The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Below Seven-Level

Trap-Beasts forest covered an area of more than a thousand li and as it was forbidden to live in the forest, there was only a single entrance. Which, from a distance, looked like an open mouth ready to devour any life that entered the forest.

As a place to training, it was not forbidden for disciples to enter, but those who dared to go deep into it were mostly outer disciples. And most of them would choose to enter together as a group.

At this moment, a number of outer disciples were gathered in front of the entrance. As they were in small groups and were noisy, along with their tokens, it was not difficult to distinguish which of the five peaks they were from.

The reason they were here was that they were waiting for their companions. After all, security could be increased with just one more person.

“Brother Wang hasn't come yet. When he arrives, we shall go.”

“How about younger brother Li? We should enter the forest today, did he freak out?”

“Time's up, five of us should be enough, let's go!”

Suddenly, the noisy crowd quieted down because Jiang Yun’s figure had appeared in everyone's sight. And when they saw his looks of discomfiture, as well as the gray servant-clothes he was wearing, their faces showed a look of contempt as they started to discuss again.

“Who is this man? How dare a servant disciple enter Trap-Beasts forest?"

“Look how embarrassing he is, he seems to have just been severely beaten by some guy. It should not be that he was overwhelmed and wants to go into the forest to seek death."

“You don't have to come here to kill yourself, just jump down a hill. It's better than dying in the mouth of some fierce beast without a whole body!”

Jiang Yun didn't pay any attention to the comments of people around him. He looked directly at the dark entrance of Trap-Beasts forest and walked straight past the people into the forest without a pause.

His entry naturally caused another uproar, even some of the outer disciples could not help but want to go in with him. But they finally gave up on that notion after considering their own life.

The fact that Jiang Yun entered the forest would soon be forgotten by them.

After all, he was just a servant disciple. As he was at the bottom of the sect, no one would care about the life and death of mere servants.

Generally, most people were nervous when they entered the forest for the first time. But Jiang Yun was just the opposite, he was standing on a moist meadow engrossed in the smell of various herbs and the soil. As he closed his eyes while recalling the times when he was back on Mang Mountain.

A moment later, he opened his eyes again but there was no light in them. After looking around, his figure flashed as he came to a small patch of grass beside. Grabbed a handful of grass, he quickly spread it all over his body.

Fierce beasts are very sensitive to a human's smell, especially the smell of human blood. However, Jiang Yun did not come for hunting and naturally did not want to waste time on beasts. So he should first eliminate his smell of blood to avoid attracting a large number of beasts.

As soon as he was sure that there was no longer the smell of blood coming from him, Jiang Yun scanned the forest again. After all, he knew nothing about the environment here. To find Lu XiaoYu, he had to choose a rough direction.

“The green-light wolves like where light is shining and there must be a source of water nearby. Then I should go along with the water, as I am more likely to find the wolves there.”

Jiang Yun quickly recognized a direction and left.

It had to be said that although this forest was not equal to Mang Mountain, as he went deeper into the forest, Jiang Yun encountered many fierce beasts.

With an understanding of the habits of the various fierce beasts, Jiang Yun could easily avoid them. But when he looked at them, a doubt came into his mind.

“The disciples enter here almost every day, even if a disciple's strength is not good, the overall count of death of these beasts are certainly greater than that of the disciples of the sect. So over the years, the number of beasts here should have been reduced, yet instead, how can there be so many beasts?”

In order to survive on Mang Mountain, villages needed to hunt and kill animals frequently. However, any village was more willing to kill animals in a reasonable way. In a word, they would never kill animals or hunt in the same area continuously.

Therefore, Jiang Yun was a little confused about the situation of the forest, but he didn't think too much about it. After all, the Seeking-Tao Sect was Taoist for cultivation, and there were all kinds of disciples who were good at the way of guarding the beast. Maybe they had special methods to ensure that the number of fierce beasts would not be greatly reduced.

However, the deeper he went, the greater the doubt in his mind. Because in addition to the number of fierce beasts he encountered, the level of fierce beasts he encountered was always kept within a fixed limit.

They were all below level seven!

Inside the Seeking-Tao Sect, the status of the hierarchy led to the disciples living in separate areas, but for these beasts, that was not the case.

As the saying went, there are no two tigers on one peak, but it didn't mean that there were no other fierce beasts in this forest except for a tiger.

Most of the fierce beasts were mixed and in the midst of Mang Mountain, Jiang Yun even met some fierce beasts at level nine that shared a place with fierce beasts at level one. But in this forest, he had crossed through about 20 li and although that was not deep, it absolutely should not be a situation where all the beasts he met all were below level seven!

There were few places where Jiang Yun had passed through, that were extremely suitable for several fierce beasts at level seven to live in, but he didn't see any.

This caused Jiang Yun to not help but sink into a deep thought while he finally attributed the reason to the sect. Especially to the words which Elder Sha JingShan had said before--do not go deep into the forest, no further than 100 li.

“The sect should have used a certain special method to allow all the beasts that were above level seven to move around 100 li away of the forest. This could protect disciples who entered here.”

As Jiang Yun kept going deep into the forest this way, he saw a green-light wolf.

Seeing this green-light Wolf, Jiang Yun's eyes immediately became bright. As a kind of fierce beast who liked living together, green-light wolves could not come out to feed alone, a pack must behind it.

At this moment, Jiang Yun's heart could not help but quicken its beating. After forcing himself to calm down, he quietly bypassed this wolf.

Just a moment later, Jiang Yun was standing at the lair of the wolves. Although there were at least 100 adult green-light wolves around, no one dared to move under the strong vibe from Jiang Yun. All of them were lying on the ground quietly and trembling.

Soon, Jiang Yun could tell that Lu had not been here.

This result did not make him feel any bit more relaxed, but instead made him feel more burdened because he had completely lost any clues of looking for Lu XiaoYu.

Without hesitation, Jiang Yun immediately extricated himself from the liar and changed direction as he continued to search in the forest.

Three whole days!

Three days later, he stood in a place with blood-red eyes. In front of him, there was an endless red glow as bright as blood on the ground.

This red light, was an impressively written “Forbidden' that was composed of blood!

The dense blood written “Forbidden' allowed for a person to freak out just by looking at it.

This red light, arranged by the master of the Seeking-Tao Sect, existed as a warning. It was the boundary of 100 li in the forest.

Crossing the red light was tantamount to stepping into another forbidden land, a very dangerous forbidden land for all disciples in the sect.

In these three days, Jiang Yun had searched the entire outer range of the forest and even asked several groups of outer disciples, but there was still no trace of Lu XiaoYu.

In fact, at this time, even he was able to grasp that Lu XiaoYu was in a much bigger predicament that it seemed. But he still refused to give up, so this led him to the limit of a 100 li.

With a sharp cry, Jiang Yun suddenly reached out his hand and tore off his tattered gray clothes, revealing the hide that on his body as he passed through the red light.