The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Two-Level Magic Tool

The tremulous sound was from an old disciple, but no one cared where it came from now, for everyone was struck by the swaying green vine.

Even Jiang Yun was no exception!

However, he was not shocked by how delicate the magic art from Wu Shang was, but because of this type of magic art which reminded him of his grandfather--Jiang WanLi!

Previously, he had no knowledge of the magic arts, but after he had practiced it himself, he knew that although his grandpa could use many kinds of art, the most powerful one was the wood-magic arts, which were also the most used.

It was not unusual to be able to master the magic arts of five elements for Wu Shang, because all of these could be learned as one touched three-level of Meridians Unclogged Realm.

However, the way of magic arts, not in the amount, but the more you learn, the harder you master.

It took a long time and energy to master a single magic art, not to mention to master to the limit, but very hard to control it expertly.

Even some cultivators had spent their whole lives in the study of one kind of art.

The first thing for a novice to do was not to learn as many as possible, but to choose one that was most suitable for him, and then to consider the other after mastering the old one.

And there was no fixed standard for the so-called proficiency, but at least it needed to be used as one's mind and consistent with the level of oneself, so as to be able to exert the corresponding power of the magic art.

For example, in flame-element, the requirement of three-level of MUR(Meridians Unclogged Realm) was only to release the fireball as large as the palm, and to reach the size of a watermelon in five-level.

For this field, Jiang Yun was in deep understanding.

Although he practiced flame and sword arts at the suggestion of DongFang Bo, he did not touch the sword arts at all in the past half a year, and kept studying the flame-magic arts.

While it was only half a year since Wu Shang was accepted by the sect, he was not only able to control two different kinds of arts, but it was obvious that he had applied both arts to the extent of use it as his mind. Such a high talent was really amazing.

At the very moment, Xu Chenshan's face turned pale, although he did not want to believe that he was defeated by a fresh fish, the sharp thorns that kept moving in front of him made him admit that he really lost.

“I… give up!”

As he admitted defeat, the sharp thorn immediately retracted into the vine, and the whole vine gradually became transparent, until completely disappeared, as if it had never been there before, and Wu Shang turned around and walked back where he was.

It was not hard to see that this match for him just like a piece of cake.

It was only after another pause that the crowd came back to their senses.

Although the fight was not wonderful at all, the arts proficiency of Wu Shang left a shadow in everyone's heart. Even Xiao YiShu looked at Wu Shang with a little fear.

As for Huo Yuan, his face was even gloomier to the extreme. He and Wu Shang were in the same group who got through the three tests, and he also thought that he was not weaker than Wu Shang in any aspect, but both the previous retest and the fights now showed the huge gap between him and Wu Shang.

But Jiang Yun was the calmest of all the people. He had felt the danger in Wu Shang from a long time ago, while now Wu Shang's performance was just a proof of his feeling.

Then, the competition continues.

Although the new disciple had won for one time, it did not mean that all the new disciple had such strong power, even Lu YouRong, the girl with two-free Tao Physique, was lost to the opponent.

The only competition that surprised everyone was Tang Yi's.

The big man with a strong figure actually was a rare Physique-based cultivator, although the end of the same defeat, but the persistence of the longest, so that his opponent, the outer disciple of Sky-Rune peak, was a little awkward, he almost ran out all of his talismans.

When all the nine fights were over, the new disciple's score of 1-8 was a little surprising, but not unexpected.

“Jiang Yun, Fang RuoLin!”

Finally, the two names were called from Xiao YiShu's mouth, and Jiang Yun did not know the name of the disciple who framed Lu XiaoYu until now.

They stood in the middle of the square, eyes to eyes, in silence.

Although everyone could imagine the result of the fight, they were still a little curious. Why did Jiang Yun, who could bring out the three elders and lead them away without any word, chose Fang as the opponent?

It was known that, although Fang RuoLin was just outer disciple, depending on her elder brother's status, even if inner disciple all have to do her a favor, especially no one dared to provoke her.

This was not hard to see from Xiao's polite attitude towards her.

While did Jiang Yun just don't know who she is? Or he had a more powerful background, so he dared to provoke Fang RuoLin in the small competition.

They looked each other for a while, then Jiang Yun suddenly said, “You should have known my purpose!”

Jiang Yun did not come up to ask Lu XiaoYu's whereabouts directly, because he was very clear that, under the eyes of the public, Fang would never admit. After all, this was a violation of the rules of the sect.

“Right!” Although Fang RuoLin's face was full of smiles, the look of contempt in her eyes was clear, “But even if I tell you now, when you get there, I'm afraid you won't find anything! What's more, why should I tell you? You are just a factotum, you have no right to ask me any question!”

Jiang Yun's face suddenly became gloomy, “You speak or not!?”

“Cluck!” Fang RuoLin gave a series of laugh, put out a finger, directed at Jiang Yun and hooked, “You want to know? After you win!”

“Ok then!”

Jiang Yun’s voice just vanish, his body flashed, unexpectedly had disappeared from the original place, appeared in front of Fang RuoLin directly, similarly put out a finger, pointed to Fang's throat.

This sudden scene, all around those who are still immersed in the dialogue between Jiang Yun and Fang RuoLin, even Xiao YiShu and Wu Shang, were a show of surprise.

Because Jiang Yun's speed was too fast!

There were so many people, but who can see his body movement clearly, no more than five!

Although Jiang Yun did not know how to be a gentleman to ladies, he was also filled with disgust to Fang Ruo Lin, but as a man of seven feet, he disdained to beat a girl, so he only prepared to give Fang RuoLin a small lesson.

Fang RuoLin was also shocked by Jiang Yun's speed, but her reaction was not slow. While her hand was raised, a black light suddenly appeared from her body, and quickly turned into a shield, blocking her face and dividing Jiang Yun's fingers.


A gasp came from the crowd. They were still shocked by Jiang's speed, but now they were even more shocked by the shield in front of Fang.

"Two-level of the defensive Magic Tool, Black Shield, refined by the skin of Thorn-Shield turtle."

"As an outer disciple, she can have a two-level magic tool. She really has a good brother!"

"I'm afraid there's more to her than that."

As if to verify these people's words, seeing her shield blocking Jiang Yun, Fang RuoLin laughed again. A purple ray burst upon her finger. It was the size of a palm-hand sable, rushed to Jiang like a wind.