The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: The Stone! It Had Become Water!

Time flew by quickly as DongFang Bo had been speaking an unceasing flow of words. Two hours later, Jiang Yun who was still confused decided to interrupt and asked, “Then Big Brother, what’s the use of the Meaning of Tao? Can it be absorbed?”

“To absorb it?” DongFang Bo was stunned. Then he frowned and said, “Arguably, it should be able to be absorbed. But I have never heard of someone who was able to absorb the Meaning of Tao. Because it should be useless, or how could our sect be willing to offer the Seeking-Tao Mirrors for testing you!”

Jiang Yun agreed. If the Meaning of Tao was of great value, he won’t be given that Fasting Pill as well.

Thus, Jiang Yun asked another question, “Since the Meaning of Tao is contained inside all kinds of things in the world randomly, is there any law that can help me to find it? Or in other words, how can I tell which things contain the Meaning of Tao?”

“The law? It may exist. But I have no idea. However, I do know a method to distinguish whether a thing contains the Meaning of Tao. And to know about this, you need to know three things of value in Tao cultivation, the Essence, Qi and Shen!”

“Wait, wait!” Jiang Yun couldn’t help interrupting him again, “As sister Xiang Xuan said before, should the three things of value in Tao cultivation be the Heart of Tao, the Physique of Tao and the Spirituality of Tao, shouldn’t them?”

“Haha!” DongFang Bo clapped with a smile, “That’s a good question! This is actually what I have been studied all the time. In fact, there are many different thoughts on what three things of value in Tao cultivation are. Besides the Tao Heart, Tao Physique, Tao Spirituality; and the Tao Essence, Tao Qi, Tao Shen, there are many other theories such as Kindness, Frugality, and Humility; Tao Learning, Tao Cultivation, and Tao Operation and extra.”

Jiang Yun had been confused about this before, and now what DongFang Bo had just said made him more confused. He shook his head in a hurry, “Big Brother, could you talk about Tao’s three treasures later? Let’s talk about how to tell which things contain the Meaning of Tao first, shall we?”

“Alright! Then, let’ back to the Essence, Qi and Shen! In fact, when we say Tao cultivation, we are cultivating the Essence, Qi and Shen!

“The Essence refers to all things that make up the entire body, such as the skin, flesh, muscles, bones, and blood, even including the meridians; the Qi refers to the Spiritual Energy in the world; and the Shen refers to one’s will power, we call it the Divine Sense.

“Once you have strong enough Divine Sense, you will be able to find which things are of the Meaning of Tao! Well, of course, there are some little Magic Tools that can detect the Meaning of Tao as well.”


When Jiang Yun went back to his yard, he had a Chinese compass with him. This was a little Magic Tool given by DongFang Bo, which could detect the Meaning of Tao.

Since only has one cultivated up to the seventh level of Meridians Unclogged Realm, could his or her Divine Sense come into being; while only one who has cultivated up to the ninth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm even to the Blessing Land Realm could detect materials with his or her Divine Sense; it was too far away for Jiang Yun to reach.

Now with the compass, the next step Jiang Yun planned to do was to validate his idea that whether only materials that contained the Meaning of Tao could cause the reaction of that black stone.

He detected the stone stool, the stone table, and even the ground. Finally, he confirmed that what his Big Brother had said was right; materials that were related to Tao cultivation had a high possibility in containing the Meaning of Tao.

However, Jiang Yun didn’t have too many things related to Tao cultivation. Besides several Dan pills before, the only things that were connected with Tao cultivation he owned were those books, that space ring, and an iron sword.

Jiang Yun tried with the compass one by one, and nothing responded until he put the compass near that iron sword. Buzz. With a sound, the pointer in the compass trembled suddenly, which made Jiang Yun extremely glad. Because such a reaction meant that this iron sword had the Meaning of Tao!

Then, Jiang Yun took that black stone off his neck. He took a deep and long breath and put the stone beside the sword carefully.


A stream of dim light crossed through this black stone in a flash, following that the sword exploded.

Jiang Yun watched carefully this time. He ensured that there was indeed a stream of light in a size as small as sesame from the exploded sword which then rushed into the black stone.

