The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 172

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Chapter 172: The Ambition

Jiang Yun didn't ask any more. After moving the cultivator to a relatively safe place, he left to find other cultivators.

Three days later, Jiang Yun stood in front of a cultivator who was also in a deep sleep unconsciously. Jiang Yun was getting worried.

This was already the fifth human cultivator he had encountered during these days. And he found the Demon Seed in their bodies.

Now he can roughly deduce the cause of the matter.

The alliance between the Luo family and Ten Thousand Demons Cave should have just begun recently, which was why Cong Qin would say that the Demon-Refining World had changed to be dangerous.

The strength of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave was naturally far beyond that of the Luo family. The Ten Thousand Demons Cave could provide the Luo family with endless demons.

In return, the Luo family opened the Demon-Refining World, generously allowing all cultivators under the Sky-Reaching Realm to enter it. However, once cultivators entered this world, they would fall into a deep sleep immediately, after which demons from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave entered here and planted Demon Seeds in these cultivators’ bodies.

These cultivators could not sense Demonic Energy, so they were even unaware that they had been planted Demon Seeds.

When the time to leave this world came, they would be moved from this world automatically. Then, they may even think of the experiences in their dreams as experiences in this world.

Over time, when more and more cultivators entered this world, it naturally meant that more cultivators would be planted with Demon Seeds.

Once these Demon Seeds had successfully taken root and sprouted, these cultivators would be controlled by the demons!

This was the purpose of the alliance between the Luo family and the Ten Thousand Demons Cave. The two parties cooperated to get what they need, and each other would gradually become stronger!

"How ambitious the Luo family and Ten Thousand Demons Cave are! Bai Ze, is there any way to get the Demon Seed removed from these cultivators?"

Jiang Yun had always been full of hatred towards the Luo family. Naturally, he wanted to destroy their alliance.

"It is not difficult to get it removed, but once the Demon Seed disappears, the demon who condensed it will naturally know.

"If you just break one or two Demon Seeds, maybe it won't come after you. But if you all the Demon Seeds in those cultivators, then it will definitely not let you go."

Jiang Yun nodded and asked, "Is there any other way? I can't watch these cultivators being controlled by the demons in the future but do nothing!"

"Haha, you are a Demon Forgemaster, the demons’ natural enemy. You can restrain all the means of the demon, but now your strength is still too weak, so it is useless to tell you the means.

"But you don't have to worry too much. The breeding of the Demon Seed takes time, as short as several years and as long as several decades, and there is a great possibility that it will finally fail!

"Moreover, if you really want to save these people, you can just increase your strength. One day, you can kill that demon, and the Demon Seeds it condensed will lose its efficacy. Once and for all, so great!"

Although Jiang Yun was still a little worried and unwilling, at this moment, he really had no other choice but to wait until he was strong enough in the future. However, he will make the matter publicly after leaving here. This would at least prevented more cultivators from entering here.

Looking at the sleeping cultivator on the ground, Jiang Yun sighed helplessly. Then, he was about to turn and leave.

But at this moment, he suddenly looked up. Above the sky, a figure was flying towards himself at a very fast speed.

"No Demonic Energy, it’s a cultivator!"

Jiang Yun had been staying for ten days in this world, but he hadn't seen a conscious human cultivator. Therefore, he was a little happy at first.

However, as the figure was getting closer and Jiang Yun was able to see the clothes he was wearing, his face suddenly changed slightly.

"This guy is from the Luo family!"

Blurting out these words, Jiang Yun had run quicker, just like a sharp arrow flied.

Here was totally like the forest opposite the Luo family. There was an Illusion Array in that forest and was full of Demonic Energy, in addition so many dense trees, even cultivators in the Blessing Land Realm could not fly.

But in this world, even though there were no Spiritual Energy, the Luo family was the master of this world, people from the Luo family could naturally fly.

For this reason, even though Jiang Yun's speed had been exerted to the extreme, this guy was in the air and it was easy to see everything clearly.

"Jiang Yun, you really didn’t get affected by the environment here. You haven't fallen into a lethargy either. However, since you met me, then you will definitely regret for not falling into a lethargy. Remember, it’s Luo Xu who will kill you! "

Obviously, Luo Xu was the one who was highly anticipated by Luo Qing. His only task here was to kill Jiang Yun and use Jiang Yun's life as a sacrifice to the Taoist Demon Spirituality.

Luo Xu didn't know what was happening outside. He didn’t know that his Big Forefather now no longer wanted him to kill Jiang Yun.

Luo Xu's voice came into Jiang Yun's ears far away. He deliberately controlled his speed, and did not directly catch up with Jiang Yun.

Because he enjoyed the pleasure of watching others in despair, struggling desperately, and finally giving up resistance completely!

Jiang Yun just ran fast. He constantly looked around, looking for suitable terrain to get rid of his tracking.

Jiang Yun had no eager to fight him, because the fluctuation of mental aura from Luo Xu was even a little stronger than Feng QiShan. This meant that he was at least at the Fifth Level of Blessing Land Realm!

As long as he was chased by this guy, that would be the real despair.

However, looking around, there were nothing but mountains. Even if there was a forest, it was extremely sparse. It was impossible for him to get rid of Luo Xu's pursuit.

One flying in the sky, one running on the ground, after running for a day and night, Luo Xu finally lost patience.

He believed that Jiang Yun should have consumed all his Spiritual Energy in his body for running within half a day at most. Since here had no Spiritual Energy to absorb, Jiang Yun should be utterly worn out soon. Then, he could torture him as he wished.

However, now his Spiritual Energy was almost exhausted, but Jiang Yun acted like nothing had happened. He was calm in his face, and he even didn’t pant. And his speed did not even slow down at all.

"What a f**k! Can he as a cultivator in the tenth-level Meridians Unclogged Realm even had more Spiritual Energy than me? Well, alright. I can’t play him any longer. If he really runs away, Big Forefather won't spare me!"

Luo Xu suddenly speeded up and rushed straight towards Jiang Yun.

Instantly, he came above Jiang Yun. With a smirk, he stretched out a palm and was about to grab Jiang Yun's head!

He did not know that Jiang Yun had killed eight cultivators in the Blessing Land Realm in one night.

If he knew, then he should not have looked down Jiang Yun, by attempting to grab Jiang Yun with only one hand.