The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 173

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Chapter 173: A Foggy World

Just as Luo Xu's palm was about to touch the top of Jiang Yun's head, a golden light suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

To be precise, it was a golden satin-like Sword Light!

The golden satin-like Sword Light showed up in a flash, then disappeared. At the same time, his palm which was almost catching Jiang Yun was cut off!

In fact, although Jiang Yun had been running to escape, he had long thought of a way to deal with Luo Xu.

He knew that even if he used all his power in addition all his Demonic Beasts, it was a very difficult task to hurt Luo Xu even a little. The only exception was using the sword!

Hence, along the way, his palm had never left the hilt of his Thunderbolt Sword. It was always ready to go. When Luo Xu was grabbing at him, he directly backhanded an attack with the sword.

Once attack succeeded, but Jiang Yun didn't even look back. He kept running forward, as if he were a gust of wind.

"Ah ah ah!"

When he ran out nearly three hundred meters away, Luo Xu shouted in an extremely pain and anger voice.

Luo Xu couldn't believe it. He couldn't accept the fact that his palm was cut off by Jiang Yun!

"Jiang Yun, I'm going to kill you, I'll kill you! Ah ah!"

Luo Xu's voice suddenly became extremely deep and rough, while Jiang Yun in front of him turned back at this moment!

Because he felt the Demonic Energy from Luo Xu!

Although he knew that turning back would delay his escape time, he still wondered why Luo Xu as a human could exude Demonic Energy.

Jiang Yun's pupils contracted sharply due to this look!

Because he saw Luo Xu was undergoing weird changes.

His body swelled like a balloon, bursting out of clothes. Many scales grew on his exposed skin. Two teeth became longer and longer and extended from his lips.

At his broken wrist, a claw was re-grown. The long nails were sharp like a knife, crooked.

"The demonization!" Jiang Yun spit out two words.

Luo Xu now was more like a demon rather than a human. Or to make it more proper, he had turned into a demon now.

Naturally, this reminded Jiang Yun of his experience on the Against-Demon Bridge. However, there was no Force of Demonization here, why Luo Xu would get demonized?

"He is not demonized. There has been a Demon Seed existing in his body and has taken root. It should not have burst out so soon. His anger inspired the Demon Seed and made it to sprout successfully. He is now a half-human demon.

"A Half-Human Demon……"

Bai Ze's explanation made Jiang Yun understand immediately. Then, a thought that made him feel horrible came to his mind.

"Will all the people in the Luo family have been planted with Demon Seeds in advance?"

Bai Ze replied faintly, "There is a possibility!"

"Doesn’t the Big Forefather Luo Qing know the consequences of being planted with Demon Seeds?"

"He definitely knows!" Bai Ze laughed with a sneer, "You should have found out that although Luo Xu now looks awful, he is obviously stronger than before!"

That was true. Luo Xu's previous strength might just be a little better than that of Feng QiShan, but now, it was at least twice as strong.

"For the sake of strength, he did not hesitate to make his descendants into Half-Human Demons. Luo Qing is really ......"

Jiang Yun didn't know how to evaluate Luo Qing.

Although he was always pursuing strength and willing to pay the price, at least there was an insurmountable bottom line to himself.

In any case, he would never lose his identity as a human.

"He even did allies with the demons though he is a Demon Forgemaster. What else can be weirder?! Not to mention, he is the same!"

Bai Ze once again threw a shocking sentence.

"What?!" Jiang Yun couldn't help but sucked in a cold breath. "Luo Qing also has a Demon Seed in his body, and he is also a Half-Human Demon?!"

"Well, although he hides the Demonic Energy in his body very secretly, but I am a Heavenly Demon, how can he deceive me?! Alright, don’t think about it now. Think about how to escape! "

Urged by Bai Ze, Jiang Yun speeded up again. However, when he heard the strong wind behind him, Jiang Yun knew that he was unable to escape this time.

After Luo Xu became a Half-Human Demon, he had much faster strength and speed than before. It was impossible to give him a chance to escape.

Since you cannot escape, then just fight!

Jiang Yun was decisive. Once he decided, he suddenly turned around, and the cloud mark between his eyebrows suddenly exploded, turning into his third Tao Doppelganger and rushing toward Luo Xu closely behind him.

But at this moment, another group of clouds as a human’s height suddenly appeared in front of the Tao Doppelganger, just like a foggy door.

The speed of his Tao Doppelganger was too fast. Jiang Yun did not expect that a foggy door would appear here. There was no time to retract his Tao Doppelganger. He could only watch his Tao Doppelganger rushing directly into the fog and disappeared.

Jiang Yun was taken aback by this sudden change, but he immediately followed his Tao Doppelganger and rushed into the foggy door.

At the same time, Luo Xu suddenly stopped chasing. Staring at the foggy door, a fear gradually showed in his eyes.

After lingering outside the foggy door for a long time, he didn't dare to enter it. After making a howl filled with anger, he could only turn away with hate.

After entering the fogy door, Jiang Yun found a road shrouded in thick white mist.

This road was like there was no end.

Even, the connection between him and his Tao Doppelganger had become extremely weak on this road. It felt as if they were in two completely different worlds now.

He turned back, and there was nothing behind me. There was no road nor the foggy door.

"Bai Ze!"

Jiang Yun called Bai Ze in his mind. He wanted to ask if he knew where it was.

Bai Ze was easily excited and answered questions positively. However, there was no reply at all.

Jiang Yun then had a guess. Could this place be able to block Bai Ze's Divine Sense?

Being hesitated for a second, Jiang Yun strode along this road and walked towards the end of the road.

Although he didn’t know where the road led to, there was no way out anyway, so he could only go straight ahead.

It took a long time before Jiang Yun finally saw the end of the road. Beyond the end, it was a foggy world!

This world should be extremely vast. However, wherever the eyes could see was full of thick rolling white fog, making Jiang Yun unable to judge how big it was.

Here could be regarded as the true Cloud-Sky While Mist-Earth.

Jiang Yun didn't rush into this misty world, but still stood on the road, staring at these mists.

He and the mist were really very destined.

Old Hei was the first demon he had encountered after leaving the Mang Mountains. It was a Fog Demon. He learned the Cloud-Sky While Mist-Earth Arts from it.

On the Against-Demon Bridge of the Luo family, although he didn’t know that Taoist Demon’s name, the moment he had been transformed into it, Jiang Yun had known that it was also related to the fog.

Now, he came to a foggy world.

"Here should be where the Taoist Demon Spirituality is!"

After watching for a moment, Jiang Yun took a step and finally entered this misty world.