The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Find the Answer

After reciting, Jiang Yun smiled bitterly and murmured, “That’s why I can’t cultivate together with Jiang people. The truth is that we are not in the same ethnic group!”

Jiang Yun did have found something important in the Book Storage Pavilion.

The question in his heart for long had been solved through that thick book. However, it was hard for him to accept it so suddenly.

Having lived in Jiang village for sixteen years, Jiang Yun of course was quite familiar with the way Jiang people cultivated. They did cultivation by absorbing the moonlight and sunlight.

Jiang Yun had tried several times. However, he hadn’t ever done cultivation successfully in that way. Grandfather had told him that it was because he had a different physique from other Jiang people.

Now Jiang Yun understood.

All that lived in the world could do cultivation, but only the Demon Race did cultivation by absorbing the moonlight and sunlight!

In other words, Jiang people, who had lived with him for sixteen years and who he had regarded as his family members, were Demons.

Jiang Yun as a human could certainly not do cultivation in a Demon way.

Hence, even a most normal cultivation instruction in a human sect, such as the Seeking-Tao Sect, could instruct him to cultivate successfully.

Lying for a long time, Jiang Yun opened his eyes suddenly. His eyes showed his determination. He murmured, “So what? Even though Jiang people and grandpa are Demons, they are always my family! And I am always a member of the big family!”

He had been shocked by the fact, but now he found his place. Taking a long breath, Jiang Yun was relaxed.

Sitting up, Jiang Yun murmured, “Then I need to do cultivation harder so that I can protect them!”

Jiang Yun didn’t know too much about the Demon. He only knew that Humankind didn’t have a good relationship with the Demon, or even they were kind of hostile to each other. As he would take Jiang people away from Mang Mountains one day, they would face many troubles if Jiang people were found to be Demons. Hence, Jiang Yun was eager to be strong and powerful enough to protect them.

Right at this moment, DongFang Bo’s voice sounded outdoors, “Brother Jiang, are you okay?”

Jiang Yun then remembered the incident before. Though he didn’t fear Xu ChengShan, DongFang Bo’s appearance was a great help to him. Hence, he stood up in a hurry and said, “Big Brother, I’m fine!”

At the same time, he opened the door.

DongFang Bo didn’t walk inside. He just stood at the door and looked Jiang Yun up and down. Confirming that Jiang Yun had been back to usual, he nodded slightly and smiled, “Good. That guy is an outer disciple of the Hundreds Beasts Peak. Since you have hurt his beast, he must be angry about it. Hence, you should be careful and be wary of him.”

Jiang Yun promised repeatedly. DongFang Bo didn’t ask Jiang Yun why an outer disciple of the Hundreds Beasts Peak would have enmity with Jiang Yun, nor did he blame Jiang Yun for getting into trouble. Jiang Yun rather appreciated it.

DongFang Bo glanced at Jiang Yun with a little unhappiness and said, “Well, you are new here. So if you have any question, just come and ask me! Do you have any other question these days?”

Jiang Yun then realized that DongFang Bo had already known that he had been to the Book Storage Pavilion before. He quickly spat out his tongue and said, “Not yet. Thank you for your consideration, Big Brother!”

“Alright!” DongFang Bo was kind of disappointed, “Then I go to have a chat with your Second Sister!”

“See you, Big Brother!”

After seeing DongFang Bo off, Jiang Yun was lost in thought again.

This time he wasn’t thinking of Jiang village. Instead, he was thinking of the trouble Lu XiaoYu had gotten into.

Jiang Yun was sure that someone had been trying to do something bad to Lu XiaoYu. And Xu ChengShan was not the real chief plotter, or he wouldn’t show up so easily.

Jiang Yun just did Lu XiaoYu a favor, then an outer disciple came and attempted to give him a lesson. As a result, it was easy to guess that the identity of the chief plotter must be higher. That guy should be an outer disciple or even an inner disciple.

It made Jiang Yun feel headache. He had thought that the one who had framed up Lu XiaoYu was only an outer disciple. If he became an outer disciple, then he could take care of Lu XiaoYu. However, if the one was an inner disciple, he could hardly offer any help even if he became an outer disciple.

After all, inner disciples were really in the core group of the Seeking-Tao Sect. Once disciples clashed with each other, the sect would definitely stand by the inner disciples’ side.

Finally, Jiang Yun hadn’t gotten any good solution. He said with his head shaking, “Whatever, at least XiaoYu’s life isn’t in jeopardy!”

As for Xu ChengShan’s upcoming revenge, he didn’t take it seriously at all.

Rather, he thought of another thing. How could Big Brother force Xu ChengShan to leave at once when he had shown up? It seemed pretty clear that Xu ChengShan feared Big Brother.

This made him reconsider the true identity of his Big Brother and even that of the other three people in the Hidden Peak. Supposedly, they were not ones whom he had thought to be only sundries keepers.

Of course, Jiang Yun wouldn’t get the answer to this question. He gave up thinking about it. Whoever Big Brother was, he was the one who had helped him.

Then, Jiang Yun finally paid attention to his cultivation.

“Now I’m in the fifth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm, just the same as Feng WuJi had ever been in. However, since he has joined the Samara Sect early; and as an inner disciple he must have been given special care, he should be in a much higher cultivation level now.

“It’s too bad! I must cultivate harder! Big Brother asked me to strengthen my cultivation level first and not to hurry for cultivating to a higher level. Well, then I can learn some Magic Arts!”

The Magic Arts was also one of the driving forces for Jiang Yun to be eager to do Tao cultivation.

When he had been in the Mang Mountains, he had always seen Jiang people casting many kinds of Magic Arts, especially his grandfather who had always helped him with only a finger when he had faced fierce beasts that he hadn’t been able to deal with.

It looked like his grandfather pointed casually with one finger. However, sometimes it made the ground tremble with cracks swallowing the beast; sometimes, it made the weeds grow crazily and become strong vines to wrap round beasts fast.

Even the Wind Blade which Feng WuJi had cast before made him envious.

Whereas, he had only been a mortal at that time.

Now, he eventually became a cultivator. He has been in the fifth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm who could spread the Spiritual Energy. He was able to cast a Magic Arts now.

Thinking of it, Jiang Yun took out the fundamental Fire-related Arts instruction and read it carefully.