The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: A Vague Figure

Jiang Yun was not a stranger to death, nor was he afraid of it. Without his grandpa, he had already died 16 years ago and now he earned more day after day.

Even though he felt the threat of death many times on Mang Mountain, there was no fear on his face, only some regret and guilt.

It was a pity that he would never have the chance to see his grandpa again, he felt guilty that he failed to protect Lu XiaoYu well, and also failed to live up to his grandpa's expectations.

He was so disdained to even speak up, he just stared at Fang YuXuan coldly, waiting for Fang YuXuan's finger to pierce his throat.

Although the people at the square could not hear what was being said in the golden light, they could clearly see what was happening inside. This scene made everyone shake. Was Fang YuXuan going to kill Jiang Yun?

In most people's opinion, Fang YuXuan might just want to scare Jiang Yun. After all, Jiang Yun and Fang RuoLin were not deadly enemies.

Especially up to now, those elder peak lords did not show up, which apparently explained that they were to assume that Fang YuXuan would not kill Jiang Yun. Otherwise, they would show up and stop it.

“Kill him, kill him!”

However, the hateful Fang RuoLin kept whispering in her mouth. Of course, she hoped that her brother would kill Jiang Yun because she lost her face with that slap.

Just as Jiang Yun was waiting for his death, an old voice suddenly came from afar, “Nephew Fang, please show mercy!”

Unexpectedly, someone asked for Jiang Yun's favor, which made everyone turn their head to look in the direction of the voice.

The voice came from Beasts Peak.

“Is this the voice of an elder?”

“It must be sympathy for Jiang Yun, so he asked for a favor.”

Someone in the crowd suddenly understood, but Fang RuoLin's face changed abruptly when she heard the voice. Because she knew that the owner of the voice was the one who secretly kept an eye on Lu XiaoYu.

Fang YuXuan's eyes slightly narrowed and though the fingers placed on Jiang Yun's throat did not continue to move forward, he also did not withdraw them. The old voice rang out again, “Nephew Fang, you should be easy on people. For this thing, it is better to stop here. You and I shall not pursue it anymore!”

There was a cold flash that went through Fang YuXuan's eyes, as he knew who the voice was coming from and what he meant.

The other side would not hold Fang RuoLin accountable for cheating Lu XiaoYu out of the sect in exchange for Jiang Yun's life.

After pondering for a while, Fang YuXuan smiled a little as the golden light that covered him and Jiang Yun immediately disappeared without a trace, as he also said loudly, “Since the Elder Sha opened his mouth to beg for mercy, then as a disciple, I naturally should do as you want.”

While speaking, Fang YuXuan had slowly taken back his fingers, and when everyone thought he was really ready to let Jiang Yun go, Fang YuXuan's words suddenly changed, “However, just now he slapped RuoLin. Though it is not punishable by death, I shall take away his hand as a punishment.”

When his voice fell, Fang YuXuan's fingers suddenly changed direction, and he pointed at Jiang Yun's right hand.

His fingers were like a sword, once it attacked, Jiang Yun’s right hand would definitely be completely destroyed and for a cultivator, the loss of a hand was almost equivalent to the destruction of their road for any future cultivation.

Everyone could not help but be surprised. Even in this situation where an elder had asked for a favor, Fang YuXuan unexpectedly still dared to attack. Wanting to destroy Jiang Yun's right hand, he was really bold.

Not to mention the disciples, even the grey-haired elder on Beasts Peak showed an expression of sudden anger on his wrinkled face.

But anger was useless. He knew Fang YuXuan had made up his mind to destroy Jiang Yun. This attack seemed ordinary, but it was actually a sword finger.

This time, however, the changes were coming again!

As Fang YuXuan pointed out, Jiang Yun, who stood still all the time also moved.

In his palm, there rose again a flame, which was very weak. But in the flame, there was a talisman that was fired.

The talisman was burning, the moment it turned into ashes, these ashes were mighty enough to cause the five peaks to shake as a vibration rang out.

This vibration changed into a vague figure, standing in front of Jiang Yun which blocked Fang YuXuan's upcoming finger.

At the same time, when the figure appeared, a middle-aged woman who was moving through the jungle stopped suddenly. She frowned and said, “Jiang Yun is in trouble!”

“What do you mean?” In front of the middle-aged woman, a young man also stopped, turning back. He was DongFang Bo.

“I don't know, he just lit the talisman I gave him!”

DongFang Bo frowned and said, “He should currently be taking part in the retest. Is there something that he can't handle?”

The middle-aged woman shook her head and said, “I don't know! However, since he has lit up the talisman, it will keep him safe for a while. Let us seize the time, I am afraid that third brother will be in a more dangerous situation later!”

“Okay!” DongFang Bo nodded and the two stopped talking, as they continued to cross through the jungle, disappearing in a flash.


At the Seeking-Tao Sect, with the appearance of this blurred figure, Fang YuXuan, who smiled always finally had on a different expression. Not only did he immediately take back the finger that was about to attack, but also like lightning, he moved back, trying to pull apart from the figure.

Just as he stepped back, there was also a strong pressure on his body. Under this pressure, he felt like he was under a sharp sword.

While above his head, there was a real sword. All golden, as if made of gold. Looking sharp as if it could tear the air apart.

Only in this way, it seemed, could he possibly contend with the terrifying pressure of the shadowy figure.

This change of up and down naturally caused a majority of the disciples at the square to be puzzled. They could feel at this moment that Fang YuXuan has clearly displayed all his strength, and with this momentum alone, he really worthy of being the number one disciple of the inner court!

This scene, of course, startled the lords of the five peaks. A number of figures flashed with such intensity as they were bound for the square, but just then, an indifferent voice suddenly sounded in their ears, “You shall not move!”