The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: The Day For Retesting

In the following days, Jiang Yun put aside all of his distracting thoughts provisionally and put all his efforts into cultivation. He didn’t dare to improve his cultivation level too quickly, so he spent most of his time practicing the Magic Arts.

Besides, he would always go to the Book Storage Pavilion to enrich his cultivation knowledge.

Of course, sometimes he would visit DongFang Bo and asked him some questions.

What surprised him the most was that Xu ChengShan, the outer disciple of the Hundreds Beasts Peak, did not come back to bother him, nor was there anything bad happening with Lu XiaoYu.

Lu XiaoYu had come to visit him several times. Due to this, Jiang Yun became closer to Lu XiaoYu; Lu XiaoYu had regarded him as an elder brother, and Jiang Yun also took Lu XiaoYu as his real younger sister.

In a word, Jiang Yun was quite satisfied with his current life.


One day, Jiang Yun opened his eyes after cultivation, with the black stone in his hand.

For a long time, Jiang Yun had been looking for information of this black stone in the Book Storage Pavilion and beating about the brush to ask DongFang Bo about it as well. However, he had never found the answer of either where it came from or what it’s about.

In addition, as a factotum disciple, he could not get materials related to the Tao cultivation from the sect. Meanwhile, it was embarrassed to ask DongFang Bo or the Second Sister for materials. So, he had never used the stone again.

“After today, perhaps I can try the stone again!”

Jiang Yun had been here for half a year till today, and it was also the day he needed to be retested. According to DongFang Bo, as long as he passed the retest, the sect would give a number of cultivation-related items as a reward.

Though it might be some inferior Dan Pills, they might contain the Meaning of Tao! And if enough and lucky, it might make the stone become water again!

“Dang dang dang!”

Following Jiang Yun’s murmuring, three melodious bells sounded suddenly, which was spreading all over the sect. Jiang Yun, who was playing with his black stone, heard it of course.

His eyes suddenly became bright and said, “Finally it’s time to take the retest!”

Jiang Yun knew that the bell was to summoning disciples of the Seeking-Tao Sect, which also meant that the retest was about to begin.

The so-called retest is not the same as the three tests after passing which people could join the sect. The standard of adoption required all novice disciples to ascend at least a level above their original cultivation state.

Of course, the more enhancement, the greater benefit the disciple would gain.

If you didn’t pass the retest, then whichever identity you got when entering the sect, it would automatically go down a class. And for factotum disciples, as they were in the lowest class in the Seeking-Tao Sect, the consequence was to leave the sect compulsively.

The reason for the retest was to push disciples to do cultivation hard, so that they had a sense of urgency; the second reason was to avoid the negligence in the three tests before joining the sect, so that for some well-qualified disciples who were missed at that time, it was a second chance.

After the retest, there would be some small competitions among disciples, so as to practice their actual skills in fighting.

Some people were superior in Tao cultivation but lack of combat experience. They didn’t know how to use their power to fight against others and as a result died in the hands of their opponents who were in a lower cultivation level.

After all, any sect that wanted to grow and prosper had to fight with others. Just as Jiang WanLi had once told Jiang Yun, this was a cutthroat world!

Therefore, the sect allowed disciples to do martial competitions and learn from each other. What was more, each peak would hold a small competition annually; a large competition would be held by the sect every three years.

In a word, all the novice disciples attached great importance to the retest. In the history of the Seeking-Tao Sect, there were indeed many disciples who didn’t perform well in the first three tests but did really well in the retest, which led to their status being promoted directly.

It was even said that Fang YuXuan, who was now honored as the First Inner Disciple of the Seeking-Tao Sect, was famous for having enhanced four levels between his entrance and retesting time. Then he showed great skills in the competition, which not only led him, an outer disciple, to be an inner door directly, but also made him to be the inner disciple of the master of the Main Peak. Since then, his status in the sect had soared.

A flash of light crossed in Jiang Yun's hand, and the black stone had been re-hidden into his DanTian. Then he opened the door and went out, finding DongFang Bo had already smilingly stood in front of him. DongFang Bo asked, “Brother Jiang, are you nervous?”

Jiang Yun also smiled, “No!”

Although it had only been half a year since he joined the Seeking-Tao Sect, he had always been taught by DongFang Bo who had profound theoretical knowledge and the Second Sister who was good at the Magic Arts. Together with his own excellent understanding and abundant books in the Book Storage Pavilion, now Jiang Yun was no longer the newcomer who knew nothing about Tao cultivation.

DongFang Bo just made a casual remark. He remembered vividly that Jiang Yun was a man who was able to take only three hours to step into the third level of Meridians Unclogged Realm successfully and who could hurt a tiger by only a finger. Furthermore, even he couldn’t see through Jiang Yun’s cultivation level now. Therefore, he didn’t worry about Jiang Yun’s retest at all.

“Oh, another thing! Have your Second Sister taught you the Magic Arts you need?”


Not long ago, Jiang Yun had specially asked the Second Sister to teach him a little trick to hide his real cultivation level when being retested, in order to not make his utmost to spurt and have his power in reserve.

Although everyone wanted to make a name for himself in the retest, Jiang Yun, on the contrary, preferred to stay at the Hidden Peak and cultivate with DongFang Bo and the Second Sister, instead of becoming a disciple of the Seeking-Tao Five Peaks.

In addition, his cultivation speed was far higher than that of others. Once it is publicized, it might not be a good thing for him, and it would inevitably result in some unnecessary trouble. Therefore, his requirements for himself was to pass the retest only.

DongFang Bo reached out his hand, patted Jiang Yun's shoulder and said, "That's good. I have to go out for a trip, and I’m not sure how long it will take. I can’t accompany you to attend the retest.”

“No worries!”

DongFang Bo nodded at Jiang Yun. With a flick of his sleeve, a green leaf suddenly appeared under his body and became bigger and bigger, not stopping until in a length of around three meters.

Then with a flash of light crossing, it suddenly carried DongFang Bo and rushed into the sky, and disappeared in a short while.

Although Jiang Yun had already been very familiar with DongFang Bo, he had never asked DongFang Bo about his cultivation level, nor had he see DongFang Bo casting any Magic Arts.

This was the first time!

However, Jiang Yun was not too shocked. He believed that DongFang Bo and the Second Sister should at least be in the Blessing Land Realm and as a result, it was perfectly normal to be able to fly via Magic Tools.

Looking at DongFang Bo's disappearing figure, Jiang Yun was thinking of another thing. Just now, he was keenly aware that there was a serious expression hidden in DongFang Bo’s eyes!

“Has Big Brother run into any trouble?”

Although Jiang Yun had some doubts in his mind, since DongFang Bo hadn’t spoken out, it was impolite to ask about it. What was more, if there was any problem that even Big Brother could not solve, he might not be able to offer any help.

However, Jiang Yun was still worried and felt uneasy. He went to the waterfall to tell the Second Sister about this, but found that the Second Sister had disappeared as well.

He immediately realized that something must have happened to the Hidden Peak, and the thing that could make both Big Brother and the Second Sister disappeared at the same time should probably be related to the master of the Hidden Peak or the Third Brother.

These two men had never appeared so far!

Standing in front of the waterfall for a moment, Jiang Yun finally turned around and went downhill.

No matter what things had happened to them, he found no way to help them right now. So it would be better to pass this retest first, and then look for some opportunities to ask and see whether there was any place for him to contribute.