The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 185

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Chapter 185: Caught a Big Fish

A middle-aged beautiful lady walked quickly from a distance, her face full of anger as she glanced at Jiang Yun before staring at Xue Qing intensely.

Jiang Yun understood the hostility shown by the lady, so he didn't try to explain, but a hint of confusion rose in his heart.

It seemed that the middle-aged lady was not unwelcoming to Jiang Yun, but rather intentionally targeting Xue Qing.

Xue Qing released the four children she was hugging, bowed respectfully to the middle-aged lady, and softly said, "Auntie, this is my friend from Yun Shan, just passing by unintentionally..."

"How dare you!" Before Xue Qing could finish her words, the lady angrily interrupted, "Xue Qing, we Snow clan people live here in seclusion, and yet you bring an outsider in. Are you trying to harm us all?"

The lady's voice was loud, almost echoing throughout the valley, causing people to come out of their snow houses and rush towards them.

Gradually, more and more people gathered, men, women, old and young, all of them with beautiful appearances, all their gazes focused on Jiang Yun.

Some looked curious, some looked wary, some looked puzzled.

Evidently, they seemed to have rarely or never seen outsiders before.

Jiang Yun stood there while the Snow clan people looked at him and he looked at them.

Gradually, Jiang Yun's eyes showed confusion as he noticed that all the Snow clan members had white eyes.

In other words, among the Snow clan, it seemed that only Xue Qing had blue eyes that were different from everyone else.

At that moment, Xue Qing spoke softly again, "Auntie! Just now, four monsters surrounded Qing'er, and a friend of the Taoist Cloud saved Qing'er's life!"

"Saved your life! Hmph!"

The beautiful woman continued persistently, "I have told you many times, now is a troublesome time, you have limited abilities, stay away from outside as much as possible, even if you mean well, you might end up causing trouble!"

"Furthermore!" The beautiful woman pointed at Jiang Yun, "Who knows if this person is in cahoots with those monsters attacking you! Maybe this is their trick to make you indebted to them, leading them into our Snow clan!"

Under the intimidating aura of the beautiful woman, Xue Qing closed her mouth and dared not speak.

Jiang Yun frowned, about to defend himself and Xue Qing, but then he heard an elderly voice from afar, "That's enough, Qing'er means well, and a guest has arrived, Qing'er, show this Taoist friend around here!"

The old voice made the middle-aged beauty frown, but she didn't say more. She just glared at Xue Qing and then left angrily.

After she walked away, Xue Qing apologized to Jiang Yun, "I'm sorry, my aunt has a temper, but she means well. Please don't mind her."

Jiang Yun nodded with a smile, "I understand!"

"The one who just spoke was my grandfather, the grandfather of our Snow clan."

Xue Qing's face showed a touch of sadness, "He's getting old and not very mobile, so he can't come in person. Dear taoist friend, let me show you around here!"

Jiang Yun didn't speak anymore and followed Xue Qing as they walked away, attracting the attention of many Snow clan members around them.

As Jiang Yun left, the Snow clan members also dispersed.

The adults all returned to their snowy houses, while the young children happily ran to a corner of the valley.

There was an ice cave about twenty feet wide in that corner, with wisps of cold mist rising from it.

At first, Jiang Yun didn't pay attention until he saw seven or eight children each holding sticks of various lengths, reaching into the hole. That's when Jiang Yun realized there must be water inside.

The game these children were playing, Jiang Yun had played it when he was young too - fishing.

In Jiang village, there aren't many people who like fishing.

Because fishing requires patience and is not as exciting as hunting dangerous beasts, only Jiang Yun and his grandfather would often go fishing.

Watching the children in front of him, talking noisily for a while, then putting down their sticks, chasing each other playfully before returning to fish, Jiang Yun couldn't help but smile.

No matter how chaotic the outside world was or when danger might strike, at least in this valley, in the dwelling of the Snow clan, these children were always carefree and innocent.

In their minds, this valley covered in snow all year round, surrounded by enchantments, was their home, the safest place where they could be carefree.

Seeing Jiang Yun watching the children, Xue Qing naturally stopped too, with a smile on her face saying, "This ice cave is said to connect to the sea, where various sea fish often appear, along with some strange and rare things."

"The children don't have much to do on regular days, so they come here to fish and pass the time."

This talk surprised Jiang Yun a bit because he didn't expect that a hole in the valley could actually connect to the sea.

Doesn't that mean that the depth of this hole goes straight through the entire mountain!

Although Jiang Yun didn't know how tall the mountain he was in right now was, he thought that the depth of this hole must be very long.

Just then, a boy's branch suddenly sank down.

The boy's face immediately showed a surprised look, he quickly reached out his hands, gripped the branch tightly, and called out to his companions, "I've got a bite, it's a big one, come help!"

The other children quickly dropped their branches, ran to the boy's side, reached out their hands to grab the branch, and helped him try to lift it up.

Every child's face showed excitement because from the almost bending to the extreme branch, it was clear that the fish they caught must be quite big.

Not far away, a few adult members of the Snow clan were smiling as they watched this scene, apparently they were used to such situations and considered them normal.

But Jiang Yun's forehead slightly creased as he distinctly felt a faint aura of magic slowly drifting up from the hole.

It's normal to feel a lot of strange energy here, but what's not normal is that deep inside the ice cave, even more strange energy is gathering rapidly from all directions.

Jiang Yun felt like a lot of creatures were entering the ice cave through the sea and were trying to jump out into the valley one after another.

Because Jiang Yun is a human and a Demon Refiner, he is very sensitive to strange energy, so he could detect it, but it seems like no one else from the Snow clan noticed.

"Oh no!"

Jiang Yun's expression changed suddenly, and as he spoke, he took a step forward and reached the group of children.

With a wave of his large sleeve, the snow around them rose into the air and turned into a snow dragon, wrapping around the children and gently carrying them away.

As for himself, he reached out and grabbed onto a branch, saying, "Rise!"

Despite Jiang Yun's great strength, the branch under his full force didn't budge, not showing any signs of breaking.

This made Jiang Yun realize that something was wrong; the children had probably caught something other than a fish.

For example - groups of creatures living in the sea!