The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: You Know What I Mean

Though Jiang Yun didn't know all the functions of the stone, he had found out that besides the improvement of Dan Pills' medical effect, it could also hide one's cultivation level!

Because when DongFang Bo came for Jiang Yun the next day, he unexpectedly found that Jiang Yun had no Tao smell now!

In other words, he was unable to gain an insight into Jiang Yun’s real level of Tao cultivation!

If he hadn’t known that Jiang Yun had been in the third level of Meridians Unclogged Realm before, he would definitely still regard Jiang Yun as a mortal.

Though DongFang Bo was curious about it, he did as he had said before, that he wouldn’t pry into Jiang Yun’s secret.

Anyway, it was a good thing for Jiang Yun to hide his cultivation level. After all, Jiang Yun’s speed in cultivation was amazing. If such information was spread, everyone would pay attention to Jiang Yun and would keep watching on him. However, now he could hide his cultivation with the stone.

As for other functions of this stone, Jiang Yun couldn’t figure them out now. Because he didn’t have any other things that contained the Meaning of Tao; he had no chance to continue testing it.

But according to the testing results he had done before, he supposed that only when the stone became water could he put Dan pills into it; while only when the stone had absorbed at least three Meaning of Tao, could the stone became water!

These were only Jiang Yun’s guesses. To know whether it was right, more tests should be taken.

But since he was only a factotum disciple, and it was uneasy for him to get cultivation materials containing the Meaning of Tao, he had to pay little attention to the stone and dedicate himself to cultivation now.

Nine days passed quickly, and Jiang Yun finally stopped cultivating. Listening to his stomach growl, he murmured, “The Fasting Pill should have helped to not hunger for three days. While after being seared, its medical effect has been tripled!

“What if I put an Inhalation Pills in that water? Will it help me to lead a triple number of Spiritual Energy into my body?

“What’s more, Big Brother has said that there are many Dan pills which can help to enhance cultivation level. If I put these pills into that water and their effects are all tripled, what an amazing thing to my cultivation it would be!”

A light flitted past Jiang Yun’s eyes. At this moment, he finally realized how precious this stone was! It was really a treasure.

“Such a good thing should be fitter to Yuerou herself, as grandpa had evaluated her as a cultivator of not bad talent. I should give it back to her when I come back to Jiang village!”

Thinking of Jiang Yuerou, Jiang Yun couldn’t help smiling.

“It has been two months since I have left the Mang Mountains. I have never parted from her side for such a long time. Probably, this little girl is teasing grandpa for my whereabouts!

“I’m homesick.” Jiang Yun sighed slightly. He forced himself not to think it anymore. It was better to hurry up enhancing his cultivation power so that he could come back early!

“It’s too difficult to find materials with the Meaning of Tao. Especially as a factotum disciple, I can hardly get one! Only after one has become an outer disciple will the sect grand the one some Dan pills and Spiritual Stones; outer disciples can also get some materials needed in Tao cultivation by completing tasks and obtaining contribution points.”

These, of course, were told by DongFang Bo.

Countless people wanted to join sects, but only a few of them could make it. Sects themselves had limited Tao cultivation resources. Hence, they had seriously strict standards in resource distribution, and people who entered sects successfully would meet different treatments due to their different identities.

Even the sect would give some materials to inner disciples regularly, they had to finish more tasks and get more contribution points if they wanted more resources.

While people like Jiang Yun who were factotum disciples could only get six Dan pills and fundamental cultivation instructions as a reward when they entered the sect. After that, the sect would never offer any help. Only if one had continuously promoted oneself in cultivation level and enhanced one's power and stood out from numerous disciples could this guy be watched interestingly by the sect.

“If so, the first thing I need to do is to become an outer disciple! Luckily, it’s soon!”

Jiang Yun smiled in confidence. He had already unblocked five meridians inside his body!

Half a month ago, Jiang Yun was a mortal; while now he had become a cultivator of the fifth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm. And if he hadn’t slowed his cultivation speed deliberately, his cultivation level should be higher. Thanks to his grandpa who had helped him in laying a good physical foundation.

“However, the sixth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm is a turning point. I should slow my speed a little more for a period and unblock the rest of meridians after my current cultivation level becomes stable!”

Jiang Yun stood up and walked outside his small yard. Looking at the mountain, he took a fresh breath and became more relaxed.

Being challenged by Feng WuJi in five years had been a heavy stone in his heart. Instead of being worried about Feng WuJi, Jiang Yun had been afraid of Feng WuJi’s patron, the Samsara Sect.

Especially when he had entered the Seeking-Tao Sect, he clearly realized that even all the villages in the Mang Mountains didn't have equal power to a sect, not to mention Jiang village only.

While now his amazing cultivation speed and the black stone relieved him.

Watching at the mountain scene for a while, Jiang Yun patted his head suddenly and said, “Oh! I have been in the Hidden Peak for half a month, but I haven’t visited the Second Sister yet. It’s terrible.”

He had been taught by his grandfather that one should be polite. Especially as the Mang Mountains had specific geographical boundaries. Everyone who came to a strange area would visit the local landlord so as to avoid some unnecessary troubles.

Jiang Yun went to the waterfall in a rush but stopped the moment he saw the waterfall. He looked at the waterfall blankly, with no idea to get through it.

Right at that moment, a clear voice rang, “Are you Jiang Yun?”

Jiang Yun held his fist in the other hand hurriedly and bowed deeply towards the direction where the voice came from and said, “I’m Jiang Yun. I’m coming to visit you, my Second Sister!”

“Well, no need to salute!”

Jiang Yun felt something flashed in front of his eyes, then a figure showed up. He looked up, then he was stunned and still.

A middle-aged woman stood in front of him. Though she was pretty beautiful, she should be at least forty.

Looking at Jiang Yun who was shocked, the beauty smiled slightly, “Are you feeling strange that why as the Second Sister, I’m older than Big Brother?”

“That’s it!” Jiang Yun nodded.

The beauty explained nothing but said, “Then you must feel much stranger when you see our Third Bother!”

Jiang Yun was confused. But he dared not to ask now. He said, “I should have come to visit you earlier. But I’ve been busy in cultivation these days. I beg your forgiveness!”

“That’s alright! It’s fine.” The beauty waved her hand, and a talisman showed up in her hand, “This is a gift for our first meeting.”

Jiang Yun waved hurriedly, “Thank you, my Second Sister. But I can’t accept it.”

“Get what I give you. It’s not a valuable thing but a Surrogate Talisman I made when I was idle. When your life is in danger, it can save your life when you burn this talisman!”

The Surrogate Talisman!

Though Jiang Yun had no idea how valuable this talisman really was, it should be extremely precious since it could save a life once. He didn't dare to take it, however, the Second Sister gave it to him sternly.

“Alright, I need to do cultivation now. You should train hard as well. Do not waste your time!” Stopping for a short while, the Second Sister suddenly said in a lower voice when she looked at Jiang Yun with a meaningful sight, “If you have anything you don’t know, you can look it up through books in the Book Storage Pavilion instead of asking Big Brother. You know what I mean, don’t you?”