The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: The Thorn in His Heart

“Deal with me!”

Jiang Yun surely knew why they planned to deal with him. He not only had destroyed that elder Sister's plan, but also had hurt Xu ChengShan's pet beast. Since now they had already cheated Lu XiaoYu out of the sect successfully, obviously, they were about to give him a lesson next.

Gradually, Jiang Yun’s upper lip curled in a contemptuous sneer but vanished in a flash. He stared at the stocky man and said, “If you dare tell a lie, I’ll definitely smash you!”

Leaving these words, Jiang Yun hurried towards the square. The stocky man dared not breathe until Jiang Yun’s figure disappeared.

“I have been looking to you for a long time, Jiang Yun. You are only a wild man who was a mortal half a year ago. Yes, you’re of great strength. But compared to me, Bao YuanQiang, you’re still wet behind the ears!” Said the stocky man, viciously.

Bao YuanQiang said as standing up. Touching his neck, a conniving smile slowly appeared over his fat face, “Ahaha. It seems that you’re about to provoke Sister Fang! Almost everyone in the sect knows that Sister Fang RuoLin is Fang YuXuan’s dear sister. I’m looking forward to hearing your bad news!”

If Jiang Yun heard this, he would get a reasonable answer to his earlier doubt.

Maybe many disciples hadn’t heard the names of the masters of the Five Peaks or the Sect Master’s name. However, almost everyone knew who Fang YuXuan was.

This inner disciple had already been taken as a model by almost all the disciples in the sect. What was more, his amazing deeds at the time of the reexamination were regarded as legendary.

The person who tried to frame Lu XiaoYu was Fang RuoLin, Fang YuXuan's younger sister. She had sent out the task to Lu XiaoYu and promised her the reward in the name of Fang YuXuan. That was why Lu XiaoYu didn’t and also dared not to have any doubt.

Bao YuanQiang looked around, straightened his clothes, and started to walk towards the square leisurely.

The incident between Jiang Yun and the stocky man did not attract anyone's attention. Because at this moment on the square, there had already appeared a man standing in the sky. It was Xiao YiShu, the inner disciple who had arranged the three tests at the beginning. His appearance meant that the retest was about to start.

Jiang Yun returned to the square quietly. He stood at the end of the crowd silently and watched Xiao YiShu, just like others, while his brain worked at high speed.

Although Jiang Yun was very anxious now, he knew that the only way to find out Lu XiaoYu's whereabouts was to pass the retest first. Only when he passed the retest would he have the chance to take the small competition during which he might find the Elder Sister or Xu ChengShan.

However, the small competition was not a game that every new disciple was qualified to take part in. After all, it was not too difficult to pass the retest; almost half of the new disciples had been able to pass the retest.

There were more than 400 new disciples, and half of them would be 200. It would take at least a few days for these 200 disciples to participate in the small competition. Therefore, in order to save time, those who could participate in the small competition were disciples who had outstanding performances in the retest; and its assessment criteria was whether these new disciples could show a two-level higher cultivating strength than before.

Jiang Yun had originally planned to only show his cultivating strength as in the First Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm, because this was the minimum requirement if he wanted to pass the retest. But now Lu XiaoYu's disappearance had forced him to change his plan.

“After getting the qualification of the small test, Xu ChengShan and that Elder Sister will certainly offer to be my opponent. Beat them and let them tell me where Lu XiaoYu is!

“Although XiaoYu left in the morning, her speed must not be fast. I should be able to catch up with her! As long as I can catch her today and bring her back to the sect, we may not miss the retest. After all, the Elder of the Hundreds Beasts Peak takes a good view to her.

“Once XiaoYu become an inner disciple, that outer elder Sister should dare not to harm XiaoYu with the restraint of the sect’s rules.

“As long as XiaoYu is fine, I will only give them a little lesson in the following small competition and the whole matter will come to an end.”

