The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: You Should Give Up

Jiang Yun had noticed everything that was happening in the square including the fierce expression hidden in Huo Yuan’s eyes. But he did not care. He just stared at that five Spirit Measuring Pearls, and a thought flashed through his mind.

“Will the Spirit Measuring Pearls contain the Meaning of Tao…?”

Although Jiang Yun really needed the goods containing the Meaning of Tao, he hoped not to encounter them at this time.

However, he was not that worried. After all, the black stone was in his DanTian now. Even if the Spirit Measuring Pearls had the Meaning of Tao, they should not be blown up.

“Time to retest! Huo Yuan, you, first!”

Suddenly, Xiao YiShu’s voices resounded, which of cause took everyone's attention away from Jiang Yun.

As an inner disciple, Huo Yuan couldn’t wait to be retested. He reached out his hand to hold the Spirit Measuring Pearl, and at the same time, the Spiritual Energy inside his body were already flowing into the peal.

“Buzz buzz buzz!”

As the Spiritual Energy rushed in, the Spirit Measuring Pearl trembled slightly at once. Coming with the trembling was a stream of milky light lighten from the inside pearl, and it became more and more bright.

One, two, three, four, five! Five streams of light in total!

Seeing these five streams of white light, most people showed envy and surprise expression. Even Xiao YiShu nodded in appreciation, “Good. Brother Huo was in the Third Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm. You promote two more levels within half a year. That’s what inner disciples can achieve!”

Huo Yuan's face turned smug when he heard Xiao YiShu’s praise. Having cultivated hard for a half year, Huo Yuan had always been eager to make a big surprise at this retest!

It was usual to enhance a cultivation level; he promoted himself two levels to show his uncommon.

Obviously, he had attained his purpose. Hearing exclamations given by people around him, he restrained his elation but showed a modest smile. He bowed to Xiao YiShu deeply and said, “Thanks for your praise, Brother Xiao!”

But no one saw that when Huo Yuan bowed, his humble smile had turned into a sneer. Because he didn’t forget the scene when Xiao YiShu struck he and Tang Yi heavily only by saying two words.

Xiao YiShu had never thought that his unintentional behavior had caused Huo Yuan’s grudge. He nodded and said to Huo Yuan, “You can step aside and wait for others’ results!”


Huo Yuan answered and stepped aside, with a humble smile again.

Then, Xiao YiShu gave another name, “Wu Shang!”

A man in black whose straight figure was just like a pine came out through the crowd.

Seeing this person, Jiang Yun squinted his eyes slightly. He clearly remembered the dangerous feeling brought by the man when the first time he had seen him. Six months later, such a feel still existed!

“Ah, his name is Wu Shang. His strength must be above Huo Yuan!”

Although no one knew clearly about Wu Shang, he and Huo Yuan were the only two who had passed the three tests. Therefore, everybody expected to see his retest result.

Wu Shang stepped in front of a Spirit Measuring Pearl and reached his hand out to hold it. After a few seconds only, several streams of light rushed from the pearl into the sky immediately.

Because these rays of light appeared almost at the same time, most people had no time to count them clearly while Wu Shang had finished the retest. He walked back to the original position without any word.

“Have you seen it clearly? How many streams of light?”

“No, me neither. The whole thing happens too quickly! But I’m sure that there are five streams at least!”

While everyone was talking about it, Xiao YiShu showed a strange look. He stared at Wu Shang for a long time, then appraised, “You was in the Five Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm, and now you’re in the Seventh Level. Good!”

Although it sounded like Huo Yuan made the same achievement as Wu Shang, it wasn’t. Though both Huo Yuan and Wu Shang had upgraded two cultivation levels, every cultivator knew that the higher cultivation level you were in the harder you can upgrade your cultivation. Hence, Huo Yuan had done nothing comparable to Wu Shang.

Furthermore, Jiang Yun knew that the Seventh Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm wasn’t Wu Shang’s real strength. He had concealed his cultivation level!

Xiao YiShu found this as well. That was why he took a special look at Wu Shang.

Because he really didn’t understand how come there was someone who deliberately hid his cultivation level in this retest which was regarded as a valuable opportunity by all new disciples. Everyone else would do their best and performance as better as possible.

Of course, Xiao YiShu would never imagine that Wu Shang would not be the only one who would show a lower cultivation level in the retest.

While seeing this, the smugness on Huo Yuan’s face immediately solidified. He stared at Wu Shang who had stepped aside with no expression on his face, a hint of hate crossed his mind.

He had just pushed himself forward, but now was easily overshadowed by Wu Shang. He was extremely angry.

The third one to be retested was the young woman of Two-Free Tao Physique. And her cultivation level had increased by three, from the second level to the fifth level!

Although everyone was kind of surprised by her achievement, they were not too shocked when thinking of her special physique and her previous low cultivation level.

All the three inner disciples had passed the retest successfully, so the next would be the outer and factotum disciples. They lined in five rows, stepping towards the Spirit Measuring Pearl one by one.

As time passed, the retest came to an end. As usual, only about half of them passed the retest.

While among those who passed the retest, there were eight people who had enhanced their cultivation realm by two levels. Besides Huo Yuan, Wu Shang and outer disciple Tang Yi, the other five were all mortals previously.

Only the woman of Two-Free Tao Physique had promoted three levels.

The rest had enhanced a level only.

Anyway, they could let out a sigh of relief. Because from this day on, they had been accepted as a member of the Seeking-Tao Sect officially.

As for those who hadn’t passed the retest, naturally, it meant that they would either become factotum disciples, or leave the Seeking-Tao Sect forever, or even be far from the way to Tao cultivation!

Finally, all their eyes focused on Jiang Yun, who had been standing still at the corner of the square. Even those who had been demoted and were about to be expelled from the sect were curious about what would happen next.

They still wanted to know how this wild man who even hadn’t passed the first three tests but been lucky enough to be accepted as a factotum disciple would perform in today's retest.

As soon as Xiao YiShu waved his big sleeve, four Spirit Measuring Pearls were put away and only one remained. Then he looked at Jiang Yun and said, “ should give up!”

As a cultivator in the Blessing-Land Realm, Xiao YiShu couldn’t detect any spiritual fluctuations from Jiang Yun. Therefore, he thought that Jiang Yun, who didn’t have either the Tao Heart, the Tao Spirituality or an unblocked Tao Physique, was still a mortal after six months’ cultivation.

The reason he persuaded Jiang Yun not to take the test was because he was a little worried that the Spirit Measuring Pearl would again blow up mysteriously……

Jiang Yun touched his nose with a wry smile, “I want to have a try, Brother Xiao.”

Although Xiao YiShu was a little displeased with Jiang Yun's persistence, he could not really keep him from attending the retest. Therefore, he said seriously, “Okay. Hurry up!”

Watching that Jiang Yun walked towards the Spirit Measuring Pearl calmly, the onlookers couldn't help discussing with each other.

“Brother Xiao doesn’t bear to see him lose face. How can he be so ungrateful?!”

“You’re right! Still being a mortal after six months’ cultivation, how does he have the courage to take the retest?! He is definitely inviting humiliation!”

“He may be under the illusion that someone would suddenly appear to accept him as an outer disciple after the test, agree?”

“Then he should stop dreaming! No one will accept him even as a factotum disciple, not to mention an outer disciple!”

With the cynicism of the crowd, Jiang Yun finally arrived in front of the Spirit Measuring Pearl. After a little hesitation, he put out his hand and held the pearl gently.