The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: No.1 Among Inner Disciples

No one knew when the man's figure appeared above Jiang Yun and Fang RuoLin.

The man was dressed in clothes that were white as snow. With his long hair flying as he stood in the air with his hands behind him, looking into the distant horizon with a gentle smile on such a beautiful chiseled face, which would have made most women feel faint.

Everyone almost stopped breathing, all eyes were on the perfect man.

Fang YuXuan, the number one among inner disciples!

If he did not appear, then there was no doubt that Fang RuoLin would have been taught a lesson by Jiang Yun today.

“Senior Brother Fang!”

Xiao YiShu was the first to react, giving a deep bow with full respect to Fang YuXuan. Even with his identity, in the face of the No.1 inner disciple, he was full of admiration.

Hearing Xiao YiShu’s voice, Fang YuXuan looked down from the sky and smiled at Xiao YiShu with his hands clasped, “Junior Brother Xiao!”

Even Xiao YiShu was so humble, not to mention other disciples. Especially after Fang YuXuan opened his mouth, all of them also came to mind. Then one after another, excited praises were heard from the crowd.

“Senior Brother Fang, god, today I unexpectedly got to see Senior Brother Fang. What a lucky day, this is worth three whole lives of luck! No, no, no nine lives!”

“Senior Brother Fang is indeed as the rumors say, just like an immortal on earth, beyond that of being the idol of all disciples!”

“Right, no matter the looks or temperament, with his amiable character, he deserves to be the No.1!”

Even Huo Yuan, who was always arrogant was now carrying a face full of worship.

Only Wu Shang had on no expression, calmly looking at Fang YuXuan. However, in his deep eyes, there was a passionate spark lightly jumping, that was--a yearning for combat!

However, by this time, everyone had almost forgotten the purpose of Fang YuXuan's appearance and the immobile Jiang Yun who was just standing there.

Jiang Yun naturally knew of Fang YuXuan's identity, but he could not care about that at the moment.

At the moment, he only felt that his body was firmly suppressed by an invisible mountain. Fang RuoLin's face was close at hand, but his palm could not move any further.

“Is this the strength of the BLR (Blessing Land Realm)? As expected, he is much stronger than Feng WuJi. Although I really can't contend with him now, but to want to stop me like this, he is looking down on me, Jiang Yun!”

As Jiang Yun's voice was roaring in his heart, his body which was covered with countless scars was slightly trembling. He was doing his best to fight against the invisible mountain that was pressing down on his body.

At the same time, Fang RuoLin's slightly silly voice also rang up, “Older brother, how come you came so late!”

“Not too late at all! You’re not hurt at all!”

Fang YuXuan's eyes finally moved to his sister as he spoke with a gentle and doting voice, making numerous female disciples fall for him again.

However, some people also noticed that although Fang YuXuan was looking at Fang RuoLin, there was not a shadow of Jiang Yun who was close to Fang RuoLin in his eyes.

Fang YuXuan totally ignored Jiang Yun's existence!

However, his disregard made other people's attention back to Jiang Yun.

Some of their eyes expression showed their sympathy to Jiang Yun, but more of them took pleasure in Jiang Yun’s misfortune, as they expected to see what would happen to this wild man who tried to teach Fang RuoLin a lesson while had no idea how he was going to be if he really did this.


Suddenly, a clear slap sounded!

It was crisp though not loud. It sounded like thunder from heaven, as it sent everyone tumbling in blood and startled them.

Because this fragile sound, was from a slap!

It was the sound of Jiang Yun's palm slapping Fang RuoLin's face!

Having been completely ignored by Fang YuXuan, Jiang Yun already broke away from the invisible mountain hanging over his body, which was strong enough to make him suffocate. He then continued to complete his unfinished action -- slapping Fang RuoLin!

Such a dramatic change stunned everyone.

Jiang Yun actually slapped his sister in front of Fang YuXuan!

This was totally crazy!

Fang RuoLin covered her swollen cheek, as if she was stunned to being silly, stared at Jiang Yun dully. She did not think that even in the case of her brother appearing, Jiang Yun would actually dare to hit her!

However, Jiang Yun also ignored Fang YuXuan's presence, with his eyes still fixed on Fang RuoLin. Asking, “Tell me, where did you hide Lu XiaoYu?”

At this moment, Jiang Yun finally revealed the reason why he chose Fang RuoLin as his rival.

While the name “Lu XiaoYu' was not known to the vast majority of the people present. On Beasts Peak, an elder with grey hair with eyes that were suddenly squinting suddenly had on a see-light expression that appeared on his wrinkled face.

“Younger brother, you are a little much bold!”

Although Fang YuXuan's tone was severe, the cold light in his eyes was a clear expression of the anger in his heart.

Fang YuXuan naturally knew that his sister did some shady things and though he didn't care that these things were made public, he cared about his own reputation!

Jiang Yun's slap was not for Fang RuoLin's face alone, but also that of a slap on Fang YuXuan's face!


As Fang YuXuan's voice fell, he suddenly hooked his finger lightly as Jiang Yun's body fell down like a rock as he landed heavily on the ground.


Jiang felt as if he had been hit hard by a sledgehammer on his chest. At least half of his sternum and ribs were broken as his mouth was spurting out blood.

He finally raised his head as he looked at Fang YuXuan for the first time. He said coldly, “I'm not bold, but I am just like you. As a brother, I shall try my best to protect my younger sister!”

Jiang Yun knew that right now he was too weak to be Fang YuXuan's opponent at all. But as he said, since he regarded Lu XiaoYu as his sister, then as her older brother, he must protect his younger sister at all costs. Even if he had to face Fang YuXuan, who was the first disciple among the entire sect!

At the same time, Jiang Yun managed to endure the pain in his body and got up slowly from the ground. He looked at Fang RuoLin again and said, “So tell me, where is Lu XiaoYu?”

“Puff!” Fang YuXuan burst out laughing and said, “Like me? To be your sister is not a happy thing. After all, you are a brother who has no ability to protect your sister!”

The naked sarcasm in his words did not anger Jiang Yun, as did not even hear Fang YuXuan's words, as he was still looking at Fang RuoLin and said, “If you do not speak, I will beat up you until you speak!”


Jiang Yun raised his wrist and an egg-shaped fireball appeared in the center of his palm. He threw it violently at Fang RuoLin.