The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 110

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Chapter 110: Shut Down The Seeking-Tao Sect

In the next two days, Jiang Yun never left Hidden Peak, even half a step. He stayed with Gu BuLao, and raised all his doubts about cultivation; and Gu BuLao was patient and explained one by one.

Although DongFang Bo had explained these knowledge to Jiang Yun before, but his cognition or horizon of cultivation was far away from that of Gu BuLao. Therefore, though in just two days, Jiang Yun gained a lot. These benefits have greatly improved his cultivation and laid a solid foundation for his future growth.

The next day Gu BuLao handed Jiang Yun a storage ring. "Inside it there is a map to Luo family, and also a birthday present I prepared for Luo family’s Big Forefather. Do you need something else? Tell me, and I will try to prepare for you!"

Jiang Yun shook his head and said: "Nothing!"

Jiang Yun never cared about worldly possessions. Last time when he left Mang Mountains, he took nothing but a black stone. Now for his approaching trip, he had already taken too many things. He really had no need for anything more.

"I have a little thing for you!"

At this moment, the voice of Dao TianYou sounded. Then he appeared by the side of them.

Jiang Yun hurried forward and greeted, "My sect lord."

Dao TianYou smiled and nodded. He took a small bag and handed it to Jiang Yun, "Wan HongBo has already accepted his punishment. Now he is facing the wall and pondering about his misdeed. And the Master of Hundreds Beasts Peak is temporarily occupied by me, as well as the Unreal-Beast Map. It looks like this cold-winged bat has a good relationship with you, so I just take it out from the map and send it to you."

Jiang Yun did like that little bat a bit. But he didn't expect Tao TianyYou to give it to him. He was very happy and naturally was not willing to refuse. Though a little embarrassed, he took that bag.

Dao TianYou kept saying, "But don’t be happy too early. Though this cold-winged bat is a nine-level demonic beast, it will sleep for a period as it has never been out of the Unreal-Beast Map till now and needs to adapt the outside world. So for the time being you can't count on it."

"I see. Thank you my Lord."

DongFang Bo and other two seniors of Jiang Yun rushed over. They didn’t stop giving advice for Jiang Yun’s trip until Gu BuLao became impatient. He waved his big sleeve and interrupted, "Jiang Yun will come back. You’d better cultivate hard during this time. If you let your younger brother’s cultivation be beyond yours, see how I would punish you!"

After finishing speaking, he didn’t give anyone the opportunity to say anything more, but waved his big sleeve. The next moment, he and Jiang Yun have left the Seeking-Tao Sect and appeared on an official road.

"There are three more things that you should remember. First, I don’t like publicity. So don't speak out that I am your master, especially to the Luo family. Just say that you are a disciple of the Seeking-Tao Sect."

"Second, no matter whether you can find an antidote for your Third Brother, you must come back in no more than two years. Because the Mirage Building will open at that time, and it is also your chance to make meritorious service for our sect."

"Third, I hope that you have entered the Blessing Land Ream when you come back!"

Jiang Yun bore these three things in mind. He bent his knees and wanted to greet Gu BuLao again. But he was stopped by Gu BuLao, "You don’t need to. Just go!"

Being stopped, Jiang Yun can only bow deeply to Gu BuLao, and said, "I’m going, Master. Please take care of yourself!"

Jiang Yun has stayed in the Seeking-Tao Sect for nearly a year and a half. Now he left, not as a mountain boy who came out from Mang Mountains, but a cultivator in the eleventh level of Meridians Unclogged Realm!

As Jiang Yun's figure gradually went away, Dao TianYou appeared by the side of Gu BuLao. He sighed and said, "Is that good that you plunge your disciple into troubles?"

Gu BuLao answered with no expression, "Have I?"

"Demon-refining Luo family though may not regard our sect as an enemy, it will never welcome us. You ask Jiang Yun to go to Luo family to attend its birthday ceremony in the name of the sect’s disciple. Is this not a trap?!"

"It’s not to bring him into troubles. It will be his experience!" Gu BuLao coughed and turned to another topic, "Have you done everything with Wan HongBo?"

"Well, take it easy! He won’t tell anyone about Jiang Yun’s true cultivation level. Oh, I was wondering whether there is a possibility that Jiang Yun could break through his twelfth meridian and achieve the Great Completeness."

"If I say yes, will you believe it or not?!" Leaving this sentence, Gu BuLao suddenly laughed and left.

“He will?” Dao TianYou was slightly stunned, but then he suddenly realized something. He hurriedly yelled at the back of Gu BuLao, “Hey, wait, you must have found something. Tell me...”

No one in the Seeking-Tao Sect knew Jiang Yun’s departure, except people of Hidden Peak and Dao TianYou.

However, just the day after Jiang Yun’s departure, Dao TianYou suddenly issued an order that was unexpected to everyone. He recalled all the disciples who were outside within three months. He was going to close the door of the sect!

Close the door of the sect, completely shutting down the Seeking-Tao Sect, which meant that no one was allowed to enter the Seeking-Tao Sect, nor leaving!

Generally speaking, only when a sect encountered a crisis of life and death will it be shut down. However, now their sect lord was going to shut their sect down, which was really incomprehensible for everyone.

However, it was also a good thing for disciples.

Jiang Yun’s deeds and the opening of the eighth floor of Book Storage Pavilion has deeply spurred them.

Especially those inner disciples who knew that the Mirage Building will be opened two years later, which was very important to them, they could totally concentrate themselves on cultivation during this period.


Jiang Yun naturally wouldn’t know what was going on in the Seeking-Tao Sect. After out of his Master’s sight, he took out the map and studied it carefully.

Luo family, located at the junction of West Mountain, South Mountain and Middle Mountain, was very far away from him. Even if he flew all the way, it would take three to five months, not to mention that Jiang Yun couldn’t fly right now.

"Well, Master said that there is a Teleportation Formation in South Star city, which can directly transmit me to the city where Luo family locates. At my speed, it will take no more than one month to travel to South Star city. Since the birthday ceremony of Luo family’s Big Forefather is held half a year later, I don’t need to be in a hurry and can experience more in this world as Master asked me to."

Jiang Yun had originally thought about whether he could pass Mang Mountains and Boundary Sea. However, these three places were in three different directions, so he could only give up this plan.

Fortunately, there was still more than three years from the five-year engagement with Feng WuJi; as for the No-Returning Road things, Jiang Yun could only hope that Sha JingShan would be able to protect Lu XiaoYu well.

"Be stronger! As long as I can become stronger, then all the problems can be solved!"

With the emergence of this thought, Jiang Yun opened the Demon Refining Pen and entered it. He looked at Bai Ze, "I want to be a demon refiner! Could you teach me how to practice right now?!"