The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: The Lords Of Peaks

Although Jiang Yun held the pearl, he did not immediately inject his spiritual power in it, because he was waiting to see if the black stone in his DanTian would react.

After all, it was just his guess that the stone would not react to objects containing the meaning of Tao in his DanTian.

But his immobility was viewed by the onlookers as a sign of fear or deliberate procrastination, this made even Xiao's frown looked tighter.

Just as Xiao YiShu was about to speak again, his eyes suddenly went blank.

Because he could clearly feel that there was a lot of spiritual power coming out of Jiang Yun's palm, which was poured into the testing pearl.

“That's impossible!”

This scene shocked him as fast and strong as a sudden tidal wave!

Half a year ago, the performance of Jiang Yun in the tests had proved that he could never cultivate, but now, he actually cultivated spiritual power.

Although it was not known for Xiao YiShu at present how many levels Jiang Yun had risen, the possession of spiritual power means that Jiang Yun was at least a cultivator.

Xiao YiShu was not DongFang Bo. In the eyes of DongFang Bo, the so-called ' three tests' is pompous and useless, but for Xiao YiShu, the tests were the only standard for determining whether a person was capable of cultivation.

Now, however, this standard had been broken by Jiang Yun, making him completely unable to accept it for a while.

At the same time, there were also several voices echoing inside the five peaks.

“Why, this little fellow, not only does he own spiritual power, but also his attainment couldn’t be seen by me?”

“It's not surprising to have spiritual power. After all, the three tests are only an auxiliary, not enough to be undeniable proof. It's not unusual for something unexpected to occur, otherwise, we wouldn’t ever have to arrange a retest. But we can't understand what his level is, it is quite weird.”

“There's nothing strange about it, don't forget where he's been for the last six months!”

As the words rang out, all the voices disappeared, as if the Hidden Peak, to them, was something taboo, making them reluctant to mention it at all.

Compared with their silence, there was a noise in the square, for some other disciples had noticed the spiritual power emanating from Jiang Yun's palm.

“What's the matter with him? He has acquired spiritual power!”

“Right, even I felt it, and it seemed like a lot!”

“But how could he be a cultivator, when he had no talent on any aspect?”

Huo Yuan's face also revealed a shock, but it was only for a moment, he then muttered to himself, “Even if there is spiritual power, half a year, you can cultivate to what extent, the most is one or two-levels...”


Before Huo Yuan could finish speaking, he heard a loud noise. The sound was coming from the direction of the pearl, which was tightly held in Jiang Yun's hand.

The pearl trembled slightly, and it was clear that a milky white light was beginning to shine through it and out into the air.

“One, two, three!”

Three milky white rays, like a flower, bloomed in the pearl, and also bloomed in the eyes and hearts of all people.

At that very moment, the whole sect went silent!

All eyes and mouths were wide open, they stared at the lights, even the man in black, who had always seemed to be in seclusion, looked up rarely to the rays, and there was a flash of light in the depths of his eyes.

The third level of MCR!

It is not really high for a cultivator. And many of the disciples in the square at this moment have reached this realm.

However, it was a mortal who hadn't passed any tests half a year ago that cultivated to such a state, not to mention that this guy didn't have Tao Physique, Heart of Tao nor Tao Spirituality. Though it was not a high state, the sense of impossibility made it totally different!

After all, the Two-Free Tao Physique, which is claimed to be one in ten thousand, only improved three levels in half a year.

What's more, most people, like Xiao YiShu, held a firm attitude to the entry tests, so they were now shocked the hardest.

Even some people couldn't help mumbling, “Six months for three levels, although at the beginning he was a mortal, and couldn't be compared with Fang YuXuan's achievement, with this as the result, he is likely to be picked by an elder as an inner disciple!”

As if to verify their thoughts, three figures suddenly appeared above the square so fast that no one could see how they came.

All three stood in the sky, their bodies were covered with different colors of light so that people could not see their shape and face, and the vigor of grandeur that emanates from them was like a mountain, which solidified the air of the whole square.

“Dear masters!”

When these three figures disappeared, the first one to come back to his mind was Xiao, and he also turned quickly and knelt in front of them.

These words also shocked all the disciples out of there thoughts, they immediately understood that these three figures were the most powerful existences in Seeking-Tao Sect.

“Flop!” All people immediately fell to their knees, they had seldom seen even one of the elders, but now they had seen three.

However, they were also very clear what the three masters were attracted by at that moment, the only person standing on the square--Jiang Yun!

As for the three sudden figures in the sky, Jiang Yun was also a little shocked for a while and even forgot to release the pearl, he just looked up at the group of powerful beings.

Jiang Yun already knew that in Seeking-Tao Sect, only guys who reached the SRR(Sky Reaching Realm) were qualified to become the lord of a peak, and the SRR was still above the BLR, which was now a realm which Jiang Yun could not even think about.

But now the strong men of that realm stood above him, no more than ten feet away, and every eye was fixed upon him.

Fortunately, he also sobered up quickly, hurriedly released the pearl, hand on his fist, to the three elders, and bowed to the bottom, “Disciple Jiang Yun, pays respect for you Dear Lords.”

“How dare you not kneel in front of the lords!”

HuoYuan hummed, which let all people realize that Jiang Yun was unexpectedly still standing upright at this moment!

Hearing the sound, Jiang Yun shivered slightly but remained standing without kneeling.

Because grandpa taught him from a young age, there is gold on men's knees, and could not easily worship anyone except their parents and teachers, even heaven and earth.

Although these figures in the sky are the existence that Jiang Yun needs to look up to, to Jiang Yun, they are not his parents, not his teacher, so, he did not kneel.


A cold sound spread from these men, obviously, an elder was also a little dissatisfied for Jiang Yun's behaviour, but now was not the time to pursue this, they were more concerned about the results that Jiang Yun showed in the retest.

Half a year's time, from a mere mortal to a cultivator in three-level of MCR, this was enough to arouse their interest, so for that, they did not hesitate to show themselves, naturally, they want to take Jiang Yun under the door as a disciple.