One by one, these thoughts came to Jiang Yun's mind, which made his heart settle down a little. At the same time, Xiao YiShu's indifferent voice sounded.

“Hold your tongues!”

Following this word, Xiao YiShu waved his wide sleeve and then five streams of white light were shot from his sleeve and fell on the square below him.

Five white pearls in a size of a fist hung freely in the height of a person with flows of light on them.

“The Spirit Measuring Pearls!”

Seeing these pearls, some people in the crowd shouted out suddenly.

Jiang Yun recognized the five pearls as well. He took a breath quietly and murmured, “How lucky I am! They use the Spirit Measuring Pearls to test us! Then I needn’t hide my cultivation level via other tools!”

Surely, Jiang Yun had already inquired about the retest. He knew that there were three ways of testing people in the retest.

The first way was to be tested by inner disciples who were in the Blessing Land Realm. By scanning the bodies of the disciples who participated in the retest via their Divine Sense, the cultivation level could be determined according to the strength of their spiritual energy. The second was to use a kind of mirror which was similar to the Asking-Tao mirror. Standing in front of this mirror, people’s cultivation level can be reflected automatically. The third way was to test by the Spirit Measuring Pearls. As long as you held it and kept pumping your Spiritual Energy into it, the pearl would emit a stream of light on it. If you were in the First Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm, you could only make it emit one stream of light; the Second Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm for two streams of light; and the highest was nine streams of light.

Jiang Yun had been a little worried about the second way of retesting. That’s the way he had asked his Second Sister to teach him a way to hide his cultivation level. But now he did not need it.

It was entirely up to you how much Spiritual Energy you wanted to put into the Spirit Measuring Pearl!

If others knew what Jiang Yun was thinking, they would definitely regard him as a freak.

Everyone would try their best to squeeze out all their Spiritual Energy in the retest. It was hard to imagine that there would be someone who deliberately hid strength in the retest.

“All right, everyone queues in the order of the inner and outer identities…”

Xiao YiShu’s laconic words sounded again, but suddenly stopped in mid-sentence. His sharp eyes swept toward the crowd in the square.

Jiang Yun was reminded of something and then a wry smile flashed across his face.

As expected, finding Jiang Yun at the end of the crowd, Xiao YiShu frowned and pointed at Jiang Yun, “You! The last!”

All the people looked in the direction of Xiao YiShu’s finger.

Then, most people suddenly understood. Even if some didn’t understand, they were reminded of by a deliberate sarcasm.

“Wow, the wild man! You lucky jerk! Haha, it seems that you still have no Tao smell. You should still be that wild guy, shouldn’t you! I’m really curious if anyone will accept you as a disciple this time!”

Jiang Yun's performances in the three tests half a year ago were really eye-catching; in addition, he hadn’t passed any test, but was still accepted as a factotum disciple. Hence, many people still remembered him.

It was Huo Yuan who spoke earlier. Although he treated Jiang Yun with derision, if you looked closely, you would find that a fierce expression hidden in his eyes. He actually wanted to kill Jiang Yun!

Huo Yuan hadn’t ever forgotten the horrible feeling when Jiang Yun had stared at him that day. Sometimes when he had cultivated in his own world, he would wake up abruptly, tremendously uneasy.

To be honest, he didn't know how come a mortal’s eye expressions would make him so scared. But he knew that Jiang Yun must die, as Jiang Yun's eye expressions had become a thorn in his heart.

If he didn’t kill Jiang Yun, his mood, even his cultivation speed would be greatly affected.

Although he had always wanted to kill Jiang Yun during the past six months, he had no spare time or opportunity to deal with Jiang Yun. Because he had already been in the Third Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm when he had joined the Seeking-Tao Sect, and it was more difficult for him to step into one level higher in half a year.

Now seeing Jiang Yun again, Huo Yuan couldn’t wait to kill him. Especially when he found that Jiang Yun seemed to still be a mortal, he immediately realized that the thorn in his heart should finally be able to be pulled out today!