The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Rock-Solid

Although Jiang Yun was worried, he would know Lu XiaoYu's whereabouts by a minute later, and the hope of returning to sect for her was reduced by a bit. However, he also knew that since Xiao YiShu spoke, what he said was the truth as the rules, and he could only abide by them instead of breaking them.

As for that woman in purple was indifferent about that naturally, after smiling slightly then she pulled Xu ChengShan to step back a few steps.

The others also stepped back, giving enough space to the two in the first match.

Among the new disciples, the first one is Huo Yuan, and his chosen opponent is a female disciple from Red Dust Peak.

Jiang Yun also temporarily turned his attention to the two in the competition. Although he had rich combat experience, he had never seen a battle between cultivators, so he would like to take this opportunity to observe it.

Huo Yuan smiled and said to the disciple, “I'm Huo Yuan, a new disciple at Fence Tao Peak.

Jiang Yun was not surprised that Huo Yuan became a disciple of the inner door in Fence Tao Peak. Since he first saw Huo Yuan, he had carried a sword on his back.

Hearing Huo Yuan's words, the pretty girl also smiled and said, “You are just being polite, my younger brother Huo!”

“There is no restriction on the small competition. If you want to give up, just say it.”

Under the brief explanation from Xiao YiShu, the small competition finally began.

“Keng!” Huo Yuan drew the sword out from his back.

Looking at this sword, many people's face showed envy. The sword is about three feet long, and the whole body is white and crystal. It looks like it is made of crystal.

“Dear elder sister, this ice-born sword is made by thousands-years of ice, careful!”

Huo Yuan, seemingly generous, took the initiative to tell the origin of his sword to the opponent, but without waiting for the voice vanished, he had already shaken his wrist and raised the sword to stab out, very quickly.

This kind of behavior is equivalent to sneak attack, but the female disciple of the Red Dust Peak gave a faint smile, reached out her beautiful hands to pat gently on the waist, then hearing 'Tik tok', a clear bell sound suddenly rang.

The sound of the bell was not so loud but many people felt a whirl in their brains, and so did Huo Yuan, whose swift sword suddenly came to a halt in the air.

The next moment, the female disciple smiled tenderly, a walnut-size of the bell hung on her finger, as her fingers continue to swing, issued one after another bell sound.

With the sound of the bell, Huo Yuan's eyes gradually became confused, and finally completely lost, and the whole person became motionless like a statue.

“Brother Xiao, do you still need him to throw the towel?” One of the disciple's fingers was lying between Huo Yuan's eyebrows, looking to Xiao YiShu.

Anyone can see that Huo Yuan has been defeated, and even there was no way to admit defeat for him, so Xiao shook his head and said, “That's that, sister Ding win.”

The pupils of Jiang Yun were slightly constricted. Although he had never been optimistic about Huo Yuan, while he did not expect that he would lose so soon.

“Red Dust Peak is good at the way of sound and rhythm, that is, it is used for fighting with the help of all kinds of sounds, just like the flute sound of the elder sister Xuan when entering sect, which can stir people's mind and confuse people.”

"However, the bell could not be compared with the fluting sound at all, while the fluting sound from sister Xuan covered more than 2,000 people. However, the sounds of bell from this sister Ding only targeted Huo Yuan, in this case, the strength of the inner disciples was indeed much higher than the outer one."

“Of course, I said the inner disciples, does not include Huo Yuan!”

This last words, it was true that Jiang Yun despises HuoYuan, but it was also the truth.

Those who can truly be called as inner disciples in Seeking-Tao Sect had reached at least the BLR; what can truly be called as outer disciples must also reach the seventh realm of MCR.

For people like Huo Yuan and Tang Yi, who became inner or outer disciples relied on the number of passes through the three levels of entry, had a natural difference in strength compared with those who had reached the BLR by their own efforts, or had reached the seventh level of MCR.

It was because of this, most people were not surprised by the fact that Huo Yuan was defeated instantly. Only the sober Huo Yuan, shame in his face, stared into the eyes of the female disciple of Red Dust Peak, almost spouting fire.

But now no one cared about his feelings, because Wu Shang had come out.

Seven-level In MCR, let Wu Shang had been the same position as the outer disciples, and he chose the opponent, did not know whether he was intentional or coincidence, was Xu ChengShan!

Among the ten outer disciples, Xu ChengShan was not the strongest, but in terms of real strength, he could definitely rank in the top three. After all, he still had a pet beast. To be known that, not every outer disciple disciples in Beasts Peak can have a pet.

Naturally, the combat between the two was more eye-catching.

Xu ChengShan's eyes were still staring at Jiang Yun with hatred, however, even Jiang Yun himself was a little confused, he did injure his pet beast, but he still kept that finger to be measured, the worst is to let that tiger couldn't move for two or three months, was it necessary to hate him so?

He did not know that, Xu ChengShan was full of confidence for the break through whole five peaks this time, but because his pet animal was injured by Jiang Yun, so he lost the greatest reliance, which led to the ultimate failure.

In fact, even if the pet animal was not injured, the probability of his success was extremely low, but he did not care about these, just simply blamed his failure to Jiang Yun!


At Xiao YiShu's command, Xu ChengShan did not move, but the tiger next to him jumped to his feet and made a dash to Wu Shang.

Obviously, Xu ChengShan did not put Wu Shang in the eyes, so just let the pet animals attack him.

Faced with the tiger that pounced on him, Wu Shang also did not move, until the tiger suddenly caught him, and the jaws of the tiger bite his neck.


Many of the onlookers could not help but cry out. If this bite wasn't missed, the head of Wu Shang would fall off. Although it was clear that Xu ChengShan could not really kill Wu Shang, some people still closed their eyes and dared not to watch the scene.

At that moment, however, there came a sudden, harsh tiger roar, followed by a hoarse voice, “If this is your true ability, then I am very disappointed."

This sound obviously does not belong to Xu ChengShan!

The crowd quickly looked at the field again, but suddenly found that Wu Shang was still standing there, the tiger that wanted to bite him now had been back to the side of Xu ChengShan, the mouth of the tiger was continuous blood dripping down.

“What is this? What happened just now?”

“Nothing, just Wu Shang's body seemed too hard, and the tiger's teeth has shattered!”

The understatement by an old disciple shocked most people. Could a man's body be harder than tiger's teeth? Besides, this tiger is at least a four-level beast!

Finally, this old disciple opened his mouth and explained, “Actually, this is not because of his body is hard, but a kind of soil-related art--Rock-Solid, in short, it makes your body like a stone! And, looking at Wu Shang, it should have been controlled perfectly.”

Xu ChengShan was stunned. He did not even think that Wu Shang could use the soil-related in such a level for half a year.

But just as he was about to take actions, to teach this guy who seems more arrogant than Jiang Yun, suddenly Wu Shang opened his mouth again and said, “No, not interesting!”

As the sound vanished, he was seen to reach out a hand, toward Xu ChengShan.


A green light shot from his hands, so fast that most people could only see a green shadow across the air, came to Xu ChengShan instantly.

Only a small part of people, including Jiang Yun, could clearly see what shot out of Wu Shang's hand was a green vine, and at this moment, the vine had wrapped up Xu ChengShan's whole body, and a needle with arm-thick was sticking out from above the vine, reaching straight at the middle of Xu ChengShan's brow, trembling slightly!

The whole square was in silence, and a moment later, there was a trembling voice, “Wood, related, magic, arts!”