The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: The Spiritual Energy Transformation


When the whole day was over, a nail sized spark suddenly appeared on Jiang Yun's right forefinger, emitting a weak temperature.

Watching the flickering spark that might go out at any moment, Jiang Yun's face showed a look of excitement. But it only lasted for a moment, and then he turned to be confused.

Jiang Yun frowned and stared at the spark and murmured, “According to the book, one in the third level of Meridians Unclogged Realm can produce a ball of fire in the size of the palm of a hand by gathering the Spiritual Energy inside one’s body. While I am already in the fifth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm and I am able to release the Spiritual Energy, which means that I should have been able to produce a ball of fire as large as a watermelon. However, why can I only make so little a spark?

“Both the method and the process were all right. Then where exactly did it go wrong?”

Jiang Yun kept thinking and trying carefully through murmuring.

At the same time, DongFang Bo who was in his own cottage smiled slightly. He asked to the air lightly, “Second Sister, why don’t you give him some directions?”

“I’ve said before. If he has an excellent cultivation talent, I will give him some directions; but not now! What’s more, the master initiates the apprentices, but their skill depends on their own efforts! If he needs someone else to guide him on such a small problem, he wouldn't be making much of a difference in his life.” The Second Sister’s voice sounded immediately.

DongFang Bo shook his head and said, “But, he doesn’t have a master to teach him!”

The Second Sister replied coldly, “In the Seeking-Tao Sect, there are over ten thousands of disciples who don’t have a master to teach them skills. Do I go to teach them one by one by myself?”

DongFang Bo laughed embarrassedly, “Haha, just kidding. I won’t agree if you said you wanted to give him directions. After all, doing cultivation needs not only one’s own effort, but indeed one’s extraordinary perception and understanding. I remember that we have made it step by step as well! I’m just curious about how long Brother Jiang would take to hit a breaking point!”

Being silent for a while, the Second Sister voiced again, “I remember that the fastest in three of us is Third Brother. He took around three days to make it. Just wait and see how long Jiang Yun would take!”

Another day later, a cheer burst from Jiang Yun's room, “I see!”

After a day and a night of incessant rumination and research, although he looked pale and his eyes were full of blood, looking at the egg-sized flame in his palm, Jiang Yun had a happy smile on his face.

“The Spiritual Energy!” Jiang Yun took a long breath, “Although the release of the Spiritual Energy can increase Magic Arts’ power, at the same time most of the Spiritual Energy are wasted due to releasing. That’s why only a small spark can be formed!

“That’s to say, if I want my Magic Arts to be more powerful, I must learn to control the Spiritual Energy inside my body first, and it’s best not to waste a dime when releasing it!

“However, how can I better to control my Spiritual Energy?”

As Jiang Yun was lost in meditation again, DongFang Bo’s voice sounded quietly in the Hidden Peak, “He only spent one day to find the key point! This guy not only cultivates quickly, but also has amazingly savvy!”

“Not really!” The Second Sister said lightly, “I'm not sure how savvy he actually is. But the fact that he was able to see the problem so quickly should probably thank to his keen observation. I’m suddenly curious about what his life was like before he joined the Seeking-Tao Sect. How can a mortal who has never cultivated before have such an observation!”

“I am curious about it as well!” DongFang Bo nodded, “However, our master has told us no to look into a person’s past. So if he doesn’t speak it out, don’t ask about it!”

The Second Sister said lightly, “Perhaps, he really has the potential to be our Fourth Brother!”

DongFang Bo didn’t answer her. He just looked at the direction where Jiang Yun was in, with a look of anticipation on his face.

At that time, Jiang Yun suddenly rushed out of the house, and spent a long time in the courtyard. Later, his hands had more than a pile of stones, each in the size of a fist.

He didn’t go back to the room. Instead, he sat down on the ground, spread the stones out in front of him, and put a stone bowl beside him. Staring at the stone with both his eyes, he created a gust of Spiritual Energy burst from his fingertips and burst into the stone.

As if in a whirlwind, the scattered Spiritual Energy immediately stirred the stones. Then follow that, continuous Spiritual Energy were shot from Jiang Yun's fingertips into the stones.

This scene obviously attracted DongFang Bo and the Second Sister.

“What is he doing?”

