The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Enter The Book Storage Pavilion

Jiang Yun’s sense was extremely acute and sharp. Once he went out of the valley, he had detected that the short and fat man was peeping at him. The man was quite sensible as well. Once he found that his action had been found by Jiang Yun, he went into the valley in a flash.

Now Lu XiaoYu had already entered the valley. Without guiding, Jiang Yun dared not to rush into the formation. Hence, after thinking for a while, Jiang Yun decided to leave.

However, he had borne the man’s appearance in mind. He guessed that this man as a factotum should not be the real one who framed up Lu XiaoYu, though there must be a correlation between the man and the chief plotter.

“Well, I can’t always look after her since I am also a factotum disciple. The good thing is that though the sect allows colleagues to compete for improving, it strictly prohibits us to take lives during competitions. Even if someone attempted to get Lu XiaoYu into trouble, at least her life isn’t in jeopardy!”

For Jiang Yun who was from Mang Mountains, the inviolability of the rules of the sect was just like that of Mang Mountains. No one could be allowed to break it. Thus, he actually didn’t worry about Lu XiaoYu too much.

Whereas, as a man who had just left Mang Mountains, Jiang Yun didn’t realize that not all the people would regard rules as inviolability and always obey them.

Even, there existed a small group of people who may be above the rules!

Putting Lu XiaoYu’s matter aside, Jiang Yun again came to the Book Storage Pavilion and entered its door.

Once entering, Jiang Yun seemed to find himself in another world; all in silence, only the sound of flipping pages could be heard slightly. And the thing in front of his eyes was a tablet, on which several lines of words were written to introduce the Book Storage Pavilion.

The Book Storage Pavilion had seven floors. Only the first floor was open to everyone. People who could get access to the second floor or over were outer disciples at least. And of course, the higher the floor, the higher level you should be in. Everyone was only allowed to enter it three times; you needed to exchange contribution points for more.

The Book Storage Pavilion strictly prohibited fighting and shouting; all books could only be read inside; you could get a copy text in exchange for contribution points.

Reading the note in a hurry, Jiang Yun passed the tablet.

The first floor was quite roomy. Though inside were hundreds of disciples, it wasn’t crowded. Around it, there were a lot of bookshelves set into sorts. It seemed that the first floor had over ten thousands of books.

Though Jiang Yun was amazed by the large amount, such an amount was quite usual. After all, knowledge about Tao cultivation was abundant; since everyone had a different understanding, books that were handed down were a lot.

However, such kind of books was of little value. Thus, every sect would collect them for disciples to expand their horizon.

Instead of selecting books at once, Jiang Yun walked around then went to a bookshelf and picked a heavy book. It was about cultivation genres and the standard of classification.

As he flipped and read through the book, Jiang Yun’s face clouded gradually.

A whole day had gone, Jiang Yun finally closed this book lightly and put it back to the bookshelf. He turned and walked out of the Book Storage Pavilion silently.

All the way to the Hidden Peak, Jiang Yun looked sullen. He walked quickly with silence.

Even though he knew clearly that someone was tailing after him, he didn’t stop or turn to have a look.

“Don’t move!”

When Jiang Yun reached the foot of the Hidden Peak, a cold voice sounded behind him.

Jiang Yun stopped. But he didn’t turn round, nor said anything. He just stood still, like a statue.

Behind Jiang Yun was a skinny man with complexion kind of dark. On his waist hanged a blue badge in a dragon shape; besides him was a yellow tigery about three meters tall. It was easy to know that he was an outer disciple of the Hundreds Beasts Peak.

Looking at Jiang Yun’s back, the man frowned. Unhappy, he said with a cold smile, “How dare you a factotum disciple to put on airs! I must give you a lesson! Go! Bite his arm off!”

With instruction, the tiger jumped in a flash and rushed to Jiang Yun fiercely with its big mouth open.

As the tiger was about to jump and attack Jiang Yun, Jiang Yun turned his head around suddenly.

Fierce light crossed his eyes, Jiang Yun stared at the tiger coldly.

Comparing the Indigo Light Wolf, this tiger was in a higher Tao level and as a result had a sharper sense. Though Jiang Yun didn’t spread his bloody smell out, it felt not so good under Jiang Yun’s staring. Thus, still jumping in the air, it changed its direction forcibly.

Such a scene made the skinny man confused. He didn’t know why his tiger took such a reaction.

However, right at the time when the tiger avoided jumping on Jiang Yun, Jiang Yun moved. He held out a finger and pointed on the neck of the tiger as quick as the wind.



Screeches of the skinny man and the tiger sounded almost at the same time. Because as the master of the tiger, the skinny man knew that Jiang Yun’s finger had just pointed on the weakest place of the tiger.


The tiger fell down heavily, and the man rushed to it. Looking at the tiger that was tumbling on the ground and roaring, he was in great anger, “You dare to hurt my beast! I’ll kill you!”

Immediately, the man made a gesture to give a Seal Spell out; some fluff was showing on his face gradually; his skinny body was spreading a huge powerful sense.


Right at this moment, a flit of coughing sounded from the top of the Hidden Peak, then DongFang Bo showed up and said, “Dear Younger Brother, I haven’t seen your peak master for some time. Maybe it’s a good chance to see him with you?”

DongFang Bo’s words seemed to have some magic, which made the skinny man’s powerful sense faded rapidly.

this man’s face turned to a helpless expression. But after a while, the man recovered to his previous appearance.

He clapped on his waist, and a streak of golden light was shot. It covered that tiger and then the tiger disappeared in a flash.

The man didn’t look at DongFang Bo at all; he just said to Jiang Yun who hadn’t ever turned his body around, “Little bi*ch! Remember! My name is Xu ChengShan! Today you hurt my beast, I will surely come back for revenge! And listen! Be far away from Lu XiaoYu! It’s none of your business!”

The skinny man who was called Xu ChengShan left soon after leaving these words.

During the whole time, Jiang Yun hadn’t turned around or given a glance at Xu ChengShan; and now he just held his fist and greeted DongFang Bo; then he went to the Hidden Peak, walked into his yard and closed the door.

Watching Jiang Yun’s back, DongFang Bo tried to say something; but finally with head shook, he said nothing. It was clear that Jiang Yun had met some problems.

Jiang Yun lay on his bed, closed his eyes but frowned. However, after a short while he opened his mouth and recited word by word, “Everything comes from the Tao; everything in the world can cultivate Tao; however, different ethnic groups have different cultivation methods.

“Humankind does Tao cultivation by absorbing Spiritual Energy.

“Demon Race does Tao cultivation by absorbing the moonlight or sunshine!"