The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: Boorish Man From Countryside

While the purple mink made another exclamation from the crowd.

“Six-level savage beasts! Sable!”

“The sable feeds on gold and silver, and not only is it extremely fast, but the teeth are also extremely sharp, and even the gold can bite into slag, not to mention the human body.”

“The most terrible thing is that there is a gold poison hidden in the teeth of the sable. It dissolves when it is exposed in the blood. Even if it is bitten by a tiny bit of skin, the gold poison will be quickly absorbed into the body along with the blood.”

“She can own a six-level savage beast as an outer, puff, what a lucky guy, she does have a good brother.”

The savage beasts also can be ranked to be distinguished, in fact, there are 9 levels among them, and each for correspondence to the nine level of MCR.

The six-level savage beasts, was equivalent to the six-level of MCR in cultivators.

Whether it was the two-level Magic Tool or the six-level of the beast, let alone the outer disciple, even the inner disciple can rarely have at the same time.

Fang RuoLin who first firmly protect herself with a two-level shield had been in an invincible position. Now she asked a six-level savage beast which is good at speed to attack Jiang Yun, people could almost imagine that this competition of great disparity in strength will soon come to an end!

But at this moment, Jiang Yun's eyes suddenly gave a fierce flash, and a horrible smell of blood burst out from his body, and he ran straight at the flying purple mink.

At the same time, Jiang Yun would also be blocked by the Black Shield of that finger suddenly back, changed to a fist, gave a very hard hit on the Black Shield!



Two voices came.

The first was the sound of Jiang Yun's fist striking the shield. The second was a huge crack in the Black Shield. A third voice, then!


This Black Shield, as a two-level magic tool, broke in two from the crack, and the black light dissipated then fell straight to the ground, revealing Fang's frightened face.

As for the black mink, it had already been lying at the feet of Jiang Yun, curled up into a ball, trembling violently!

The whole sect again fell into dead silence!

All of them stared, almost dumbfounded, at the two pieces of Black Shield and the trembling sable, and could hardly believe their eyes.

By the force of the flesh, it cruelly shattered the two-level magic tool; With only a glance, let a six-level savage beast frighten all over trembling, dare not to attack, what kind of situation is this?

It was known that even among the cultivators of the Blessed Land Realm, it is impossible to break a two-level magic tool with a single blow, unless he is a purely Physique-based cultivator.

Not to mention, to deter the sixth-level savage beast by only a look, even if the true inner disciples of Hundreds Beasts Peak cannot do it!

When the crowd was completely shocked and unable to speak out, there was a voice of the man in the blue coat among the five peaks, “Brother Song, are you sure you read correctly? Is this guy’s Tao Physique completely blocked? Does he has no Tao Spirit at all? And all his outstanding is only due to his smaller meridians than others?”

After a moment of silence, a voice with some dissatisfaction then began to sound, “Brother Lan, I, as a cultivator of Sky Reaching Realm, can even make a mistake in such a little thing?”

“No offense, I certainly did not question on brother's judgment, is only the strength of this kid which displays now, is really a bit strange.” The old man in blue spoke again after a slight pause. “Brother Wan, as the Lord of Beasts Peak, can you explain the behavior of the black mink?"

“Sure!” A thick voice said, “As the boy just glared, my pet beast told me that there was a strong smell of blood from his body, which we could not feel, but the ferocious animal was extremely sensitive, and such an imposing manner could only be acquired after killing a large number of ferocious beasts!”

The blue elder said in a trance, “That is to say, the child had killed a lot of fierce animals before he came to our sect?”

“He reacted very quickly, and he fought neatly. He attacked in a simple and crude way, but it worked, the actual combat experience of him is rich, therefore, it should be true!”

“Lots of killing animals.” The elder in blue pondered, after a short while then said, “Where the fiercest beasts gather in South Mountain State could only be One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountain! However, that is the demon clan's territory, and forbidden area for us human, could it be that Jiang Yun is from the Mang Mountain?”

At the end of the words, even him, the elder of Seeking-Tao Sect, was a little trembling in his tone.

It was impossible for them to imagine how Jiang Yun, an ordinary teenager, could survive in the mountains.

All of a sudden, there was another composed voice, “The guess of your should be right, and only this possibility can explain why this child has such outrageous power and awe for fierce beasts!”

“When the retest is over, ask a disciple to make a thorough investigation into the child's history. If he really comes from the Mang Mountains, it means that he must have colluded with the demon tribe, or maybe even he is a spy from the demon tribe.”

Hearing this sound, everyone could not help but a little surprised, because this was from the main peak--Fence Tao Peak, it was unexpected that this small competition caught his attention.

But it was natural when they thought Fang RuoLin's identity, after all, Fang YuXuan is the most beloved disciple of the lord of Fence Tao Peak, it was natural that the lord paid a little more attention to his sister.

However, the last words of the lord of Fence Peak alerted everyone.

The race of man and the demon, like water and fire, never stopped fighting with each other, like the race of the demon to buy over humans, then let them into the Taoist sect of human as spies, indeed, a number of things have happened.

Of course, such things are mutual, since the demon clan can buy off the men, the men can also buy off the demon.

And no matter which clan, to such spy, once they are discovered, just kill!

“Yes, brother! The elder in blue nodded, but still asked unwillingly, “But, if we leave aside where this child came from, I mean, on the basis of his present strength, is there really no value to be taught and cultivated?”

The calm voice said lightly, “With great strength, shock and awe fierce animals, these are just the means of the village wild man! Cultivation, the most important is qualifications, without qualifications, everything is nonsense!”

Apparently, the lord of Fence Peak despaired of Jiang Yun.

The elder in blue could not help but sighed softly and said, “Unfortunately, this child, if not for his poor qualifications, I would like to have him under my door! But, brother Wan, since he has the ability against fierce beast, isn't he suitable for you?”

The thick voice rang out again, “You must be joking my brother, this child can go into any mountain, but cannot in my peak, just now brother Song have said, this son has no spirituality, and the Tao of guarding the beast, what matters is the spirituality, not to frighten the beasts can!”

The elder in blue said with helplessness, “Right, then we take another look.”

These voices gradually fell silent, and in the square, with the destruction of the Black Shield and the surrender of the black mink, Jiang Yun's fingers had reached over Fang RuoLin's throat once again.

Although Fang RuoLin looked pale, she was still not flustered much. She then just clinched her silver teeth and a bright yellow talisman appeared in her right hand, suddenly throwing it to the DanTian of Jiang Yun.