The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: The Small Competition Participants


Above the sky, the light around one of the figures suddenly dissipated, an elder in blue appeared in front of everyone, flicked his sleeve and straightened up Jiang Yun’s bent body. Then he asked, “What is your name?”

“Jiang Yun!”

The elder in blue nodded and said, “I am the Lord of Sky Rune Peak. Your retest result is good. You broaden our horizons.”

Hearing the identity of the elder and his words, many disciples who were still kneeling on the ground around him suddenly felt jealous.

In the Seeking-Tao Sect, apart from the Sect Master and several old Elders, the lord of each peak had the highest status. The lord of Sky Rune Peak was only lower than the lord of the main peak, the Fence Tao Peak. Apparently, it showed in his words that he was very interested in Jiang Yun, maybe he would take him as his disciple soon.

To everyone's surprise, however, the Elder in blue silently moved his lips, and a piece of Dan medicine suddenly appeared in his hand.

“This is a Tao Physique Pill you took when you entered our sect. Now, take it again.”

Hearing those words, everyone understood immediately.

Although Jiang Yun's performance, promoting three levels within half a year, was very impressive, the leader of the peaks were all very shrewd. For this kind of event, it was necessary to select carefully before making a decision.

In particular, Jiang Yun's performance at the beginning of the three tests could be described as almost eerie. Therefore, now the master of Sky Rune Peak wanted to test Jiang Yun again to see if something happened to him.

And so it is!

Although these elders and masters all wanted to pick a good disciple, the achievements Jiang Yun had shown just now were only in one aspect, and what they valued more was his talent.

It was all known that talent is the only standard to measure whether a cultivator can go further on the road of cultivation.

After all, if the talent is too poor, it means that there is not much potential to be tapped. Even with the help of the best elixir and the best esoteric practice, it may be able to reach a certain realm in a short time, but in the long run, it is not worth the effort.

Holding this pill, though Jiang Yun only glanced it once, he knew that this Dan medicine is much better than that he swallowed last time.

Naturally, he knew what the elder in the blue was doing, and he hesitated.

For the retest, Jiang Yun's original plan was just to pass it without drawing attention, so that he could move onto the small competition without trouble, plus he may need to use magic powers there, it was was best to be seen as a cultivator in three-level of MCR.

After all, it was almost universally known that magic arts could be controlled by cultivators in three-level of MCR.

Even if his true strength was hidden during the measurement, it might cause unnecessary trouble if it is revealed in the small competition.

Therefore, Jiang Yun had no choice but to show a little bit of his strength.

Although he also thought that his performance might attract the attention of the lord of peaks, he also prepared a way of dealing with it in advance, which was to decline as a disciple of Hidden Peak.

Although Jiang Yun was not clear about what status was Hidden Peak in Seeking-Tao Sect and what DongFang Bo identities were, after the last event of Xu ChengShan, he was vaguely aware that Hidden Peak would never be as simple as he thought at first.

Furthermore, refusing the elders would offend these people, but at least it would not violate the rules of the sect. Anyway, Jiang Yun was not prepared to worship to any of them as a disciple. He just wanted to stay at Hidden Peak.

But he did not expect that the lord of the Sky Rune Peak even wanted to test his body again.

After pondering for a while, Jiang Yun still threw the pill into his mouth.

A moment later, there was a flash of disappointment on the face of the elder in blue, for after taking the medicine, there was still no reaction on Jiang Yun’s body.

And that meant that his talent was still the worst.

Then, the lips of the elder in the blue coat moved silently, and another man in yellow light suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Yun, and out of it came a middle-aged man dressed in Confucian clothes.

The man did not speak but put his hand directly over Jiang's head.

Jiang Yun immediately felt a little tight in his body, and then he noticed that a strong power poured into his body from the man's palm, as if entering a clearing land, it flowed quickly in his body, making him unable to stop.

He knew naturally that it was the elders who were still determined to see what happened to him.

Honestly, now Jiang Yun's heart was feeling quite tense, he was worried that his true strength would be seen, but also afraid that the black stone hidden in his DanTian was found.

But he did not know that when the powerful energy of the Confucian man poured into his body, hundreds of scars all over his body shook slightly.

A moment later the man drew back his hand, his face lit up, he turned away without a word, but his voice was heard in ears of the elder in blue.

“It is true that this child is a completely innate waste, and there is little possibility of gathering the Tao spirituality in the future. However, his meridians are slightly smaller than those of ordinary people, which is probably why he is able to ascend the three-level within half a year!”

Hearing this, the face of the elder in blue was even more disappointed, slightly nodded, the meridian was smaller than normal, the difficulty of getting through was relatively small on many.

The next moment, the elder in blue finally took his eyes off Jiang Yun and looked at Xiao YiShu. “Go ahead, YiShu.”

After saying these words, the lords flashed and disappeared as they had come.

This series of changes has dazzled many disciples around, but most of them had understood. Obviously, after personally checking on Jiang Yun's body, the three lords gave up the plan to accept Jiang Yun as their disciple!

That was to say, Jiang Yun's talent was too ordinary to continue to arouse their interest.

This result naturally led many disciples to show a different response, although a few people expressed sympathy for Jiang Yun, the vast majority were gloating for this.

Huo Yuan especially had no shame and laughed out loud, “Ha ha ha, I was thinking you, this wild person, was unexpectedly lucky this time, yet it was only a dream for you, tsk, what a pity!"

On the contrary, Jiang Yun still had no expression on his face at the moment, but he held a deep breath in his heart.

Although he did not know what the middle-aged man saw in his own body, clearly, the man didn’t find his real strength and the black stone.

As for their lack of interest in himself, this result was exactly what he wanted most.

As the three elders left, Xiao YiShu got up from the ground, took a deep breath and looked at Jiang Yun complicatedly. Then he opened his mouth and said, “This is the end of the test. Names I call, stay, else, out of the square.”

“Huo Yuan, Wu Shang, Lu YouRong, Tang Yi,...Jiang Yun!”

Soon, there were ten people left on the square, and these ten people, naturally, were the people who improved to more than two levels.

Although Jiang Yun was also among them, the public now did not have much interest in him, but turned their eyes to the other nine people, and discussed who was more likely to win this time.

Then, Xiao YiShu suddenly turned his eyes to a lion-shaped statue in the corner of the square and said, “Little younger brothers and sisters, come ahead.”