The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 174

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Chapter 174: The Taoist Demon Spirituality

As Jiang Yun entered, the mist in front of him immediately spread out to both sides and let Jiang Yun pass through, as if they were a living thing.

Walking in this misty world, the surrounding was quiet.

Looking at the mists that were constantly rolling in close distance, Jiang Yun couldn't help but reach his hand out and gently touched a white mist above his head.


However, just as his hand touched the white mist, there came a roar. It was not so loud, but it made him couldn’t help but trembled slightly.

Soon the white mist quickly retreated upward like a tide, exposing the scene inside.

There was a vast expanse of water. In the water, there was a monster that was at least a hundred feet long. It looked like a crocodile and was widening its eyes and staring at Jiang Yun!

Although Jiang Yun was brave enough, he was caught off guard when he suddenly saw this vicious monster.

Immediately, he instinctively retreated back. But soon he discovered that he seemed to be invisible to this fierce beast. It fluttered its tail, setting off numerous splashes. Then, it turned around and slowly crawled away.

With the monster's departure, the previously regressed mist quickly spread back again. Instantly, it re-covered the water and covered the monster.

Jiang Yun was like waking from a dream. He was still reminiscing about the scene just now. This foggy world is too mysterious.

This water area existed above his head, but the water didn’t flow down; the monster was very near him, but it couldn’t see him.

Calming himself down, Jiang Yun didn't dare to touch the fog around him. He continued to walk forward.

It seemed that time didn’t work here. Jiang Yun could hardly tell how long he had gone, let alone where he was going.

Right at this moment, a cloud of white fog above the sky suddenly turned into a huge palm. It grabbed toward Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun's reaction was absolutely extremely fast, but he was still relatively slow to this palm. He didn't even have time to react. He was firmly held by this palm in a flash.

The next moment, a tear-like pain spread across Jiang Yun's entire body in an instant.

Because the palm was retracting upwards at a faster speed.

Jiang Yun felt like there was a giant standing far away, and now it grabbed him and brought him to its face.

Just when Jiang Yun felt that his entire body was about to be cut into countless pieces by this extreme speed, the palm finally stopped and disappeared without a trace.

At this moment, in front of Jiang Yun's eyes, a man appeared!

A middle-aged man in white with flowing black hair.

Seeing this man, Jiang Yun couldn't help but got dumbfounded. Involuntarily a words appeared in his mind—what a handsome man!

So handsome he was that Jiang Yun didn’t know what words to use to describe him. He could only say that no one could compare with the man’s appearance, regardless of gender.

Jiang Yun could feel the Demonic Energy from his body, which referred that this man was a Taoist Demon!

Or in other words, he was a piece of Spirituality of that real Taoist Demon.

Although he was in a human figure, Jiang Yun knew that his appearance should be absolutely horrible. Because the three-thousand meters long Against-Demon Bridge was only a bone from his body.

The Demon Refining Pen was also made from his bone.

At this moment, the man didn’t pay attention to Jiang Yun. Instead, he looked at his third Tao Doppelganger with interest.

The man didn't speak anything. Jiang Yun didn't ask anything, but looked around again. He found that the surroundings had been different. The original ubiquitous white mist was all under his feet. Nothing was around now.

It was like he was already at the top of the misty world.

"Interesting, this is the Tao Doppelganger that you condensed with my Demonic Energy. It really looks exactly like me!" The man finally spoke, in an attractive voice. He turned to look at Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun hurriedly cupped his fist and bowed. "It’s my honor to see you, the Taoist Demon!"

The man didn't pay attention to Jiang Yun's salute, but looked at him up and down. Then he shook his head gently, "Although you are at the Twelfth Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm, you are still too weak!"

Jiang Yun was not at all surprised that the man could see through his cultivation level. He even agreed with his words that he was too weak.

Although the man was actually only a piece of Taoist Demon Spirituality, according to Bai Ze, a Taoist Demon was a demon who achieved Tao, was the emperor of the demon, was the ultimate of the demon. It was a powerful existence that Jiang Yun could hardly imagine now.

In a Taoist Demon’s eyes, he was naturally too weak.

"Originally, I want to give you my heritage and this world, but you are too weak. Even if I forcibly pass on my heritage to you, you will not be able to bear it. Your body will blow up and you will die."

Speaking of this, the man suddenly sighed, "It seems that I have to wait for some more time!"

Jiang Yun asked boldly, "Senior, why give it to me?"

"Because you are a Demon Forgemaster!"

When he mentioned this, there was a hint of respect in his face, and even a hint of memory flowed through his eyes.

Jiang Yun pondered and understood his meaning.

He could achieve the Tao because a Demon Forgemaster had written his name on the Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slips. Therefore, the Demon Forgemasters were not enemies to him, but a benefactor.

It was reasonable that he gave his inheritance to a Demon Forgemaster.

"Why didn't senior give your inheritance to the Luo family?"

"The Luo family?" The handsome man frowned slightly. "Are you speaking of the Lu family? I know you are not a descendant of the Lu family, because you don't have the blood of the Lu family."

"The Lu family!"

These three words made Jiang Yun's heart beat hard. He had long vaguely felt that there would be a connection between the Luo family and Lu XiaoYu.

Now that hearing the words, he could finally be sure that his guess was right.

Not only were Luo and Lu's pronunciation very similar, but both were demon-refining family. However, in the Mountain-Sea Continent, only the Luo family is well-known. No one had heard about the Lu family. There should have happened something between the two.

Maybe, the Demon Forgemaster who had enshrined for this Taoist Demon was from the Lu family!

The handsome man naturally did not know what Jiang Yun was thinking. He just continued speaking, "It is not that I do not give inheritance to the Luo family, but among the descendants of Lu family, there has never been a Demon Forgemaster again. I don't have much time to wait."

After a pause, the man kept saying, "Furthermore, you carried the Lu Family's Demon Refining Pen, which shows that you have a relationship with the Lu Family, more or less.

"In addition, you are a Demon Forgemaster. Thus, giving you these things does not break my original vow."

Jiang Yun hurriedly said, "Senior, I know that a descendant of the Lu family is very likely to become a Demon Forgemaster. How about I find her and bring her here?"

The man did not speak, but stared at Jiang Yun for a moment. Then he asked, "What's your name?"

"Jiang Yun!"

"Jiang Yun, I can only give you ten years. Within ten years, whether you or the descendant of the Lu family must come here. What’s more, you must at least reach the Sky-Reaching Realm at that moment. And that guy must be a Demon Forgemaster.

"If you fail to meet my requirements, I will forcibly pass on my inheritance to you. Otherwise, both this world and I will completely disappear!"