The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Two Possibilities

Within a moment, Jiang Yun had already gone down the Hidden Peak. However, he stopped when he saw a guy in gray walking around the foot of the mountain. He seemed to be waiting for someone.

Jiang Yun frowned slightly. Because he knew who the man was.

This young man was named Liu Xin, fifteen years old. He was also a factotum disciple of the Hundreds Beasts Peak. He had joined the Seeking-Tao Sect three years ago. Although he was a bit cowardly, he was kind and warm-hearted. He lived near Lu XiaoYu and got along well with her. And that was why Jiang Yun knew him.

Right at this moment, Liu Xin looked up and saw Jiang Yun. He immediately showed a happy face and rushed up with a fist-palm salute, “Brother Jiang”.

Jiang Yun greeted him in the same way and said, “How are you, Brother Liu? Why do you come here? Are you looking for me?”

“Yes!” The smile on Liu Xin's face faded and was replaced by a very anxious look, “Brother Jiang. Something terrible has happened!”

This gave Jiang Yun a bad foreboding feeling about Lu XiaoYu. Although he had talked with Liu Xin a few times and thus they knew each other a bit, they were not as familiar as friends. Therefore, Lu XiaoYu must have gotten into trouble. This was the only possible reason!

Thinking of this, Jiang Yun asked seriously, “Is there anything wrong with XiaoYu?”

“Yes!” Liu Xin nodded, “This morning, Sister Lu suddenly received a mission and thus had to leave the sect for some time.”

“A mission?” Jiang Yun frowned, “Only outer or inner disciples are qualified to get tasks. How could a mission be assigned to a factotum disciple? Where is Lu XiaoYu now?”

“She has left!”

“What?!” Jiang Yun suddenly became nervous, “How long has she been away? For where? And what’s her task?”

“I have no idea.” Liu Xin shook his head and said, “She just told me that once she finished this task, she could become an outer disciple immediately. She specifically asked me not to tell you if you come to meet her. She said that she wanted to give you a surprise!”

“She is nuts!” Jiang Yun’s tone became steeply harsh, “It’s the day to be retested! According to the sect’s rules, if she doesn’t attend this retest, she has to leave the sect! If there is really a task for her, she should at least avoid taking it today, not to mention that she is not qualified at all!”

“You are right!” Seeing that Jiang Yun became angry, Liu Xin was also a little afraid. But he kept saying, “I haven’t thought much about it. But after she left, the more I thought about it, the more afraid I became. So I came to tell you as quick as I could. Do you have any way to find her, Brother Jiang?”

Jiang Yun shook his head. He even didn’t know where Lu XiaoYu had gone to. How could he find her?!

Thinking for a while, Jiang Yun asked, “Then who gave her the task?”

“I don't know. If she hadn't come to say goodbye, I wouldn’t even know she was on an assignment!”

After taking a deep breath, Jiang Yun forced himself to calm down. He quickly analyzed in his mind: now there were two possibilities. One was that Lu XiaoYu really got a task and this would be the best result. Or she must have been cheated, and the one who had deceived her should be the one who framed her. As for the purpose, it was very simple, to make Lu XiaoYu be driven out of the sect!

Furthermore, once Lu XiaoYu left the sect, she would no longer be protected by the sect. And no one would notice if anyone wanted to harm her or even kill her.

Jiang Yun guessed that it was very likely the second possibility. Because it had never been heard that a new factotum disciple could be asked to leave the sect to perform a task on the day of the retest!

Then Jiang Yun suddenly thought of a person and he immediately had a decision.

Hence, Jiang Yun nodded to Liu Xin and said, “Brother Liu, thank you for your message. Don’t worry about it. I will figure it out.”

Liu Xin still worried, “Brother Jiang. What about reporting it to the sect? The sect should be able to find Sister Lu.”

Jiang Yun shook his head. Even if Lu XiaoYu was really framed by others, it was useless to report it to anyone without any evidence, not to mention that he actually couldn’t ensure which possibility was true up to now.

Furthermore, they were all factotum disciples. With so low an identity, the sect might not regard it as a matter even if they have the evidence.

“Do not tell anyone else about it. Don't worry. She's my sister. I'm sure I’ll find her!”

Although Jiang Yun and Lu XiaoYu had only been known each other for half a year, when Lu XiaoYu first blurted out “brother Yun”, Jiang Yun had already taken her as his sister.

Now Lu XiaoYu left the sect on the retesting day. No matter how dangerous it would be, Jiang Yun could not ignore it or not help her.

After seeing Liu Xin off, Jiang Yun’s eyes suddenly turned to the direction of the Hundreds Beasts Peak. Two evil lights gradually came into his eyes. He murmured, "If it is really the second possibility and if XiaoYu gets hurt, then whoever you are, I will definitely ask you to pay for it!”

Then with an expressionless face, Jiang Yun rushed towards the retesting place.

The retest was still held on the previous square. Countless people could be seen along the way to the square, and there were not only freshmen but also many old disciples even outer disciples among them. From this point, it wasn’t difficult to know how seriously the sect took this matter.

He did not pay attention to anyone, but just put his speed to the limit. Jiang Yun did not deliberately practice the Magic Arts about speed. He had been originally good at speed, and now his body was full of the Spiritual Energy. Therefore, his speed was more than twice as fast as he had been half a year ago.

After no more than an hour, Jiang Yun arrived at the square.

At this moment, hundreds of people were standing on the square, among which, Jiang Yun saw several familiar faces, such as Tang Yi and Huo Yuan, as well as the black man whose body was always straight as a pine, and the young woman of Two-Free Tao Physique.

Any of them were at least an outer disciple. When they had passed the previous tests, they had been accepted by the five Peaks respectively. After that day, they had been devoting to cultivation. Hence, Jiang Yun had never seen them for half a year.

It was easy for Jiang Yun to find that everyone should have enhanced their power, since the sense and flavor of power they spread were much stronger than they had had before.

But their characters didn’t change, especially Huo Yuan who still talked and laughed and from time to time made fun of his peers with contempt.

Compared to Huo Yuan, Tang Yi was kind of silent. It was because that the identity of the inner disciples or the outer disciples meant everything in the sect. Thus, he dared not to confront Huo Yuan as he had done before.

Jiang Yun just ran his eyes over the square. He kept looking around and finally set his eyes on a short and fat man in grey clothes.

“Oh finally! Found you!”

A cold light crossed his eyes in a flash. Jiang Yun then entered the crowd and soon came to the short and fat man's side.

The stocky man was staring at several of the female disciples who were curvaceous. Suddenly, he felt a slight tightness around his neck. He turned to look and saw a man with a delicate face holding his neck with a hand.

“It’s you!” The short and fat man cried out in surprise.

Jiang Yun stared at him coldly and lowered his voice, “Good, you still remember me. Then you should know why I am looking for you!”