Old Hei was a demon, he might know more about it.

"Well, Luo family actually doesn't have much strength, but it is said to be a lineage of demon refining family. Plus that the family members are all good at business and sociality, so it has good relationship with many sects and big families..."

Old Hei suddenly stopped his words here and shook his head, "But the place where you will visit should not be this Luo family. Because the relationship between them and Seeking-Tao Sect is not good."

Jiang Yun did not care about which Luo family he was going to. He just wanted to know more about demon refiners, "Brother Old Hei, what is demon refiners, and what are Heavenly Demons?"

Jiang Yun has just spoken his question out when Old Hei’s pupil couldn’t help but shrink slightly. He looked up at Jiang Yun and asked, “Let me speak first. Two days ago, I felt a mental aura of Heavenly Demon in Seeking-Tao Sect. What’s going on? ”


Although Jiang Yun trusted Old Hei, he knew the hostile relationship between a demon refiner and a demon. Since that Demon Refining Pen belonged to Lu XiaoYu, he was worried that if he told the truth, Old Hei would harm Lu XiaoYu. He could only say something unimportant, "Nothing. That was from the Unreal-Beast Map when I was running through Hundreds Beasts Peak."

After that, Jiang Yun’s face turned red. Although his words were not false, but for him who had never lied, he was extremely embarrassed.

Looking at Jiang Yun's look, Old Hei knew that Jiang Yun did not tell the truth, but he did not ask again, "Alright, I see! There is a Heavenly Demon hidden in the Unreal-Beast Map!

"The demon, all-inclusive, the race is far more than humans, for example, the demon of beasts, the demon of plants, and even the mountains and rivers, etc., can become demons after cultivating.

"As for the demon's cultivation realm, it is exactly the same as that of human, such as Meridians Unclogged Realm, Blessing Land Realm, Sky Reaching Realm, etc. To better distinguish a demon's power and strength, we have different titles.

"And Heavenly Demons refer to demons who can occupy a field, even occupy a world!"

Old Hei was prepared to talk about it in more detail. But considering that Jiang Yun’s cultivation was too low to know something too early, and it was not good for him, he decided to explain it generally.

However, this was enough to shock Jiang Yun!

He never imagined that Bai Ze, who was locked in the Demon Refining Pen, turned out to be the strongest in a certain world. No wonder that his little Demonic Energy could make a demonic beast equal to a Sky Reaching Realm cultivator fear.

Although Bai Ze had said that he didn’t live in the Mountain-Sea Continent, in any case, as the strongest person who could occupy a world, its high strength was totally beyond what Jiang Yun could imagine now.

However, even such a powerful one had been caged by the Demon Refining Pen of a demon refiner, which naturally made Jiang Yun more curious about demon refiners.

"Brother Old Hei, then what is a demon refiner?"

"A demon refiner!" Hearing these three words, a cold light appeared in Old Hei’s eyes. His skinny face showed a look that, a little more than Jiang Yun could understand.

After a long silence, Old Hei said, "A demon refiner, although it seems to be only a human being who is the natural enemy to a demon, it is not all the thing.

"Generally, a cultivator can only kill demons, or use force to make them submit. However, a demon refiner can use special means to subdue, drive, seal, and fuse them, even to refine demons into Dan pills!"

Jiang Yun was stunned, "Refining demons into Dan medicines?"

"Well, you are a pharmacist, and you know how to refine Dan pills; while demon refiners also know how to refine Dan pills. The difference is, your refining materials include all things, while the refining materials for demon refiners are only demons.

"Make a whole demon into a Dan pill, can you imagine that?"

Jiang Yun couldn't help but gasped. Although sometimes he needed to use beasts when refining, he only took some parts of them and had never heard of using a complete beast. It was unimaginable for him.

"What is the use of these Dan pills, which is made from demons?"

"Very useful! A Demon Dan concentrates all the essence of a demon into a Dan pill. Inside it contains all that the demon owns, its talent, cultivation, magic arts, and even the Tao it pursues!

"Therefore, no matter a person or a demon, if encountering a demonic Dan pill, anyone will definitely go for it at any cost!

"In addition to refining a demon into a Dan pill, demon refiners can also help a demon to quickly improve its strength so to get great Tao achievements.

“Demon refiners combine two demons in a special way, so that one demon can gain the full strength of the other demon, even its talent and ability!

"Even for a demon in the lowest level, as long as the demon refiner is powerful enough, he can help this demon to continuously evolve!

"Therefore, demons hate and fear demon refiners; but on the other hand, they have strong desires for being accepted by demon refiners. Once they can be admitted by demon refiners and follow them, they would definitely find a shortcut to success."

Previously, Jiang Yun had already had a certain understanding of the power of demon refiners through a simple Demon-Refiner Seal. Now, with Old Hei’s interpretation, he got a detailed understanding. He did not expect that demon refiners were such a magical and tyrannical existence.

Old Hei took a deep look at Jiang Yun and continued, "But it is not easy to become a demon refiner. Because it needs to absorb Demonic Energy. While absorbing Demonic Energy is extremely dangerous for human. A little carelessness can be assimilated by the demon, and become a no-human-nor-demon one.

"Over the ages, many people have embarked on demon refining because of the advantages of being demon refiners. But there are very few who can become demon refiners successfully."

Jiang Yun of course knew that this was a warning from Old Hei's goodwill. However, after understanding how powerful a demon refiner could be, he had a very strong desire to become a demon refiner.

Because, all the Jiang people were demons!

If he could become a demon refiner, he could possibly help his grandpa and others to get great Tao achievements!

Perhaps he found Jiang Yun’s inner desire, or maybe he was reminded of his memories, Old Hei suddenly felt a bit sorrowful. He said to Jiang Yun, “Brother Jiang, you really need to go out and have a good experience. As for my Dan refining things, as I have said before, I am not in a hurry.

"And since you are alone outside, you must be careful. After all, you never knew a person or a demon truly! I have nothing to give you but this token that I used in the past. If you encounter a demon, take it out and it should be useful!"

Under the insistence of Old Hei, Jiang Yun had to take the token made by an animal bone which was engraved with a word ‘Hei’.

At the same time, Gu BuLa who was at Hidden Peak was shocked, "What is his relationship with Old Hei? How Old Hei could be willing to give his Hei-Token to him!"