“I’ve hit it!”

Jiang Yun was excited to confirm his guess to be true. However, an incident happened!

The black stone which had just absorbed this stream of Meaning of Tao brightened suddenly. It formed a light swirl, which covered the stone completely; while one could see it clearly through the swirl that inside the light swirl was glistening water. The stone! It had become water!

Such a sudden change shocked Jiang Yun and also confused him very much. He stared at the inside of the light swirl all the time closely.

The stone had truly become the water; as the stone had disappeared while the water showed up instead; and the shape of the water was triangular, which was the same as that of the stone; and faintly it could be seen that the water had different layers.

Another strange thing was that though the water was in a size as small as half a hand, Jiang Yun somehow felt it billowy and unfathomable. Even the Mang Lake in Mang Mountains that covered an area of hundreds square kilometers would be almost negligible when comparing it with such little water.

Of course, this was only Jiang Yun’s feeling. If he didn’t look it closely but in a distance, he would see it still in the size of half a palm.

“What the hell is this water!? What can it be used for?

Jiang Yun thought these questions hard. However, he couldn’t figure them out.

By some chance, he picked one Fasting Pill and threw it into the water suddenly.


The Dan pill sank into the water, causing a tiny splash. It just stopped in the first layer of the water.

Jiang Yun waited for a while, and the Fasting Pill kept still with nothing strange showing up.

Frowning, Jiang Yun extended two of his fingers with caution; he was trying to get that Fasting Pill back and at the same time to taste the water.

However, when his fingers just touched the first layer of the water, its surface that had been flat before suddenly became rolling. It then converted to a jet of water, which just like an arrow stabbed his index fingertip in a flash.

So rushed it was that Jiang Yun couldn’t even take any reaction. And when he finally reacted, he found a drop of blood dripping from his index fingertip into the water which then caused a ripple and expanded through the water in all directions.

At the same time, Jiang Yun’s body couldn’t help trembling heavily. Then he stood still there, like a man without a soul.

Right now, the light swirl disappeared from his sight; which then showed up in his DanTian!

Furthermore, instead of being in the water form, it got its stone form back.

While between his two fingers which now were exposed to the air was that Fasting Pill which had been thrown into the water by him before.

Quite a long time later, Jiang Yun recovered consciousness and found himself finally. With a long breath, he murmured, “Is this the process of recognizing me as its lord?”

Because DongFang Bo had said to him that great and valued Magic Tools would recognize people who dropped their blood on them as their lords.

After completing such a process, the connection between the Magic Tools and their lords would become stronger and be more of telepathic; and they would be less likely to be taken away by others.

Now, Jiang Yun could vaguely feel that he had established a certain kind of connection with the black stone. He tried to control his thought, then the black stone that now stayed in his DanTian inside his body suddenly became a stream of light and appeared on his hand in the stone form again.

Jiang Yun looked at it and nodded, “That’s great. Then I needn’t worry about it to be found by others anymore!”

He then retried for several times to test it, and kept the stone in his DanTian the last time. Now, Jiang Yun turned his attention to that Fasting Pill.

He was shocked again!

Because this Fasting Pill had changed obviously. Its rough surface had become extremely smooth; it had a much stronger pleasant-smelling as well.

Jiang Yun assured immediately that the medical effect of this Fasting Pill had increased!

The most important thing was that a square sear on the pill’s surface which could hardly be seen by one’s eyes was fading gradually.

To catch it, Jiang Yun in a hurry utilized full of his vision, trying to see it clearly. Finally, before the sear disappeared thoroughly, he saw that there seemed to be a hieroglyphic-like symbol hidden in the sear, which was giving off a tinge of ancient smell.

Jiang Yun had been taught by his grandfather; though he might not be so knowledgeable, he was literate enough; however, he had no idea of the symbol within the sear.

Looking at the Fasting Pill, Jiang Yun murmured in thought, “After throwing the pill into the water which comes from the black stone, a sear with a hieroglyphic-like symbol appeared on its surface, which has highly improved the medical effect of the Dan pill. Should this be the stone’s function?

“Then, if I put other items into the water, will they also have sears which then help to increase their functions?”