The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: The Pen of Indigo Light Wolves

Led by the little girl, Jiang Yun went to the Hundreds Beasts Peak.

The fact that someone would like to help her boosted her mood; this little girl jumped all the way. She became chatty, and as a result, Jiang Yun knew a lot about her.

The girl named Lu XiaoYu was twelve years old, two years older than Jiang Yuerou. She had already been in the second level of the Meridians Unclogged Realm.

Actually, Lu XiaoYu’s story was quite similar to Jiang Yuerou’s, as she had lost her parents and lived with her grandfather as well. However, when Jiang Yun asked more about her grandfather, she hesitated in speaking much more but only referred that her grandfather had left right after they had reached the Seeking-Tao Sect.

Jiang Yun didn’t ask anymore. He decided to take care of Lu XiaoYu a little more due to her similar story. Though he was also a factotum disciple and could hardly offer some practical help, he told her his home address and promised that he would help as much as he could if she got into troubles.

Hearing Jiang Yun’s words, Lu XiaoYu was excited, with eyes becoming a slit.

Two hours later, they approached Lu XiaoYu’s residence in the Hundreds Beasts Peak, which was covered by all kinds of sounds and frowzy smells. Such a scene made Jiang Yun frown. He eventually got a direct sense of how dreadful situation a factotum disciple was in. Comparing to other factotum disciples’ living conditions, he seemed to live in a fairyland.

Lu XiaoYu was afraid that Jiang Yun couldn’t stand such an environment. She said in a hurry, “Brother Jiang, though here is noisy and smells bad, it’s nothing when you get used to it, just like what I have experienced.”

Jiang Yun sighed in his heart. It was fine to him; he had even slept with corpses of fierce beasts. He just felt bad for Lu XiaoYu. It was quite pathetic for a little girl to live in such a terrible environment for a long time.

He realized that the way to cultivation was really long and rough.

“It’s fine!” Jiang Yun smiled, “Where is the beast pen you’re responsible for?”

The Seeking-Tao Five Peaks were expert at cultivating different kinds of Tao. As a result, factotum disciples in different peaks had different tasks. Factotum disciples of the Hundreds Beasts Peak were responsible for feeding all kinds of fierce beasts; all of them had their exclusive beast pen.

Lu XiaoYu pointed at a series of humble cottages which were arranged in order and said, “There is where I live. If we go through it, we can see a valley, and the beast pens are right there”

There were many kinds of beasts in the Hundreds Beasts Peak, and most of them were extremely fierce. Factotum disciples knew nothing about beast training, but they had to feed them. Hence, though these beast pens were set all alone, factotum disciples were in danger. Not less of them died of beast attacks every year. As a result, several formations were set at the gate of the valley so that no beast could rush out of the valley if a herd of beast rioted.

Standing at the gate of the valley, Jiang Yun looked inside. He couldn’t help taking a long breath.

A huge valley that covered an area of over a hundred kilometers came in sight; it had all kinds of terrains, including flat, forest, desert, marsh, and even a big lake; no matter in water or on trees, there were many yellow energy circles in different sizes, and inside them were all kinds of fierce beasts.

Within some energy circles, one or several factotum disciples were busy with taking care of beasts.

In a short, in Jiang Yun’s view, this valley was just like a small Mang Mountains. Those beasts were classified by their habits and living conditions and reared in pens.

“Bother Jiang, those energy circles are Beast Circle, which are said to be a kind of magic tool that can prevent beasts from fleeing.”

Jiang Yun nodded. He sighed with emotion in his heart. The world was so big that nothing was to be surprised at. If he hadn’t come to the Seeking-Tao Sect, he could never imagine that someone would rear fierce beasts in such a way. However, beasts that were confined by energy circles should be losing their fierce nature. If so, even they were controlled by cultivators, they could offer limited help.

Of course, Jiang Yun would not tell what he had thought. He withdrew his sight, “Take me to your pen!”

“OK, Brother Jiang, follow me. Here is a formation in valley entrance. Though it’s not complicated, I have no idea how to save you if you get lost in it.”


Jiang Yun knew nothing about formations, so he dared not to be neglectful. Following Lu XiaoYu, he walked into the valley slowly. Passing by several Beast Circles, they finally reached Lu XiaoYu’s Beast Circle.

The area of this Beast Circle was around three hundred meters. There were twenty-one Indigo Light Wolves in it, sitting or lying.

After Jiang Yun showed up, most of Indigo Light Wolves stood up instantly. They stared at Jiang Yun, with green eyes shining. They opened their mouths, with slaver dropping along their fangs.

Apparently, these Indigo Light Wolves were quite interested in this strange man.

Lu XiaoYu told Jiang Yun proudly that though most of the factotum disciples in the Hundreds Beasts Peak needed to feed ten beasts, specially, she was responsible for twenty ten-year-old Indigo Light Wolves due to her outstanding spirituality.

Jiang Yun only knew that Lu XiaoYu had a special mental aura, and she had passed the test of Tao Spirituality easily; he guessed that this so-called outstanding spirituality should be related to the Tao Spirituality.

Since now there were twenty-one Indigo Light Wolves, there must be one in twenty years old. And what Jiang Yun needed to do was to find it out. That would do Lu XiaoYu a big favor.

Jiang Yun didn’t care these fierce Indigo Light Wolves. He glanced around, then looked at a beast cage in the corner of the Beast Circle.

The beast cage was made of pure iron, and every baluster of its fence was as thick as an infant’s arm. While an iron lock which was split into two pieces was hanging on its gate.

Lu XiaoYu pointed at this lock and said angrily, “These Indigo Light Wolves must have ganged up. They bit this lock off noiselessly at the middle night when I was not here, and let that twenty-year-old wolf out of the cage.”

Hearing this, Jiang Yun squinted slightly, with a cold light crossing his eyes.

As Jiang Yun was silent, Lu XiaoYu kept saying, “Brother Jiang, how can you distinguish these wolves’ age? Do you need to go inside the Beast Circle?

Jiang Yun nodded, “Hum, right!”

Lu XiaoYu took a sachet out instantly and handed it to Jiang Yun, “If you go inside, you must take this sachet so that no Indigo Light Wolf will attack you. However, even you take it with you, you should not go near them too close. Especially, you should avoid touching them. Because if not, your internal smell will cover the sachet’s smell, which would arouse their fierce nature.”

Looking at the sachet, Jiang Yun got an idea. He said calmly, “I don’t need it. Just open the beast pen and let me in!”

“What?” Lu XiaoYu’s eyes widened and said, “These Indigo Light Wolves are wild and untrained. They can only recognize sachets. It’s dangerous if you don’t take a sachet with you!”

Jiang Yun smiled slightly, “Don’t worry. They won’t hurt me!”

Jiang Yun disagreed. She shook her head all the time and said, “Even they won’t hurt you, you must take the sachet with you. If you don’t, though I will be punished, I won’t let you help me!”

Because of Lu XiaoYu’s insistence, Jiang Yun had no other choice but smiled and took this sachet. Then, he walked into the Beast Circle.