The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 111

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Chapter 111: South Star City

For the appearance of Jiang Yun, Bai Ze was about to ignore. Because Jiang Yun dared to temporarily isolate his Divine Sense, which made him a little angry.

However, when he heard that Jiang Yun was about to cultivate Demon-Forge Instruction, his anger vanished!

“Have you really thought about it? Did you make a decision?”


Although he was happy in his heart, Bai Ze pretended to be pondering and said, “Alright, since you are so sincere, I can help you. However, to be a Demon Forgemaster, you need some Demonic Energy as guiding. OK, I will suffer some losses and send you some of my Demonic Energy to help your comprehension.”

As if being afraid that Jiang Yun would go back on his word, Bai Ze opened his mouth right after finishing these words. He spewed out a stream of Demonic Energy, which then wrapped Jiang Yun's whole body directly.

“Remember, you must hide my Demonic Energy inside your Spiritual Lake in your Dantian. Otherwise, some self-styled decent cultivators will detect it, therefore regarding you as a demon and killing you mercilessly.”

Then, a shining text appeared in Jiang Yun's mind at once.

Jiang Yun closed his eyes. He was making efforts to absorb Bai Ze’s Heavenly-Demonic Energy into his own Dantian while watching this text carefully.

Looking at Jiang Yun who was clearly immersed in thinking of the instruction, Bai Ze's huge eyes showed a sly expression, “As long as my Demonic Energy stay in your Spiritual Lake, my Demonic Energy will surely merge with your Spiritual Lake someday.

“Once you cultivate your Blessing Land successfully, my Demonic Energy will exist forever in your body and grow stronger with your improvement. Then you will become my puppet! A puppet demon forgemaster!

“Smart and strong as me as an All-Know Heavenly-Demon, no one in this world will be more intelligent than me! Ha-ha! Ah, kinda lonely. I will be much lonelier after having this puppet demon forgemaster!”


South Star city was one of three biggest cities in South Mountain. The number of permanent residents was more than 8 million. Since there were always immigrants, the population was actually close to 10 million!

Although among the ten million people, most were mortals and only a few were cultivators, the number of cultivators was actually quite large due to the large population base.

Therefore, South Star city has a thirty-mile XiuYuan Street, which was open to cultivators specially. It was full of shops set up by various noble sects and clans in Five-Mountain Island, selling all kinds of cultivating resources.

If you had enough spiritual stones, you could buy most of what your cultivation would need in this street.

Therefore, XiuYuan Street had become a must-see for every cultivator coming to South Star city. Therefore, most of the time, the street was crowded.

Today, however, compared with the usual number, the number of cultivators in the street has even doubled, which made the shop assistants who stood at the door soliciting customers enthusiastically discuss the reason why people suddenly increased.

“How come you guys have no idea about it?! The Luo family’s Big Forefather is going to hold his thousandth birthday three months later, and these cultivators are bound to come to celebrate it.”

“Since it will be held in three months, how come there are so many people now?”

“The Luo family makes friends extensively, furthermore, its cultivating foundation is extremely solid. People coming to celebrate must be in a huge amount. If someone doesn’t arrive until three months later, he should probably have no place to live. Therefore, people come in advance. If you don’t believe, we can just wait and see, the amount of people will certainly increase rapidly as time goes by.”

“Ha-ha, it’s good to see so many people. It means our business will become better and better!”

“Yeah-yeah, enough talking. Attention on business!”

With the influx of cultivators, almost every shop in XiuYuan Street was crowded and bustling.

There was an exception, however.

At the end of XiuYuan Street, there was a shop called DuoYao Pharmacy, which had no customers.

Although a cultivator passed by from time to time, almost everyone left quickly after glancing at the door which was really shabby.

Obviously, such a small shop could hardly attract their interest.

A young man of fifteen or sixteen apparently became so accustomed to the situation that he did not even bother to go out and solicit business. He just sat behind the counter and yawned.

However just then, there suddenly came a gust of wind outside through the open door. Several figures rushed in. The young guy was scared that he stood up suddenly and looked at these three tall and fat men. “What, what do you want to do?! Rob?”

A man in red robe spat heavily, “Bah, rob? Are you kidding me? Since here is a medicine shop, you should be able to differentiate medicinal materials, right?”

“You scared the sh*t out of me! I thought it was a robbery!” The young man finally recovered. He wiped the sweat on his face and stuck out his chest, “You really find the right place! My boss is pretty good at identifying medicinal materials!”

As a drug shop, in addition to saving and selling medicinal materials and Dan medicines, it also helps to identify Dan medicines and medicinal materials.

The strong man in red robe smiled coldly and said, "Then don't bullshit. We just got a plant, but it's a pity that we don't know its origin. If you can identify it, we will sell it to you at a lower price. If you can’t and therefore waste our time, huh, you have to compensate for it!”

Hearing this, the young man’s mood became casted down. How could he not understand that these three strong men were clearly there to rob, while not in an open fight but in a different way.

Even the young man was sure that the medicinal material they brought must be very rare; neither his shop nor other big pharmacies in this street could identify.

The fact was that big medicinal shops always had extremely strong backstage. Therefore, basically, cultivators dared not go there and make trouble. Instead, they would choose inconspicuous and shabby shops like his shop.

“Hmmm, heroes. Here are some spiritual stones for you to buy cups of tea. How about you choose a different shop to identify this medicinal plant?”

The young man said as he took out a few spiritual stones from the counter and offered them to these guys.

“Go away! Are we beggars?!” The man in red robe slapped those spiritual stones away, at the same time on his hand came out a colorful plant. He heavily clapped at the counter and said, “Hurry up, seek your boss to see what medicinal plant this exactly is!”

The young man did not look at the plant at all, but turned his head and shouted loudly to the back of the room, “Dad, come out quickly!”

“Xia Shi, your father went out of city to pick up medicinal plants this morning. He did say hello with you, didn’t you hear it?”

A voice came from the room, then a young man of 17 or 18 years old in a blue shirt opened the curtain and came out.

The young man was handsome, with his long hair in braids on his shoulders and his eyes clear.

Although he looked a little thin, Sleeves that were rolled up high exposed his bare hands and arms which were full of scars.

Most notably thing was that he held a large bristle brush in one hand while a large half-person height bronze cauldron[1] in the other!

[1] A cauldron is an ancient cooking vessel with two loop handles and three or four legs.