The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: A Little Vacillate

Disciples couldn't leave the Seeking-Tao Sect easily without a token or the word of command from the elders, so when Jiang Yun's figure appeared at the gate two disciples wanted to come forward to stop him. But a voice sounded in their ears, telling them to go back to their posts and allow Jiang Yun to pass through.

Naturally, Jiang Yun didn't notice the difference between the two guards. When he stepped out of the gate, he walked continuously and took a turn along the mountain path. When he was sure that no one could see him again, he shook slightly. Then he fell down to the ground.

Injuries and exhaustion were just common occurrences for Jiang Yun, as they were not taken seriously at all. The hundreds of wounds he had all over his body were the best proof.

On the Mang Mountain, he was familiar with the characteristics of plants and animals and could find what he needed in the shortest time to heal an injury. Recovery by herbs and fierce animals. So, he was also using some time to take a breath and look around.

But as he looked around, a wry smile appeared on Jiang Yun's face. He had just left the gate of the Seeking-Tao Sect, how could there be herbs outside.

Helplessly, he took back his eyes as he then turned to look down at his body.

Half of his sternum and ribs were broken, and there was a hole in his left chest that was an inch away from his heart.

Such injuries may be life-threatening for others, but to Jiang Yun, there was no serious harm. Let alone a threat to his life, with his fight with Fang YuXuan, he ran out of energy. Even his hands and fingers were extremely difficult to move around.

Now what he should do most was go back to Hidden Peak and have a good rest for a while. However, he knew that he had no time for rest at all as he must hurry to find Lu XiaoYu in the forest.

With a deep breath, Jiang Yun clenched his teeth. Put his hands on the ground and tried his best to stand up again.

But then he was dazed for a second, as a grey-haired elder with a wrinkled face and a pair of dark eyes suddenly appeared as he looked steadily at him, with a hint of admiration deep of his eyes.

As for the elder who suddenly appeared without any sign, Jiang Yun's face wore an alert expression. Fortunately, the elder had already spoken softly, “My name is Sha JingShan, one of the elders of Beast’s Peak!”

Hearing the elder's voice and his identity, Jiang Yun immediately knew that Sha JingShan must be the elder who paid attention to Lu XiaoYu and was prepared to accept her as a disciple.

Just now, when Fang YuXuan was about to kill Jiang Yun, it was this elder who asked for his favor.

Sha JingShan suddenly appeared in front of him at this moment made Jiang Yun think of something as he immediately spoke with great difficulty, “Thanks for your favor milord, but can I ask you to go to the forest and find Lu XiaoYu?”

With the strength and identity of Sha JingShan, if he went into the forest, he would much more likely find Lu XiaoYu.

What's more, he intended to accept Lu XiaoYu as a disciple. Now that he knew that Lu XiaoYu was trapped in the forest he would definitely go save her.

But Sha JingShan shook his head and said, “I showed myself to you because of your courage just now. As for looking for Lu XiaoYu, I can't!”

Immediately, Jiang Yun was startled and asked, “Why?!”

“The reason is for the safety of sect, you do not need to know. But now that I am here, naturally I hope you will find her and I can promise you that if you can bring her safely back to sect, I will still accept her as a disciple. But if she has already…”

Sha JingShan did not finish what he intended to say, but continued after a pause, “That is the end of that matter! I won't go to Fang RuoLin to look for trouble and you also better not. Otherwise next time, I'm afraid there will be no one else who will do you a favor!”

Jiang Yun was a little confused as to why Elder Sha couldn't go into the forest to look for Lu by himself, but his expression calmed down again when he heard what he said next.

Because the underlying meaning of what Elder Sha JingShan wanted to say was obvious. If Lu XiaoYu was still alive, he would be in charge of Lu XiaoYu. But if something has happened, he would not offend Fang YuXuan again for a dead servant disciple!

Elder Sha JingShan obviously knew what Jiang Yun was thinking about, but he did not explain it either. When he raised his hand, he threw a jade bottle to Jiang Yun and said, “There are three kinds of Dan medicines here which will help you recover from your injuries.”

Then he continued, “I know that you have some deterrent power against fierce beasts and though you may have come out from Mang Mountain, I also want to remind you that the fierce beasts in this forest are not simple! Remember, a hundred li (a Chinese unit of length, about 500 hundred meters) is the boundary, you cannot go into the forest any further than a hundred li!”

“And I know you’ll be complaining about what I'm doing, but you’ll know in the future that we cannot always be free to do what we want!”

After he said those words, the figure of Elder Sha JingShan had disappeared. If the jade bottle was not still in his hand, Jiang Yun couldn't help but wonder if he had just been in a dream.

The words of Elder Sha JingShan touched Jiang Yun's heart, but he did not have time to think about it. After pondering, he opened the jade bottle and saw that there were nine pills of Dan medicine, averaging in three colors.

Jiang Yun poured out three different kinds of Dan medicine. Although he did not know the names and specific effects of the Dan medicines, he had a rough idea after smelling them with his nose.

“One for bone injuries, one for internal injuries, and one for spiritual power.” Jiang Yun did not hesitate to put three Dan medicine into his mouth.

He really needed to quickly regain his strength as soon as possible so that he could head into Trap-Beasts forest to find Lu XiaoYu.

As to whether or not the Dan medicine was poisoned by Elder Sha, Jiang Yun did not worry at all because with Elder Sha's strength, he really didn't need to use this kind of method to kill him.

As he swallowed the Dan medicine, it immediately turned into three warm streams which dissipated throughout Jiang Yun's body. A moment later, Jiang Yun jumped up from the ground.

Although the effect of the Dan medicine was good, it was still impossible for Jiang Yun to make recover in such a short time. It was just to let Jiang Yun restore a little bit of spiritual power and allow for him to move.

As he rushed into the forest, he recalled the entire incident in his mind. His face became more and more gloomy.

As Jiang Yun thought back to when Fang RuoLin was trying to drive Lu XiaoYu out of the sect as she cheated Lu XiaoYu into carrying out the task. But now, he finally understood that Fang RuoLin was not just trying to push Lu XiaoYu out of the sect. Her real purpose was to kill Lu XiaoYu.

Lu XiaoYu had no intention to get revenge against Fang RuoLin at all. She was picked by Elder Sha JingShan and would be possible to be his inner disciple instead of Fang RuoLin. Because of such a small matter, Fang RuoLin was about to kill Lu XiaoYu!

Jiang Yun recalled the words that Fang YuXuan had said to him, that the so-called regulations and rules were only for the weak, and as long as you were strong enough, any rule would be non-binding.

Such a speech was really of great significance to Jiang Yun.

He came from the mountains and among the mountains, the rules there were strictly observed by any village. Even the strong villages dared not to disobey them.

Therefore, for Jiang Yun, observing the rules was the iron rule that was deeply engraved in his mind. However, after seeing what the Fangs did and the attitude of the elders in sect, he finally felt a bit shaken about the iron rule that he always abided by.

“Trample the rules with my foot! Does this mean that as long as I am strong enough, what I say is the rule. Or even to say, I will be the rules!"

Jiang Yun clenched his hands into fists and his immature face showed an expression of fortitude. At the bottom of his heart, a kind of indescribable emotion appeared. Although it was not strong, it was like a spark, lighting up his eyes.