The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: As A Rich Guy

Jiang Yun did not expect that in this case, Fang RuoLin would still attack him; although he wanted to give directions to break Fang RuoLin’s throat, he did not dare to break the rules of the sect. So he could only take back his fingers and back up hastily.


There was a loud noise and the talisman suddenly exploded. Even though Jiang Yun's speed was already extremely fast, the talisman immediately formed a huge fireball after the explosion, swallowing Jiang Yun completely in a second.

“Burst Talisman, its power is at least that of a three-level magic tool! Fang YuXuan is really too rich and also too good to his sister! Now the situation for Jiang Yun was becoming more ominous than auspicious. Such a close shave under the explosion of the talisman, even if he was not dead, he would also have to be wound.”

The crowd was again filled with admiration and wonder, as Fang RuoLin's face was finally tinted with some redness again. Her eyes were full of hatred, staring at the blazing fireball, gritting her teeth, “You dare to offend me, it's lucky for you to burn!”

“You want to burn me? This light is not enough!”

Jiang Yun's indifferent voice was heard in the fireball, followed by his figure, as he then walked out of the fireball.

Although his entire body was scorched black and his clothes were burnt, his appearance did not seem to have been dealt with any serious harm.

This situation caused everyone to be naturally surprised. They secretly guessed whether Jiang Yun was really a Physique-based cultivator or not. He not only had strength, but also a body that seemed to be very tough, such that even hot flames were nothing to be afraid of.

Of course, Jiang Yun was not a Physique-based cultivator, it was just that his body was indeed very tough. Besides, he had been studying Fire Magic Arts for almost half a year, so a fireball could not hurt him.

Tang Yi with his stout figure at the moment was shocked far more than any other, because he was a pure Physique-based cultivator and his aptitude was quite good. He was also not weak in strength, but he also very clear that he could not have broken a level one magic tool, not to mention a level two one.

As for the Burst Talisman, he was afraid that he would be grilled by it in the first second.

In addition to shock, many people also had fear on the faces, such as Xu ChengShan, Huo Yuan, and Bao YuanQiang who were hidden in the crowd.

Especially Xu ChengShan, he suddenly felt that Jiang Yun's refusal to him before was actually his luck. No matter from what aspect, he was far behind Fang RuoLin and even Fang RuoLin was beaten so disconcertingly. If it was him, he would have been dead.

Bao YuanQiang kept rolling his eyes, he was totally surprised that Jiang Yun was so powerful. Such that he was a little worried that if Jiang Yun knew that he had concealed something, would he really kill him?

“No, no way! Although Fang RuoLin would lose, he offended Fang RuoLin and Fang YuXuan won't let him have the last laugh. Even if he was strong, he also absolutely couldn't be Fang YuXuan's rival. And with Fang YuXuan's character, even if this Jiang Yun didn't die, he would also be driven away from the sect after today.”

Bao YuanQiang continuously comforted himself, especially at the thought of Fang YuXuan, his panicking state of mind calmed down a little.

Looking at Jiang Yun who appeared in front of her again, Fang RuoLin's face turned pale again, her calmness was replaced with fear.

With his expressionless face, he walked towards Fang RuoLin step by step and said, “Now you have two choices. The first is you tell me what I want to know immediately or I will no longer be polite.”

“I’ll say it!” Fang RuoLin hesitated for a second and immediately opened her mouth, “Come closer, I’ll tell you!”

A light flashed in Jiang Yun's eyes as he stopped. While Fang RuoLin said, “You should know what I'm telling you is a secret.”

Indeed, if Fang RuoLin announced Lu XiaoYu's whereabouts in front of so many people, it would be tantamount to admitting that she broke the regulations and framed Lu XiaoYu. Of course, she would not do such a silly thing.

Jiang Yun nodded, then took another step and walked towards Fang XiaoYu until he was about a foot away. He then looked at her directly and said, “You can speak now!”

“Ok!” Fang RuoLin lowered her voice and said, “Lu XiaoYu waiting for you in hell!”

There was a dazzling golden light that suddenly appeared in her hand, a golden dagger as fast as lightning was rushing towards Jiang Yun's DanTian.

“This Fang RuoLin is really hard to defend against, she has too many means. That golden dagger should be more advanced than the Black Shield, it's a wonder as to why Fang YuXuan gave his sister so many self-defense items. With the strength of a level seven MCR plus so many good things...”

The public has now turned completely speechless to the wealth of Fang RuoLin.

However, someone finally realized that although she has a lot of good things on her body, she was also a true level seven MCR. She was not weak in terms of her own strength. But even so, she was still forced by Jiang Yun, who was only a level three MCR to be put in a position with no ability to resist.

Moreover, up to now, Jiang Yun did not use even the slightest bit of spiritual power. He instead relied on his strong body to always completely suppress Fang RuoLin.

The strength of Jiang Yun could be described as horrific!

Although many people have seen the golden dagger, the distance between Jiang Yun and Fang RuoLin was too close, and Fang RuoLin was very firm with her actions. She clearly used all of her remaining spiritual power, as she wanted to kill Jiang Yun. So that even if Xiao YiShu wanted to intervene, it would be too late.


But accompanied by a dull sound, Fang RuoLin felt that her sharp dagger seemed to have penetrated a rock, and could not make any further progress. Looking down, she found that Jiang Yun actually grasped the dagger firmly with his palm.

Although Jiang Yun held the dagger tightly between his fingers, drops of blood were falling down. Though his face was surprisingly calm, as he looked at Fang RuoLin and said, “It seems that I can only beat you up!”

At this moment, Fang RuoLin's heart was finally filled with a strong sense of fear as shouted at the top of her lungs, “Jiang Yun, if you dare to touch me, you will die. Don't you know who my brother is?”

“I don't know and I don't want to know either!”

Jiang Yun coolly released the dagger, his bleeding hands were raised as aimed to hit Fang RuoLin severely in the face.

As Jiang Yun's palm was about to hit Fang RuoLin's face, his face changed abruptly. Because he felt a strong breath covering his body, causing him to be unable to move.

Then, a gentle voice sounded in everyone's ears, “You do not want to know, but I must tell you. Her brother is me, Fang YuXuan!”