The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Give Her A Hand

“Yes, I do understand!”

Jiang Yun was stunned at first but then nodded in a hurry. He knew clearly what the Second Sister was talking about. Apparently, what he had guessed was right. The Second Sister did retreat for cultivation, but to a large extent she retreated because she couldn’t bear the chatterbox any longer.

“However, Big Brother has said that only outer disciples can enter the Book Storage Pavilion. While I am a factotum disciple. I can’t get access there.” Jiang Yun turned to another topic.

The Second Sister said in a weird expression, “Only outer disciples have the right to look for some instructions of cultivation or magic arts. However, if you want to know about some basic cultivation information, all factotum disciples including you have the right. It’s nothing about your identity! As for why Big Brother told you like this, I think you know the reason!”

Jiang Yun was enlightened suddenly. He again cupped his hand in the other and said in a hurry, “Thank you for the directions, my Second Sister!”

The Second Sister glanced at Jiang Yun, “No worries! Well, you must put on the uniform if you want to enter the Book Storage Pavilion.”

Jiang Yun had been always wearing the hide though he had got his uniform for not a short time. however, he understood that this suit of grey uniform was a proof of his identity as a factotum disciple.

After being back to his house, Jiang Yun didn’t take his hide off. Instead, he put on the clothes outside the hide. This was the first time for him to wear clothes. It was quite strange to him.

But he didn’t care about it. He left his small yard and went down the Hidden Peak. He hurried for the Book Storage Pavilion.

He has been troubled with a question for a long time, which he had planned to ask DongFang Bo. But now he decided to go to the Book Storage Pavilion and try to find the answer by himself first.

The Book Storage Pavilion located on the foot of the Fence Tao Peak. Though Jiang Yun had been led to go around the sect by DongFang Bo, he hadn’t remembered any routine as he had been in a shock at that moment. Hence, he needed to ask the way.

A good thing was that there were many people dressing in grey uniforms. They were factotum disciples, just the same as Jiang Yun.

Knowing the way, Jiang Yun went towards the Book Storage Pavilion. He looked around carefully and thought deeply.

“Only factotum disciples have uniforms; after becoming outer or inner disciples, the only thing to tell one’s identity was a badge hanging at one’s side, outer disciples with blue badge and inner disciples with golden! And badges in different shapes stand for different peaks.”

Thinking as walking, Jiang Yun finally reached the Fence Tao Peak two hours later. He saw the Book Storage Pavilion at first sight, which in seven layers was really grand!

Jiang Yun didn’t hurry for entering the Book Storage Pavilion. Instead, he looked up and watched the Fence Tao Peak!

It as the dominating peak in the Seeking-Tao Five Peaks was the core of the whole Seeking-Tao Sect.

Though Jiang Yun had seen the Fence Tao Peak before, now standing on the mountain foot, he could feel clearly that a stream of strong power and tremendous sense spread from the whole peak, making people tremble from the bottom of the heart.

The whole peak gave Jiang Yun a feeling that it was a huge sword, just like its name literally showed, which seemed to reach the sky.

It was hard to see the peak of this mountain as its upper part was covered with the cloud and mist. While several shiny lights could be seen every now and then through the cloud and mist.

“Those shiny lights should be those disciples who can fly through the air. Only people in Blessing Land Realm can fly! I will be one of them one day!”

Staring at the Fence Tao Peak for quite a long time, Jiang Yun then went towards the Book Storage Pavilion.

As a place where everyone in this sect could come, the Book Storage Pavilion gathered a lot of people around it; some were alone, some were in crowds and groups.

When Jiang Yun was about to enter the Book Storage Pavilion, a girl’s cry sounded out suddenly. He turned to the voice unconsciously.

In a distance of thirty meters circled a group of people, and the crying voice was heard through the circle middle. It was difficult to see the situation clearly through the crowd.

Jiang Yun was kind of curious, but he didn’t plan to poke his nose into it. Since he couldn’t see it, he was about to keep walking. However, a man came out from the group right at this moment, making a crack between it.

Through the crack, Jiang Yun saw that girl who was only twelve or thirteen.

Seeing the little girl, Jiang Yun remembered that she was one of the people he had noticed outside the sect before.

Jiang Yun was pretty impressed by the girl because she had a wonderful composure and took after Yuerou to some extent. He even remembered that the little girl had passed the test of Tao Spirituality and had been accepted as a factotum disciple by a certain peak.

If it was other people crying, Jiang Yun might just choose to ignore it. However, this little girl reminded him of Jiang Yuerou. Thus, he eventually walked towards the group after hesitating for a while.

Standing outside the crowd and listening to others’ discussions, Jiang Yun gradually understood why this little girl was crying.

The girl had been arranged to be a factotum disciple of the Hundreds Beasts Peak and had been in charge of feeding a kind of fierce beast called Indigo Light Wolf. It was a normal task. However, an outer disciple handed over an Indigo Light Wolf around twenty years old to her and asked her to look after it for two days.

She had done as required and fed this Indigo Light Wolf in a cage alone. However, this morning when she had woken up, she had found that the Indigo Light Wolf had bitten the lock off and had mixed itself among other Indigo Light Wolves. She couldn’t tell which one it was at all.

That outer disciple would come back for this Indigo Light Wolf tomorrow. If she couldn’t hand over it to that disciple, she would get into trouble.

Actually, such a thing could either be big or small; this girl was too young and timid to solve it. With no other choice, she went to the Book Storage Pavilion to ask for help.

However, though people around sympathized with her, they had no solutions as well. Because they were all factotum disciples, while only outer and inner disciples of the Hundreds Beasts Peak had the ability to distinguish fierce beasts’ age. However, how would outer and inner disciples help a little factotum disciple?

Knowing the whole story, Jiang Yun shook his head with a smile. He walked to the little girl and said, “Don’t cry. I can help you to find that Indigo Light Wolf out!”

Hearing it, this little girl stopped crying. She looked up to Jiang Yun with misty eyes rapidly, and said surprisingly, “Really, Elder Brother?!”

People around were stunned. They never thought that someone would give this little girl a hand. Whereas, when they noticed Jiang Yun’s uniform, they doubted.

He was only a factotum disciple as well, how could he tell fierce beasts’ age?

Jiang Yun nodded, “That’s right!”

“That’s great!” Hearing Jiang Yun’s positive answer, this little girl smiled through tears. She pulled Jiang Yun’s arms and asked, “Elder Brother, could you help me to find that Indigo Light Wolf out right now?”

“Of course!”

Then under everyone’s gaze, Jiang Yun was pulled by that little girl and walked towards the Hundreds Beasts Peak.

Both they two didn’t notice that when they left, a short and fat man in grey clothes among the crowd frowned and murmured ferociously, “Where comes such a man, just like a dog trying to catch mice! Well, I need to follow them and watch them. If he breaks off Sister Fang’s plan, I would be blamed! That’s terrible!”