The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 171

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Chapter 171: The Demon Seed Technique

Seeing Jiang Yun stood still like a statue, Bai Ze asked, "What happened to you?"

Jiang Yun wondered, "Didn’t you hear that?"

"What did you hear?"

"There is a weird voice. I can’t hear it clearly, but it seems to be calling on me!"

After a moment of silence, Bai Ze suddenly screamed, "The Taoist Demon Spirituality! It must be the Taoist Demon Spirituality!

"It is said that when the Demon Forgemaster confers a demon and writes the demon's name on the Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slips, he must extract a trace of the spirit of the demon and save it in the slip, so that the world of the Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slips can be opened!

"It must be the Taoist Demon Spirituality who is calling on you. You can’t understand what it was speaking, because it must speak in demon language. That should be the reason!

"Why are you still not moving? Hurry up! Remember what Xiao Zheng have said before? Here has the inheritance of that Taoist Demon. Hurry up! Hurry up! All of those are yours now!"

Jiang Yun nodded. To be honest, he was very curious.

That Taoist Demon should be a very ancient one, however, its spirituality had kept existing up to this day.

Now it was calling him, for what? Passing its inheritance to him, or for some other purposes?

The answer to all these questions could only be known after meeting it!

"It should be because I have cultivated the third Tao Doppelganger. Otherwise, why didn't I hear this voice until I have cultivated my third Tao Doppelganger?!"

Jiang Yun finally walked out of the valley and rushed towards the direction of the voice.

Previously, Jiang Yun had walked through the Chop-Sky Sword and entered the Unreal-Beast Map. But none of the two could be compared with this world. There was no comparable at all.

The mountains were endless; the ancient trees rushed into the clouds, and the rivers kept flowing.

In particular, there were all kinds of rare plants. Even Jiang Yun could only know a few.

Although Jiang Yun had the intention to pick them down for his medicine refinement one day, he had to give up after some considerations.

In short, the area seemed immeasurable. Jiang Yun even felt that the area of this world should be much larger than the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains.

At this moment, he really had a strong urge to get to the Blessing Land Realm.

Because only reaching the Blessing Land Realm could a cultivator fly. However, even Jiang Yun was now at the Twelfth Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm, he still couldn’t fly. He could only go by foot. The speed was naturally slow.

Along the way, Jiang Yun had a strange feeling that this world seemed to be lacking something.

Having walked for two days, Jiang Yun had not yet gotten out of the range of a mountain. Moreover, he had never seen any creatures other than himself along the way.

It seemed that there was only one person in the world! And that was him!

Jiang Yun finally realized something.

"This world seems to be a real world, but it lacks a sense of vigor and vitality!"

Life existed in anywhere.

Even big rivers could make people feel its vigor and vitality.

However, in this world, although everything looked so real, Jiang Yun couldn’t feel any vigor and vitality.

All were dead as doornails!

Another two days, standing on the top of an ancient tree which reached the clouds, Jiang Yun looked into the distance. He could not help but smile bitterly, as it was still boundless.

"At my speed, I really don't know when I can get to my destination!"

He shook his head, and was about to jump off the ancient tree. Suddenly, he found a figure appearing on his sight. One fell to the ground motionlessly, as if it was a dead body.

"That's a human cultivator!"

Although he couldn’t see that guy appearance, Jiang Yun could sense that it was a human cultivator. Because there was no Demonic Energy surrounding it. It must be one of those cultivators who entered this world like himself.

After confirming the guy’s identity, Jiang Yun immediately jumped off the tree, galloping all the way, and finally came to the guy’s side.

"Hey, Tao friend!"

After seeing the person's appearance, Jiang Yun vaguely felt a little familiar and was much surer of his identity. He shouted while hurriedly probing his condition.

Jiang Yun could not help but frowned slightly, because the man was not dead. There were no scars on his body; from time to time, his face showed a smile.

However, it seemed that because of some unknown reason, he fell into a deep sleep and thus had no response to his shout.

Jiang Yun rechecked the person's body again, and finally felt a faint Demonic Energy in his Dantian.

This Demonic Energy was really inconspicuous. Jiang Yun perceived that it was like a sesame-sized seed and quietly hidden in the man’s Dantian. If JiangYun was not a Demon Forgemaster, he could hardly find it out.

"It’s a Demon Seed!"

After learning about the man’s condition, Bai Ze became serious, "Jiang Yun, continue to look for other human cultivators. Is everyone lying on the ground unconsciously but with a Demon Seed in their Dantian, just like this person?! "

Jiang Yun had no idea what a Demon Seed was, but since it turned from the Demonic Energy and existed in cultivators’ Dantian so secretly, it would definitely not be a good thing!

"Demon Forgemasters are demons’ natural enemy, on the contrary, demons are hoping to control the human being in the same way.

"Therefore, demons invented a magic technique called Demon Seed!

"Condense the Demonic Energy into a seed, plant it basing on the cultivator’s Dantian as the soil, and it will have a certain probability of rooting and sprouting. While once it sprouted, this cultivator will be controlled by the demon and even demonized!

"No wonder the Luo family only allowed cultivators below the Sky-Reaching Realm to enter here. Because the lower cultivation the cultivators are, the more likely they are to be planted with Demon Seeds, and the more likely the Demon Seeds will sprout."

After listening to Bai Ze's explanation, Jiang Yun frowned, "What kind of demons can plant the Demon Seeds?"

"Although the Demon Seed is a technique skill, it's not a natural gift and not all demons can cast it. I can't figure out how to do it specifically, but I know it is rare to condense a Demon Seed.

"But once a demon has mastered the Demon Seed technique, it can condense a lot Demon Seeds and give them to other demons, and then these demons can plant the Demon Seed into Cultivators’ Dantian!

"The previous dozen demons certainly had Demon Seeds with them, so they were anxious to find cultivators."