The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: A Shining Of Sword

Hearing the indifferent voice, all the elders immediately stopped. Meanwhile, inside of a main peak, a middle-aged man looked very sincere in a yellow robe spoke with changing expressions, “Master, the power of this figure is obviously stronger than YuXuan’s by too much. If we do nothing, YuXuan might be killed!”

The speaker, as it turned out, was the master of the Seeking-Tao Sect!

The master's voice resounded, “Why didn't you do something when the disciple named Jiang Yun was about to be killed?”

The man in the yellow robe said, “Him? He is nothing compared to YuXuan! What's more, he may be a spy for the demons from Mang Mountain!”

“Brother Wei, can you prove it?”

With that, the man in yellow immediately went silent. The others were freaked out as well, the idea of Jiang Yun being a spy for the demons was just a guess from them. There was no evidence to prove that he was.

Although the master's voice no longer sounded, the figures of these men naturally did not dare to take any action. Only the grey-haired elder on Beasts Peak took a deep breath, although his body never moved at all.

Meanwhile, at the square, facing Fang YuXuan who had already shown his strongest strength, a vague sword suddenly appeared in the blurred figure's hand. He then waved it toward Fang YuXuan in an extremely casual manner.

It was an understatement, as it was more like waving a sword at a fly in front of you and not even the wind would be bothered.

But Fang YuXuan who was in front of it, had a change in expression again.

For at the wave of the figure’s blade, he distinctly felt a vast and terrifying menace from the sword, which enveloped his entire body so completely, that he could not break free even with all his might.

Now he looked exactly like Jiang Yun did when he suppressed by himself not too long ago.


Finally, with a shrill cry, this terrible Sword Energy turned into a raging hurricane as it carried Fang YuXuan to the distant horizon. Which was the direction he looked at when he first appeared.

In full view of the public, Fang YuXuan inexplicably disappeared!

In other words, he disappeared as the shadowy figure swung his sword at random.

After he disappeared, the figure disappeared too. Leaving many disciples at the square looking at each other in a daze.

No one knew whether Fang YuXuan actively disappeared because he freaked out or he was forced to disappear by some unknown magic arts.

A pity that no one could answer that question besides Fang YuXuan.

No, perhaps Jiang Yun could also solve it because the vague figure appeared after he burned the talisman.

So all eyes were again on Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun's face was still expressionless, but his eyes revealed a bit of shock as he was trying to process things with his mind.

That talisman naturally was The Surrogate Talisman that his elder sister gave him which was said to be able to save his life.

Jiang Yun, who was not used to asking others for help, almost forgot the existence of it. He did not think about it until the elder on Beasts Peak began to beg for him.

Only, he did not expect that the talisman would release a shadowy figure whose strength was so formidable.

Especially with sword wave, in the eyes of others, they might not have seen anything at all. But for him, Jiang Yun saw a snow-white sword shining. Nothing else!

As for the origin of the figure, he was equally confused. He only knew that it was not his second elder sister.

Anyway, this talisman really saved his life and it made his heart warm.

Clenching his teeth, Jiang Yun got up from the ground and started to tread hard towards Fang RuoLin. One step at a time, he got closer to Fang RuoLin who was still like a fish in a pond. He said coldly, “Tell me, where is Lu XiaoYu?!”

The most confused person at the moment was Fang RuoLin. In her heart, her elder brother was the most powerful existence, omnipotent, but now he had inexplicably disappeared due to a vague figure.

Hearing Jiang Yun's words, Fang RuoLin's body was slightly shocked. After some time, she finally withdrew her eyes from the sky and turned to Jiang Yun.

At this moment, though she still had a deep resentment for him, she did not despise him. Especially when seeing Jiang Yun's body, which had been dyed red with blood. Her body could not help shaking again.

Without her older brother's shelter, she dared not act arrogant. Therefore, she could only clench her teeth and speak helplessly, “I made her go into Trap-Beasts Forest to help me get a green light wolf.”

Trap-Beasts Forest!

Jiang Yun's eyes suddenly burst with a cold light and as if it became a sword, fiercely stabbing at Fang RuoLin's eyes, causing her to not dare look at him at all.

Fortunately, the cold light in Jiang Yun's eyes had disappeared. He even turned to leave, as only a voice echoed in her ear, “If something happened to XiaoYu, I will let you repay doubly.”

Facing the direction of Beasts Peak, Jiang Yun clasped his hands together and bowed.

He walked slowly towards the gate of sect after he had straightened himself out.

Although he was almost exhausted at this moment, no matter the physical or spiritual exhaustion, or even the severe injuries on his body, there was no pause in his steps.

Because he had to go immediately go to Trap-Beasts Forest.

Although there were only five or six peaks in the Seeking-Tao Sect, it was built on a mountain, which was surrounded by a series of other mountains.

Where there are mountains, there are forests.

The area of this forest was very large. The reason why it had the name of Trap-Beasts was that there were many fierce beasts in the forest.

Although the number of beasts in the forest was not comparable to that of Mang Mountain, it was absolutely impossible for anyone to enter the forest at will. Even the sect put out some strong prohibitions, leaving only one entrance for people to enter and leave as a training place for disciples.

Especially for Beasts Peak, the significance of Trap-Beasts Forest was even more significant. The pet beasts for both inner and outer disciples needed to be captured from the forest.

However, even the disciples of Beasts Peak dared not go deep into the forest, only wandering around the periphery of the forest because the deeper they went, the more powerful the fierce beasts that existed.

But for Lu XiaoYu, as a slave disciple who was only at the second level of the MCR, she had been cheated by Fang RuoLin to go into the forest to catch a green-light wolf. No wonder she said previously that even if Jiang Yun knew of Lu XiaoYu's whereabouts, it would be useless.

The forest was not too far from the sect so if he moved fast, he would arrive in an hour. Originally Jiang Yun thought that he could catch up to Lu XiaoYu at his own speed. But after calculating the time Lu XiaoYu had already entered the forest it seemed to be a bit harder than he initially thought.

However, even if Lu XiaoYu has encountered an accident in the forest, Jiang Yun must enter the forest.

Seeing Jiang Yun's slightly shambling figure as it gradually drew further away, many disciples at the square were silent. Even Xiao YiShu opened his mouth but he was without any words, then Jiang Yun disappeared from everyone's sight.