The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Ten Outer Disciples


As he finished his words, the lion-like sculpture suddenly vibrated fiercely, giving the impression that it was about to become a living thing.

Naturally, many of the new disciples, and even the ten chosen, including Jiang Yun, were shocked, apparently unaware of what was happening.

However, compared with their shock and confusion, the old disciples around them all looked as if they knew, but even so, their eyes were staring at the sculpture without any blinking.


After the vibration, the huge mouth of the beast suddenly burst out a dazzling light, covering nearly a ten feet square area.

There were several figures in the light!

“This should be the so-called teleportation formation, which can transmit people to far places in a very short time. However, it is unexpected that the deployment is hidden in the beasts' sculpture. I don't know whether the remaining three also hides the deployment.”

After a moment, the light gradually disappeared, and the vibration gradually became calm, until everything was back to its original state. However, there were ten more people in the square beside Jiang Yun.

The ten men and women looked different, but without exception, each with a face of pride.

It was not hard to guess from the blue token they wear around their waists that they are the outer disciples, namely the opponents that Jiang Yun and other nine people will face in the small competition.

The main purpose of the retest was to let the new disciples see what is the battle between cultivators, and to gain some experience. Therefore, each time for the new disciples, the opponents of the new disciples are the old disciples from the five peaks, most of them are outer disciples.

Because although it was called to be informal combat, in fact, strictly speaking, it was total instruction the elder taught the new disciples.

After all, since most of the new disciples had no experience in the actual combat, the possibility of winning was small. Therefore, the inner disciples basically will not be interested in such a small competition.

The appearance of ten outer disciples meant that the beginning of small competition was about to start, and their impressive appearance naturally caused a burst of excitement and discussion among the onlookers.

Among the ten people, Jiang Yun saw a yellow tiger at first sight and recognized the man next to the tiger was Xu ChengShan.

But Jiang Yun did not pay any attention to Xu ChengShan, and just swept over him. Then he turned his eyes to a disciple beside him.

That was a woman with a blue dragon token on her waist and a purple dress. She looked in her early twenties. Although her appearance was not perfect, she was also in the middle. But the birthmark in the corner of her eyes broke the integral aesthetic feeling to her.

“Ten people, so this female should be the one who frames Lu XiaoYu.”

When Jiang Yun was looking at the woman, she seemed to notice his look as well. Xu ChengShan whispered something in her ear, which immediately made her face show a sneer.

At this time, Xiao's voice was also heard again, “These ten are the outer disciples from five peaks, namely your opponents today. You can choose anyone to challenge, and the choice cannot be repeated. If you do not choose, they will choose you. And you will be given a certain reward no matter win or lose.”

“He is mine!”

While Xiao had just stopped the words, Xu ChengShan has been impatient for a step and pointed to Jiang Yun!

They did not understand why Xu ChengShan, an old disciple, was in such a hurry, but Jiang Yun knew it. This time, he was coming for revenge and fearing that he would not choose him or that he would be chosen by others. So he chose firstly.

At this moment, Xu ChengShan's mind was full of the desire to defeat Jiang Yun, so he didn't notice that people around him were looking at him in a strange way, even with a little contempt.

Because in everybody's eyes, Xu ChengShan chose Jiang Yun as the opponent because he was the easiest win.

Although Jiang Yun had improved three levels in MCR for half a year, and it only the strength was, while Xu ChengShan, as an outer disciple, was at least the strength of seven-level in MCR.

And plus to be a disciple of Hundreds Beasts Peak, Xu ChengShan had a pet beast, two for one, this was a clear bully Jiang Yun!

“Cough!” Xiao coughed and looked deeply at Xu ChengShan. Then he turned to Jiang Yun and said, “As a new disciple, you have a chance to refuse.”

The selection from new disciples could not be refused, but in turn, it could when it from an old disciple, which is also a kind of protection for the new disciple.

As Xiao's speaking, Jiang Yun immediately replied, “I refuse!”

No one was surprised by Jiang's answer, because no matter who he chose, he would refuse to fight with Xu ChengShan as long as he didn't want to lose.

Any other choice was better than one for two, though the selection of other rivals was almost certainly a loss.

Xu ChengShan's face suddenly became heavy, and he still wanted to open his mouth to speak, but Xiao already nodded and said, “Ok, then just start from you, you choose your opponent first!"

Jiang Yun held out his hand and pointed to the woman in purple with a birthmark beside Xu ChengShan. “I shall play with her!”

After seeing clearly the rival chosen by Jiang Yun, the whole audience suddenly fell into a strange silence. Even Xiao's face showed a strange look, only Bao YuanQiang, who was hiding in the crowd, showed a sneer of conspiracy.

Xu couldn't wait to choose Jiang Yun as his rival, but Jiang Yun wanted to choose another disciple from Hundreds Beasts Peak as his rival.

Although the public still did not know the purpose of Jiang Yun, at least they had been able to affirm that there should be something between Jiang Yun and the Hundreds Beasts Peak.

It's just that Jiang Yun didn't seem to know the identity of the purple woman he chose...

As for the purple woman to hear Jiang Yun chosen herself, was also shocked for a while, but immediately laughed.

After Xiao YiShu turned his gaze from the woman in purple to Jiang Yun again, frowning slightly. “Are you sure you want to choose her as your rival?"

Jiang Yun affirmed, “Absolutely!”

“All right!” Xiao YiShu nodded, and suddenly said to the purple woman with hand in hand, “Younger sister Fang, then your opponent is this younger brother-- Jiang Yun.”

“Great!” The woman in purple dress lightly smiled, “I shall give a good lesson to my younger brother Jiang!”

At the moment, Jiang Yun, very anxious to immediately rush to the front of the woman in purple, asked the whereabouts of Lu XiaoYu. So his eyes, completely focused on her, so much so that he didn't notice all around the face of strange color, even didn't notice that as the inner disciple Xiao, the kind of attitude towards the woman.

“Well, everyone else is going to pick their opponents and we’re gonna start competing!”

After the other nine new disciples had also selected their rivals, Xiao cried out, “Standing in your order, the competition should be carried out in turn. Remember, the purpose of the fight is to spar each other, so the point is not to hit hard!”

After a pause, Xiao looked at Jiang Yun and the woman in purple then said, “You two, the last one!”