The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Jiang Yun Will Not

In fact, with Jiang Yun's real cultivation realm, the fireball power released would not only be at such a degree. But just to get rid of Fang YuXuan's pressure on his body, he had almost exhausted all his physical strength and spiritual power.

And if he could really release a fireball as powerful as he could, the results would probably go the other way.

Because today's Jiang Yun was at the seventh level of the MCR!

In half a year, he turned from a mere mortal to a practitioner at the seventh level of the MCR. Even if his qualifications were really mediocre and even if his meridians were more subtle than others, he would definitely receive the attention and interest of all the really powerful beings in the sect.

Unfortunately, he had little spiritual power now.

“How dare you!”

Although the fireball from Jiang Yun was not threatening at all, this scene finally really angered Fang YuXuan!

As the strongest inner disciple in such a circumstance, he still let his younger sister get slapped by Jiang Yun. That was already something that greatly hurt his face. Yet Jiang Yun unexpectedly still dared to send out attack, this basically was in defiance of his status and majesty!

Fang YuXuan suddenly raised his hand and pointed at the Jiang Yun far away. Everyone's ears immediately echoed with the sound of the air popping. As they looked up, they saw that Jiang Yun's left breast had an impressive finger size hole. Blood gurgled out as he was instantly soaked in red!

As for the fireball he threw, it had already vanished in the air.

Jiang Yun shivered all over and after shaking several times, he fell down on the ground again. But even so, he raised his hand again and pointed at Fang RuoLin. An almost invisible flame snake shot OUT from his fingertips and continued to charge at Fang.

As soon as the snake disappeared from his fingertips, Fang YuXuan's figure appeared in front of Jiang Yun from the sky.

At this moment, Fang YuXuan still wore a gentle smile on his face and his hands were behind his back. It seemed that the anger aroused by Jiang Yun had just gone away. While looking at Jiang Yun, there was no anger or delight.

And at this very moment, the entire square naturally fell into silence again, but the focus of the public seemed to have no longer been on Fang YuXuan, but was instead focused on Jiang Yun's body.

As a matter of fact, when Jiang Yun slapped Fang RuoLin in the face, there was not even a sound made from the sect.

Whether it was the thousands of disciples at the square or those beings high above the five peaks, everyone seemed to have suddenly lost any ability to speak. As they just quietly looked at Jiang Yun who got up again and again under the pressure of Fang YuXuan.

Until now... Jiang Yun had apparently lost the ability to stand up again.

It must be said that Jiang Yun, who was looked down by them, has brought a strong shock to the public again and again.

The gap of strength between the MCR and BLR was like the difference between heaven and earth. Even those who were at the highest level of the MCR were not a match for cultivators at the lowest level of the BLR.

But Jiang Yun however, has resisted until now.

Perhaps his resistance was only for his manhood, overreaching, and self-humiliating. But the courage and tenacity shown by Jiang Yun drew many people's admiration.

What's more, under the inquisition of some people and from the conversation between Jiang Yun and Fang RuoLin, people have been able to guess the cause of the whole thing.

It was clear that the whole thing, from beginning to end, Jiang Yun had no fault at all!

As he said just now, he just wanted to protect his sister.

Although he was slapped Fang RuoLin, compared to what Fang RuoRin did to Lu XiaoYu, there was nothing worth mentioning.

But even though everyone knew everything, they were full of sympathy for Jiang Yun, but they were afraid to ask for a favor.

Because who Jiang Yun was facing was Fang YuXuan. As the strongest of the inner disciples amongst the entire Seeking-Tao Sect and also the one who was most likely to be the lord of Fence Peak in the future. Then as the lord of the entire sect!

Even if they were not afraid of Fang YuXuan, his master was the lord of Fence Peak and it was said that this so-called strongest fence cultivator who was at the SRR, liked to conceal his disciples' faults.

To offend a lord, such a thing, let alone as a disciple, even the other lords probably would not do.

A moment later, Fang YuXuan's body was suddenly filled with a faint golden light, forming a transparent golden light cover which completely covered him and Jiang Yun. At this time, he began to speak again, “Kneel down to beg for mercy and break a hand, then I shall spare your life. Otherwise, I will kill you!”

Jiang Yun's mouth and left chest were constantly dripping with blood. With his tattered clothes and burnt black body, it made him look extremely discomfited, but his eyes still had a fierce light, “You dare not!”

Begging for mercy was something that Jiang Yun would never do!

Living on Mang Mountain for sixteen years had taught Jiang Yun a lot of things, but the only it did not teach him was how to beg for mercy. What's more, in the face of fierce beasts, begging for mercy was useless.

“Dare not?” Hearing Jiang Yun reply with such certainty, Fang YuXuan was stunned, “Why wouldn't I dare to kill you?”

Because he had no idea that who Jiang Yun really was. In his eyes, Jiang Yun was only a nobody. If Fang RuoLin hadn’t been pushed too hard by Jiang Yun, he’d never appeared. Therefore, as soon as he heard Jiang Yun’s words, he was thinking of the possibility that Jiang Yun might have a powerful background?

Otherwise, how could Jiang Yun wasn’t afraid of him?

The fact was that Jiang Yun really had powerful backers, DongFang Bo and his elder sister.

If they saw this scene, they would have appeared and stopped Fang YuXuan. Unfortunately, they were not in the Seeking-Tao Sect today.

But even if they were here, Jiang Yun would not regard them as his backer. As early as ten years old, he knew that it was better to depend on himself than others.

He swallowed his blood and said, “Because of the rules of sect!”

“Ha, ha, ha!” These words gave Fang YuXuan another surprise as he then burst into another fit of sudden laughter, as if he heard the funniest joke in the world.

For the dialogue between Fang YuXuan and Jiang Yun, because Fang YuXuan formed the golden light cover, people simply could not hear. And he naturally did not know that Jiang Yun would say something that could make Fang YuXuan laugh.

Fang YuXuan laughed for a long time before shaking his head and saying, “I finally understand why you are so bold! Of course, the rules are your backing, so funny!"

With those words, Fang YuXuan's voice suddenly became colder. A strong killing intent gradually filled his indifferent eyes as he said, “Today, I shall tell you that the so-called regulations are prepared for you cowards. As long as one’s strength is enough, then I can completely trample any rules under my foot!"

“Don't believe it? Aren't you surprised? Why hasn't anyone stopped me so far? Why didn't the elders come to save you?"

“Because I'm strong enough! Even if I kill you, no one will punish me!”

“Alas, you can't see it!”

As his voice fell, Fang YuXuan stretched out a finger. As Jiang Yun did to Fang RuoLin before, he gently pointed at Jiang Yun's throat.