“Looks like…He wants to use the Spiritual Energy to pick up all the stones and put them in the bowl.”

The Second Sister gave a rare laugh, “Haha! Before he can walk, he has thought about running! Although this is a stupid method, it indeed can enhance the control of the Spiritual Energy. However, he still misses a step!”

After countless attempts, the Spiritual Energy in his body was almost exhausted. However, he was still unable to pick up even a single stone. Then Jiang Yun stopped and fell into meditation again.

This time, his eyes lit up quickly, “No, the Spiritual Energy is illusory, just like the wind. If I want to pick up a stone, I should learn to transform it into the shape of a finger first!”

After that, Jiang Yun no longer persisted in picking up stones with his Spiritual Energy, but tried to condense the Spiritual Energy shooting from his fingertips into a shape.

One failure, two failures… ten failures!

Three days later, the Spiritual Energy shooting from Jiang Yun's fingertip became the shape of two fingers in the air. Although it was extremely rough, it slowly picked up a stone and put it into the bowl on the side.

“Dang lang!”

The sound of the stones falling into the bowl was the most beautiful music to Jiang Yun at the moment, which boosted his confidence as well.

DongFang Bo took a long breath at the same time, “The Spiritual Energy Transformation! He makes it! But has he already been in the sixth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm?”

In fact, nine levels of the Meridians Unclogged Realm reached different standards. For example, people in the fifth level of the Meridians Unclogged Realm could spread the Spiritual Energy out; people in the sixth level of the Meridians Unclogged Realm could successfully do the Spiritual Energy Transformation.

Actually, Jiang Yun was only in the fifth level of the Meridians Unclogged Realm. Hence, he should have been unable to do the Spiritual Energy Transformation. However, his meridians were far stronger than others, and as a result, he had much more Spiritual Energy. In addition, he got a sensitive observation. All of these made him succeed.

Jiang Yun was crazy in condensing the Spiritual Energy into various shapes, grabbing the stones and putting them into the bowl!

Ten days later, Jiang Yun's Spiritual Energy could be transformed into various shapes at will; half a month later, these fist-sized rocks were replaced by walnut-sized ones; twenty days later, the stones were changed to the size of grapes. When the whole month had passed, the pebbles had changed to sesame size.

“I make it!”

When the last stone was put into the bowl, Jiang Yun's eyes became extremely bright. He took a deep breath and waved his hand suddenly.

A huge ball of fire, one man high, flew out of his palm and crashed on a stone bench.

With the crackling sound, the stone bench was immediately covered by the flame completely and burned for half an hour before it gradually went out.

Looking at the scorched stone bench carefully, Jiang Yun said to himself, “No, I must have still wasted some Spiritual Energy. Since I have stronger meridians and more Spiritual Energy, I should be able to release a much bigger fireball!”

Just as Jiang Yun was about to go on grabbing the stones, DongFang Bo appeared with a wry smile, sniffed and said, “Brother Jiang, I can give you the Improvement pills. Whereas, I can’t help you to take a shower. Go and have a rest!”

Hearing this, Jiang Yun was stunned, but quickly he understood. For a month, he had been completely immersed in controlling the Spiritual Energy. When tired, he went to sleep; once he woke up, he continued practicing. But he had never felt hungry due to the Improvement pills that had appeared in succession.

He hadn’t thought too much, but now he knew that those Improvement pills he had taken in these days were given by DongFang Bo secretly.

“Thank you very much, Big Brother!” Jiang Yun was grateful to DongFang Bo. He stood up in a hurry and made a deep bow to him.

“No worries. You should remember that though cultivation is surely important, you should do it appropriately. It seems that you are similar to your Second Sister at this point! Go and wash yourself!”


As Jiang Yun was rushing to the creek to wash himself, the voice of the Second Sister sounded near his ear suddenly, “It’s impossible to control the Spiritual Energy freely in a short time. Hence, it’s unnecessary for you to take it so seriously every moment. You can just come and ask me if you get any question on Magic Arts!”

Jiang Yun bowed deeply to where the voice came from, “Thank you, Second Sister!”

Standing at the top of the Hidden Peak, DongFang Bo murmured, “You are accepted by the Second Sister! Brother Jiang, how lucky you are!”