The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 170

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Chapter 170: The Third Doppelganger

"No matter what the purpose is, it's ironic!" Bai Ze sneered. "As the family of Demon Forgemasters, instead of surrendering demons but it forms an alliance with them, the Luo family is really a shame of Demon Forgemasters…no, it’s a shame of human cultivators!"

Jiang Yun agreed with Bai Ze words. He didn't have any good impression on the Luo family.

Right now, a dozen or more Dust Demons in the air had all landed to the ground.

Jiang Yun secretly looked carefully. These demons were all human like, however, some of them had clearly retained some of the characteristics of beasts.

Naturally, these people chose to become Taoist Beasts, not Taoist Demons.

They looked around, then a middle-aged man who looked like a leader yelled, "Go. There must be no human cultivators here. Hurry up. Let’s look elsewhere. Don't give chances to demons from other tribes."

After saying this, the demon took the lead and rushed into the sky, while other demons followed.

Only the strong man who came here first looked around again, with a doubt on his face, "So strange. I obviously feel there is someone here. How come nobody here?"

Shaking his head, the strong man rushed into the sky. From the beginning to the end, these demons did not go to take a look on the river nearby.

Jiang Yun had planned to catch the strong man since he was alone just now. if catching the man, he could inquire some information about this world.

It was not difficult to deal with the man as he was a Demon Forgemaster.

However, this idea was stopped by Bai Ze with an angry roar, "What's the use of getting some information?

"What you should do now is to seize this rare opportunity, seize the time to absorb the Demonic Energy from that Taoist Demon, and cultivate your third Tao Doppelganger as soon as possible!

"There is no Spiritual Energy here, all you can rely on is Demonic Energy!"

Jiang Yun had been accustomed to Bai Ze's emotionality. Moreover, he had to admit that Bai Ze was right. Hence, he gave up his intention to attack that man.

After all the demons had left, he got out of the river and continued to absorb the Demonic Energy.


At the same time, in a very secluded valley in West Mountain, a figure rushed into the sky like a lightning. It was extremely fast; it was already thousands of miles away in an instant.

But even so, this figure still did not dare to stop at all, but continued to fly.

Until he flew ten thousand miles away, he finally slowed down.

This was an old man. His gray hair was extremely messy, his wrinkled face was filled with grief, and the corners of his mouth were stained with blood. He turned back, and looked in the direction of the valley. Deep in his eyes were full of hatred.

"The Grand Medicine Sect, and Jiang Yun, my revenge will be surely coming one day. Today, you wiped up my sect, I swear by my Tao Heart that the rest of my life will struggle for revenge!"

Naturally, this person was the supreme elder of Hundred Herbs Valley Du XinWu!

The place where he escaped just now was the Hundred Herbs Valley. But now it had become a ruin.

Just three days ago, the Grand Medicine Sect suddenly sent hundreds of cultivators. Their lowest cultivation level were in the Blessing Land Realm, and one among them was a cultivator in the Tao-Spirituality Realm. They had been storming for three days, and finally broke through the Valley Protecting Grand Formation of Hundred Herbs Valley!

All the disciples in Hundred Herbs Valley had been either killed or captured, and Du XinWu escaped at the price of consuming the upcoming Tao Spirituality he had cultivated.

Although he was temporarily safe, dispersing his Tao Spirituality caused a Spiritual Energy backlash, which caused his cultivation to fall sharply. He was currently at the Primary Level of Sky Reaching Realm only.

How painful and angry he was at this moment.

However, he knew that if he wanted revenge, he needed to have a long-term plan.

"The Grand Medicine Sect is naturally unwilling to give up searching for me. I can’t go to East Mountain, South Mountain, West Mountain, nor Middle Mountain. I can only choose to go to North Mountain State!

"Fortunately, I have a good relationship with a demon tribe in North Mountain. Now I can go there to see if I can ask for help!"

After making his decision, Du XinWu turned around and galloped towards the north!


Another three days calmly passed. Jiang Yun, who was in the piece of Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slips, opened his eyes again! There was a change between his eyebrows at the same time!

A complete cloud mark had appeared between his eyebrows, and the cloud was still flowing slowly, just like a real thing.

Looking at it from a distance, he seemed to have one more eye. There was a devil mental aura surrounding him.

"Tao Doppelganger!"

Jiang Yun shouted in a low voice. Then the cloud mark got away from his body, rushed out, and fell to the ground and turned into a cloud in a man’s height. There was even a dragon head inside!

This was Jiang Yun's third Tao Doppelganger!

For a full six days, Jiang Yun finally absorbed enough Demonic Energy, and successfully cultivated his third Tao Doppelganger.

With the appearance of this Tao Doppelganger, it meant that Jiang Yun nowadays had truly reached the pinnacle of the Meridians Unclogged Realm. The next step he had to do was to cultivate his own Blessing Land and enter the Blessing Land Realm!

Due to that night's killing, Jiang Yun clearly realized how weak he was. So he had a strong desire to enter the Blessing Land Realm.

Although he had already known from his Master how to cultivate the Blessing Land, he still had a question - what his Blessing Land should be like!

Because Blessing Land was not only an independent world exclusive to oneself, but also the foundation for cultivating the Sky Reaching Realm and Tao-Spirituality Realm in the future. And the shape and environment of the Blessing Land could constantly change according to the ascension of the realm.

The Blessing Land formed by each cultivator was different. Ten thousand cultivators would have ten thousand different Blessing Lands.

Everyone's Blessing Land could imitate something that existed in reality or be a visional item.

For example, Feng QiShan's Blessing Land was a flower. Every time his realm was raised, the number of its petals would increase.

Another example, the Blessing Land of Wan HongBo was a mountain. His Sky-Reaching was the caves opened on the mountain.

In short, the types of Blessing Land were numerous and all-encompassing, especially the Blessing Lands of the demons, which was even more strange.

As for the method of forming the Blessing Land, it was very simple. It was a bit like Dan medicines refining, but it was relatively complicated.

There was a Lake of Spiritual Energy in the cultivator’s Dantian. Although it was called a lake, it was actually a gas. Its abundance made it look like a lake.

In order to form the Blessing Land, first of all, one needed to absorb a large amount of Spiritual Energy. Then, it turned into the Spiritual Fire and completely burned all the Spiritual Energy in your Lake of Spiritual Energy, until it became a real liquid.

Then, while in the liquid state, formed its shape as you wanted. when the final shape became solid, you succeeded in forming your Blessing Land.

Now it was not far away from forming the Blessing Land for Jiang Yun.

However, he had to leave this world first. After all, to form the Blessing Land, the Spiritual Energy was necessary!

In this valley, Jiang Yun had not only cultivated his third Tao Doppelganger, but his injury had been completely recovered. Except for the Spiritual Energy that can't be replenished, he had reached his peak again.

"Now, I should travel around this world!"

When Jiang Yun was about to leave, his mind suddenly sounded a weird voice!

This voice sounded extremely ancient. It seemed that the one who made this voice had existed for too long.

Also, the sound was not monotonous, but had multiple syllables. It was clearly telling something.

Although Jiang Yun did not understand it at all, he had a very strong feeling that this voice was calling on him!