The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: A Special Skill

Jiang Yun went into the Beast Circle. Due to the sachet, these Indigo Light Wolves lost interests after sniffing. Instead of staring at Jiang Yun, they lazily restored their previous postures.

Jiang Yun didn’t glance at them. He walked to that cage directly. Squatting, he looked carefully. Gradually, he became angry.

Though he knew a little about cultivation, he was quite familiar with all kinds of beasts and plants. Even the most excellent hunter in Mang Mountains was not as experienced as Jiang Yun was.

Jiang Yun had thought that it was because that the cage was not firm enough so that the Indigo Light Wolf bit the lock off and ran out. But now seeing this cage, he found that it was not as easy as it showed.

Jiang Yun was not strange to the Indigo Light Wolf. He had caught an Indigo Light Wolf and studied on it. Thus, he knew clearly that though Indigo Light Wolves were pretty fierce, their teeth were not as sharp as people imagined; at least, they absolutely could not bite the pure iron lock off.

What was more, the section was quite smooth with no indentation on it. It was definitely cut off by a sword or something sharp! And the Indigo Light Wolf as a beast in a low cultivation level didn’t know how to use an edge tool. Hence, Jiang Yun could conclude that this lock was cut off by a human. In other words, someone did it deliberately to let that twenty-one-year-old wolf out and let it be mixed in the herd of wolves. And its purpose should be to make Lu XiaoYu to be punished for her dereliction of duty.

Since everyone who was able to enter the Beast Circle should know the way to go through the valley entrance formation and have a sachet, Jiang Yun could guess that the one who had cut the lock off must be a disciple of the Hundreds Beasts Peak.

Even, the one should probably be that outer disciple who had handed that wolf to Lu XiaoYu!

However, Jiang Yun was quite confused. Why had this guy framed up Lu XiaoYu?

Jiang Yun turned to Lu XiaoYu who was standing outside the Beast Circle anxiously. He could hardly believe that how a twelve-year-old girl who just entered the Seeking-Tao Sect would provoke someone.

Thinking for a while, Jiang Yun couldn’t find the answer. He decided to put his confusion aside and directly ask Lu XiaoYu later; while now the most urgent thing was to find that wolf out.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yun stood up and walked to an Indigo Light Wolf that was closest to him.

This Indigo Light Wolf was around two-meter height. It lay on the ground lazily with eyes squinting. It took no action when Jiang Yun walked closely until Jiang Yun was about to touch it.

Such a scene scared Lu XiaoYu. Her mouth opened widely. She was about to scream, but covered her mouth in time. I’ve already told Brother Jiang not to touch Indigo Light Wolves. How can’t he listen to my words! If he gets hurt or even dies due to Indigo Light Wolves’ attacks, it must be my fault!

Though being worried, Lu XiaoYu dared not to enter the Beast Circle without the sachet. She could do nothing but watch aside nervously.

As Jiang Yun’s hands touched the wolf’s body, the wolf flared its nostrils and opened its eyes suddenly. With a ferocious look in its eyes, it turned its big head and was about to bite Jiang Yun’s hands!

However, right at this moment, Jiang Yun was murmuring something and staring his eyes widely!

At the same time, the hundreds of scars which were covered by his clothes were trembling slightly.


Something magic happened, as this time the wolf who was going to attack Jiang Yun whimpered fawningly and allowed Jiang Yun to put his hand on its body. Its body was trembling under Jiang Yun’s staring; its eyes showed its submissiveness; its mouth had already closed quickly.

Even the rest twenty Indigo Light Wolves curled up, trembled beyond their controls and dared not to look at Jiang Yun.

It was known that when a man lived in a specific environment for a long time, he would own a specific smell or characteristic from this environment. For example, a soldier who had experienced countless battles would have a strong murderous look.

Jiang Yun had been in the Mang Mountains for sixteen years; he had killed countless fierce beasts. As time passed, his body was always with a bloody smell. Maybe human being couldn’t feel it, but fierce beasts were pretty sensitive to it.

When Jiang Yun had been in Mnag Mountains, such a bloody feeling was too strong that all beasts would avoid facing him. Hence, Jiang WanLi had taught him a short spell, which would help him to hide this smell.

And this was why Jiang Yun didn’t need the sachet.

Now, Jiang Yun released this smell which like the massive flood covered the sachet’s odor and was spread full of the whole Beast Circle in a flash. How could these wolves stand such horrible bloody smell?! As a result, they were curling up tamely.

Jiang Yun then touched these Indigo Light Wolves’ bodies successively.

As growing, skeletons of animals would change as well.

However, an alchemist had a strict demand for materials’ years to make Dan Pills.

Plants’ years could be known via seeing, smelling and tasting. However, how old the beasts’ skeletons were couldn’t be told via these ways, unless one killed a beast and got its bones out.

But it was too cruel to kill a beast before you were not sure whether it was the proper one you wanted. Thus, Jiang Yun had tried for a long time and finally acquired a special skill, the Skeleton Perception!

Through feeling the skeleton, he could clearly know how old a beast was.

For only a short time, Jiang Yun found that twenty-year-old Indigo Light Wolf out. He clapped its head, and pointed to that cage which had already broken. And this wolf went into the cage tamely.

When Jiang Yun went out the Beast Circle with the cage carried, Lu XiaoYu walked towards him excitedly and unbelievably, “Brother Jiang, you scared me! I’ve thought that those wolves would eat you! Thank god, nothing bad happens! But how did you make it? It looks like those Indigo Light Wolves are afraid of you!”

“This is all for the sachet you give me! Here you are!” Jiang Yun answered perfunctorily and gave the sachet back to Lu XiaoYu with smiling.

Watching Lu XiaoYu putting the sachet away, Jiang Yun asked after a short hesitation, “Have you ever offended someone in the Seeking-Tao Sect?”

“Me?” Apparently, Lu XiaoYu was stunned by this question. After quite a long time, she finally found her words with her head shaking, “After entering the sect, I have been assigned to feed the Indigo Light Wolf. And in the rest of each day, I have devoted myself to Tao cultivation. I haven’t even seen many people. How can I offend others? Brother Jiang, why do you ask me such a question?”

Jiang Yun could see through clearly that Lu XiaoYu was telling the truth. Thinking for a while, he decided not to tell her the fact so as not to let her worried. He said with a smile, “Nothing. Just a casual question. After all, we are both new here. We need to do everything with caution, in case we offend someone by accident. That would be trouble.”

“Uh-huh!” Lu XiaoYu nodded, “My grandfather also told me to do cultivation only and not to care about anything else. Brother Jiang, don’t worry. I won’t offend others!”

“That’s good! Alright, since the wolf has been found out and since you’re safe, now I should leave. If you get into any other trouble, just come to the Hidden Peak to look for me!”

Although Jiang Yun knew that there must be someone who tried to frame Lu XiaoYu, he as a factotum disciple could hardly help her all the time but only wish that Lu XiaoYu herself could be careful enough.

Lu XiaoYu nodded, “Alright, Brother Jiang. Thank you very much! Without you, I must be in trouble! Follow me. I’ll guide you to leave the valley!”

Standing outside the valley, Jiang Yun waved to Lu XiaoYu and was about to go to the Book Storage Pavilion.

However, when he just took the first step, he stopped suddenly and turned around in a flash. A short and fat man wearing grey clothes just removed his eyes and pretended that he had not stared at Jiang Yun just now and went into the valley quickly.