The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: It Is Not That Simple

As he crossed the boundary, Jiang Yun seemed to have entered another world. Not only was it suddenly dark before him, but there was also some cold wind with the smell of blood and rancidity that he did not know where it came from.

This sudden change did not make Jiang Yun fear at all. Although he looked expressionless at the moment, his smart eyes were shining. His entire body was slightly arched, and he had no vibe, just like a fierce beast.

For three days, although Jiang Yun kept looking for a trace of Lu XiaoYu, he also found several herbs and even killed a fierce beast. Finally getting fully restored to his peak.

As for his internal injuries, most of them had already recovered. No one knew that his body, besides being extremely strong, also could heal itself quickly. Which was the result of the drug bath through the past 16 years.

With such a posture and state, Jiang Yun's figure seemed to turn into a light smoke as he continued to dive further into the forest.

The number of fierce beasts here was obviously less than outside, but the realm of the fierce beasts encountered by Jiang Yun were all above level seven.

Naturally, this situation confirmed his previous guess. That Trap-Beasts forest was as he expected. The beasts above level seven were all tied up in the region beyond 100 li.

To those fierce beasts, Jiang Yun of course would not be afraid, let alone level sevens. He had even killed fierce beasts that were at level nine when he was on Mang Mountain. And if not for his consideration for Lu XiaoYu, he perhaps would have killed several fierce beasts, because fierce beasts above level seven were real treasures.

Especially when the beasts might own a Monsdan (a kind of by-product of cultivation like the meaning of Tao for human), while the Monsdan is the necessary material for refining some Dan medicine.

Now, of course, he had no time and was not in the mood to collect Monsdan, he was still in an endless search for Lu XiaoYu. So he had to avoid these fierce beasts for as long as possible.

Before he knew it, Jiang Yun had crossed the red line for a day and found a swamp before him.

As before, Jiang Yun's eyes swept over the swamp at random. However, at this very moment, his body trembled because he saw something in the fallen leaves.

Such things thoroughly broke the last hope in his heart and also made his body involuntarily shiver.

That was a sachet!

Although it was broken and covered with a trace of blood, Jiang Yun recognized it at first sight when he saw the sachet, it was exactly what Lu XiaoYu had worn.


With a gesture of his hand, Jiang Yun firmly grasped the sachet in his hand. With his eyes closed he looked like stone figure, standing there motionless.

Jiang Yun was indifferent to death, but it was only aimed at himself, which did not mean that he was indifferent to the death of others. On the contrary, he was more concerned about the death of his loved ones than anything else.

The most unavoidable thing on Mang Mountains was death. You’d even never know whether you’d come back alive or not after leaving the village today.

Over the past 16 years, Jiang Yun had witnessed many people's death in the village, and every time he saw it, his heart was filled with sadness.

The more he looked, the more he couldn't accept it, which was why he tried so hard to become a pharmacist.

He wanted to use his own trivial power to reduce the rate of death in Jiang village for as much as possible.

Now, in this forest, he still refused to give up the search for Lu XiaoYu's whereabouts because he could not accept her death.

But looking at this sachet in addition to there being some pieces of gray clothes scattered around, it showed that Lu XiaoYu had died and she did so in the mouth of a vicious beast, becoming food for a fierce beast!

Several fist-sized bubbles burst from the swamp in front of Jiang Yun. And under the countless rotting leaves, a pair of red eyes quietly peeped out, watching Jiang Yun stand still.

After a moment of silence, the countless rotting leaves suddenly rose up to the sky as if there were blowing a whirlwind under the swamp. While in this whirlwind, there was a foot-long figure which opened its jaws and bit at Jiang Yun hard.


Jiang Yun, as stiff as a stone suddenly grabbed the figure's neck and raised his head slowly. The fierce light shot out from his red eyes and the hundreds of scars on his body shook violently.

Jiang Yun knew that it was a Mud Lizard and they like to live in the swamp.

Although he did not know exactly which beast killed Lu XiaoYu, since her sachet stayed above the swamp, this Mud Lizard would certainly not escape any involvement.


With the word coming out of Jiang Yun's mouth, the palm which had grabbed the Mud Lizard violently squeezed as a brittle sound of a “Click' sounded. This Mud Lizard which was at level seven actually had its neck broken by Jiang Yun.

Another low voice sounded as Jiang Yun's other hand went straight into the Mud Lizard's stomach.

The palm of his hand was like a sharp blade. It cut the belly of the Mud Lizard easily, and out of it came a bunch of colorful internal organs, including an eye-sized core.

But Jiang Yun did not look at the Monsdan at all, but instead carefully looked at the internal organs coming out of the Mud Lizard. He did not even mind the grossness of it, until a moment later when he frowned and said, “This Mud Lizard has not eaten for at least three days, not it!”


Throwing away the dead body of the Mud Lizard, Jiang Yun suddenly sat down with his legs crossed. Grabbed his arm violently, with a strong stroke, blood poured down from five ferocious wounds.

Jiang Yun did not care about the wounds on his body, with eyes closed he murmured, “XiaoYu, sorry I'm late, but you can rest assured that I will avenge you. Starting with these fierce beasts!”

The smell of Jiang Yun's blood began to drift in all directions. Gradually, some fierce beasts appeared around. However, when they saw Jiang Yun sitting there, they did not immediately come forward.

Although fierce beasts at level seven and above still can't compare to mankind in intelligence, they also had a bit of basic intelligence. They naturally could see that the situation was a bit out of the ordinary at the moment. Therefore, they did not rush forward.

As the fierce beasts did not move, Jiang Yun did not move either. He knew that if he could not restrain himself and attacked now, he would only kill two or three fierce beasts at most as the others would definitely turn around and run away without hesitation.

So he was waiting, waiting for these beasts to lose their patience, waiting for these beasts to attack him first.

Finally, when the number of fierce beasts that were gathered came to nearly 30, there was a sudden sound like the crying of ghost. Though if anything, all of the fierce beasts unexpectedly at the same moment ferociously rushed forward at Jiang Yun.

This scene changed Jiang Yun's expression slightly.

He was not afraid of the simultaneous attack of so many beasts, but he cared for the strange voice which had been there. Which clearly was a command for all the beasts to attack at once.

If it was a pack of the same kind of beasts, it was not surprising that this happened as there was a wolf king in the pack and each kind of beast had a leader.

When the leader gave an order, the beasts would obey.

But there were at least twenty different beasts here and several of them were at level eight or nine. So where did that command come from?

Man or beast? Or a driver?

This kind of situation was completely beyond Jiang Yun's expectation, something which he has never encountered.

Jiang Yun's mind suddenly came up with a sentence that Sha JingShan said to him-- “The fierce beasts trapped in the forest are not that simple either!”

But there was no time for reflection, as beasts closest to him had already arrived in front of him.