The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 112

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Chapter 112: Rescue People With No Reason

These three big fellows’ eyes were immediately attracted by the large bronze cauldron held in that young man’s hand.

You should know that a large cauldron which was the height of half a person and was completely cast in bronze should be at least more than five hundred kilograms. But look at that thin young man, though with weak appearance, he could lift it with only one hand and with no extra effort; he must be of super strength.

This also made these three men move their eyes to the young man, while becoming more alert.

“My dad has gone away? He said hello to me? How did I not notice it?” The young man named Xia Shi was stunned for a moment, but then he suddenly reacted. He rushed to the young man's side and held out both hands to grab the other's shoulder, “Thank god, you’re here brother Gu Jiang! I am really scared! They are about to rob us!" he said.

This young man, of course, was Jiang Yun!

He came to the South Star city two months ago.

He was totally shocked by this bustling and lively city. Although when he traveled from Mang Mountains to Seeking-Tao Sect, he had passed through some small towns along the way, there was actually no comparability between them.

Because at that time, there was still nearly half a year from the birthday of Luo’s Big Forefather, and he needed to understand the human world. So he thought of an idea and came to this DuoYao Pharmacy and became a staff whose duty was to brush the cauldron. It was a no-paid job, and only accommodation was covered.

However, in the South Star city, although there were quite a few shops opened by big sects, there was no shop belonging to Seeking-Tao Sect. Because the biggest boss of South Star city was Luo family.

While it was said that the relationship between Luo family and Seeking-Tao Sect was not very good. As a result, Luo family didn’t allow Seeking-Tao Sect’s business to enter the South Star city.

Considering that he still needed to go to Luo family in the future, it would be a shame to his master and sect if he was found to have been a little stuff for a period. So Jiang Yun changed his name.

Although DuoYao Pharmacy was not big, and the cultivation level of both the owner and his son was not high, as the father in the seventh level of Meridians Unclogged Realm and the son in the third level, they were nice to him. So he decided to stay here.

Sometimes he brushed the cauldrons; and when he was free, he would either sit at the door and watch the flow of people coming and going, or walk around the city indiscriminately. At night, he would stay in his small room and cultivated attentively.

Seeing a lot and hearing a lot, he had gotten a lot of voices and images, which one to one were correspondent with those appearing in The Human Tao. Plus, he was intelligent, so he was no longer as ignorant as he was at the beginning.

More importantly, he had a deeper understanding with The Human Tao.

In short, during this two-month time, he was very fulfilling.

Just now he was brushing a cauldron and hearing the dialogue between Xia Shi and that strong man. Of course, he knew that those men were deliberately looking for troubles. He was worried that Xia Shi would suffer losses, so he came out.

At this moment, looking at Xia Shi who was on top of his back, Jiang Yun said helplessly, “Xia Shi, can you free me first? They just say that they are not about to rob us. It’s just an identifying thing. What are you scared for?!"

Xia Shi said with a sad face, “Even if it is just an identifying thing, dad isn’t here while I don't know how to identify medicinal plants!"

Xia Shi's father was a One-Class Pharmacist[2], and almost all kinds of medicinal herbs sold in the store were made by him. Surely, he could identify herbs.

“Let me have a try then!”


Xia Shi stared. He released his hands and stepped back two steps. Like he had never known Jiang Yun before, he looked at Jiang Yun up and down.

"Brother Gu, are you able to identify the medicinal plants? Why have you never told me? You should not be a Big Man, should you?"

Jiang Yun didn’t want to explain anything. He just put the brush and that big cauldron on the ground gently, then walked to the counter.

However, Jiang Yun did not see the plant placed on the counter first. Instead, he looked at the three big men. Then, he couldn’t help frowning.

After giving a glance to that colorful plant, Jiang Yun put it back and said, "This is a Seven-Leaf Bitter Chrysanthemum. If it is a complete one, it will be worth a lot. However, your plant lost one leaf. So it isn’t worth too much, a hundred pieces of First-Class spiritual stone at most!"

"Bullsh*t!" Hearing Jiang Yun’s words, the man in red robe argued, "Seven-Leaf Bitter Chrysanthemum? This is clearly the Rainbow-Sky Amaranth! It’s worthless! You want to fool us, huh? Too young!"

Jiang Yun didn’t feel angry with the man's hustle and bustle, but said faintly, “I will never fool people who are dying soon!"

"What do you say?! Dare to curse us to die, I will kill you with my finger!"

Standing next to the man in red robe was a bearded man. He was so angry. He suddenly reached out his hands and tried to grab Jiang Yun.

Although Jiang Yun didn’t know what cultivation levels the three big men were in, he could judge by their speed; these men were definitely not as good as him.

However, he just stood till, let the man grab his collar, and said calmly, “I am not cursing you. Seven-Leaf Bitter Chrysanthemum always grows near the Fall-gone Herb, while the Fall-gone Herb can emit unscented poison. You must have inhaled some when you were unearthing the Seven-Leaf Bitter Chrysanthemum.

"There are some red dots three-inch above your navel recently, aren’t there? You don’t feel uncomfortable, and they’re getting less and less. However, when these red spots disappear completely, that means that your time is up!"

Jiang Yun’s words made these men’s previous anger gradually be replaced by a little bit of horror.

After a moment of silence, they suddenly went on their knees before Jiang Yun and put their heads on the ground, “Please save us, dude."

Obviously, what Jiang Yun had said was true!

While Xia Shi had been dumbfounded. Looking at Jiang Yun for a moment, and looking at the three big men who were on their knees, Xia Shi couldn’t believe it.

After a long time, Xia Shi suddenly got to the ear of Jiang Yun, and lowered his voice, “Brother Gu, you must be fooling them, right?"

"Stand aside!"

Jiang Yun pushed Xia Shi to the side and said to these three men, "It is not difficult to save you, but..."

Before Jiang Yun finished the words, these three men immediately understood something. With their wrists turned over, everyone’s hand showed a bunch of sparkling spiritual stones, more than one hundred pieces in total, “As long as you can save us, these spiritual stones are all yours.

"If these are not enough, we still have some talismans and Dan medicines. It is not worth much though."

Jiang Yun waved his hand, "You misunderstand my words. I just want to tell you that it is not difficult to save you, but I hope that you will not do extortion and robbery in the future."

Hearing this, the three men as well as Xia Shi looked up at Jiang Yun at the same time. They looked at Jiang Yun, just like watching a freak.

How come in this world there was still someone who saves people for free and only requires them to abandon evil and be good……

"In fact, the way to save your lives is very simple. Since the Fall-gone Herb always grows near the Seven-Leaf Bitter Chrysanthemum, you can detoxify yourselves with the Seven-Leaf Bitter Chrysanthemum. Take the red, green and purple leaves of the Seven-Leaf Bitter Chrysanthemum and boil them, then take the resulting liquid in!"

After leaving these words, Jiang Yun turned around and walked away. He grabbed the brush in one hand, picked up that bid cauldron in another hand, and continued doing his own work, leaving these four guys stunned.

[2] Pharmacists who refine Dan medicine are classified into several classes. The First-class is the lowest.