The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: The Sword Light and Sword Consciousness

Though the thunder was very loud, nobody outside the Hidden Peak could hear it. Only Gu BuLao and his three disciples heard it clearly.

Gu BuLao slightly squinted and said, “Will he come out soon? Then he really catches a good time!”

DongFang Bo and the other two disciples had shown up on the cliff opposite the waterfall as soon as the thunder had sounded. They were staring down, with face surprise and expectant.

Although they could actually see nothing, not to mention Jiang Yun’s figure, they could feel that the thunder became more frequent. This turned their face from surprise to serious.

DongFang Bo frowned, “What the hell is Brother Jiang doing? There's no danger in making such a big noise, is there?”

SiTu Jing though said nothing, she was worried as well.

XuanYuan Xing stealthily took a glance at Gu BuLao who were sitting on the top of the mountain. Then he grinned, “Take it easy. Our master is not in a hurry at all. He will definitely be alright!”

“Oh, Smart-Boy!” Following XuanYuan Xing’s words, Gu BuLao’s voice sounded near these three disciples. It could be found that Gu BuLao was kind of happy now.


Hearing their master’s words, these three guys were relieved. They knew their master’s temper pretty much. He always had a poker face. However, his voices suggested his good mood now. Brother Jiang must be fine and possibly have something good happened.

Gu BuLao spoke as expected, “Don’t worry. This guy will come out soon!”

These three were in great joy. XuanYuan Xing smiled, “Master, what strength does brother Jiang have now?”

“You will find it when he shows up!”

Gu BuLao became silent then. They dared not to ask more. Seeing each other, XuanYuan Xing suddenly realized something, “Brother Jiang comes out for the Cross The Five Peak event, doesn’t he?”

That was possible since Gu BuLao promised Jiang Yun to become his disciple only when Jiang Yun crossed all these five peaks successfully.

DongFang Bo frowned, “However, the Fence Tao Peak has opened for over half an hour. Even if brother Jiang comes out right now, I’m afraid it’s too late!”

SiTu Jing said flatly, “He can catch next year’s chance!”

“Well, brother Jiang is young enough. It’s fine to wait a year!”

They then finished talking and kept watching the waterfall, waiting for Jiang Yun with patience. Unconsciously, two hours passed.

While in the time they had been waiting, the competition on the sword became white-hot!

Though at the beginning disciples who stood on the hilt had almost rushed to the body of the sword at the same time, only a while later, the distance between each other grew gradually. Even some had fallen from the Chop-Sky Sword.

Because once standing on the body of the sword, its Sword Light and Sword Consciousness would be inspired, attacking everyone indiscriminately.

Furthermore, the farther you went on its body, the stronger Sword Light and Sword Consciousness you would face and the more powerful and frequent attack you would suffer.

Though Wei ZhengYang would control the power of Sword Light and Sword Consciousness in certain scale, which would not endanger disciples’ lives, it was impossible for them to avoid getting hurt.

Since Sword Light was tangible and visible, you could try to avoid it or block it.

While Sword Consciousness was really scary.

It was invisible and immaterial, which could be felt but couldn’t be seen, and which attacked your mind and affected your thought. You were really defenseless.

This was actually what the first test focused. Or to say, it was a chance from the Chop-Sky Sword.

If you were smart enough, you might feel its Sword Consciousness and cultivate your own Sword Consciousness successfully through its Sword Light and Sword Consciousness attacks.

Sword cultivators had different classes. Those who could only wield swords were the lowest; cultivators that could cultivate Sword Light were in a higher class; and much higher ones could make their Sword Light into certain shape, which was called Sword Light into Shape. For example, Fang YuXuan had already been able to make Sword Light into Shape.

However, he just touched the threshold to be a sword cultivator. Only if he could cultivate his own Sword Consciousness that could he be on a sword cultivator’s way!

However, it was not an easy thing to cultivate the Sword Consciousness. Besides a better ability in cultivation, you needed some special chances and materials’ help as well. The most usual way was to sense and understand others consciousness as an example, so that you could cultivate your own Sword Consciousness.

However, nobody except your sect or family would share their Sword Consciousness. Hence, the Chop-Sky Sword’s Sword Consciousness was invaluable for every sword cultivator.

Of course, it would never be too easy to sense the Chop-Sky Sword’s Sword Consciousness as it was too strong to sense it successfully. If you didn’t take care, even the Fence Tao you had been cultivating might be destroyed.

But every cultivator knew that if you wanted more, you should be ready to lose more.

Thus, no one would let such a chance go.

Two hours later, one third of the previous two hundred disciples reserved.

Most onlookers didn’t have Spiritual Sense yet. They had no ability to see clearly what was happening on the Chop-Sky Sword. But there was a something like a screen on the hilt, which showed every participant’s name, distance and ranking.

Now, Wang Jian was the first.

Around Wang Jian were many blue thunderbolt sword light, which protected Wang Jian from the countless sword light releasing by the Chop-Sky Sword.

His speed was not fast. But he never stopped walking. Thus, he had already finished eighty percent of the whole distance and was far away from others. As for how he could fight against the invisible Sword Consciousness, no one knew it.

Following Wang Jian was Huo Yuan, who just finished seventy percent of the distance.

Since last time he had lost the retesting competition, Huo Yuan had been cultivating in a private room along, never leaving there. He didn’t open the door until yesterday, with a cultivation level of six in the Meridians Unclogged Realm.

He didn’t look well now, but the icy sword he was wielding managed to freeze all the sword light that were coming at him. This was why he could persist for such a long time and be the second one!

As a freshman, even though he failed crossing this peak at the end, he should be proud of such a grade.

There were two middle-aged men behind Huo Yuan about a kilometer. They were old outer disciples. It looked like they were not fast, but they actually kept their power for the final sprint.

As for other participants, the most advanced one just finished fifty percent. It was surely hopeless for them to cross the peak successfully, but it was never a bad thing to hang on a little longer.

“Attention! The last two hours!”

When Wei ZhengYang’s voice sounded around the Fence Tao Peak, there was a golden light brightening in the waterfalls of the Hidden Peak.

Then, a man sitting cross-legged showed up with golden light around, with eyes open slowly.

It was Jiang Yun, who hadn’t been seen for half a year!