The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: Have I Seen Ghosts?!

Compared to half a year ago, Jiang Yun’s appearance had no change. With a little confused face, he sat there motionless, as if he had just woken up from a dream.

“Hey, brother Jiang!”

A friendly voice caught his notice. He looked up at the cliff and found that three persons were smiling to him.

“Big Brother, Second Sister, Third Brother!”

Jiang Yun suddenly stood up with smile. He took only a step, then he jumped directly over the height of nearly a thousand feet and appeared in front of them.

However, Jiang Yun turned his head suddenly and looked behind him. For a moment, he could feel a faint sense. But he looked around and saw nothing but the falling waterfall and the huge stone.

“It must be my illusion!”

Jiang Yun didn’t think too much. He turned again and bowed deeply to DongFang Bo and other two people. Since without them, he had never made such an achievement!

“Haha. You don’t need to be so polite! Get up!” DongFang Bo laughed and lifted up Jiang Yun's bent body. He looked at him up and down, then his face showed a satisfied look.

“Hey dude, you look good!” XuanYuan Xing gave Jiang Yun a punch on his bare chest. However, his face changed suddenly due to this punch.

Because the anti-shock force that came from Jiang Yun’s chest made his hand a little numb.

XuanYuan Xing was shocked. He was about to say something, while Gu BuLao gave his words in a discontent tune, “If I have known that you only need half a year, I would give you less Tao Energy. Since I have already given you, let us not waste it! I will seal it inside your body, and you can use it whenever you need!”

Then the golden light around Jiang Yun rushed into his body in a flash.

“Thank you, Peak Master!”

Jiang Yun knows clearly that the Tao Energy given by Gu BuLao was very precious. The remaining half breath which could be summoned at any time in the future could hide his vibe for half a year. Hence, he hurriedly gave a deep bow to where Gu BuLao was.

“Since you’ve already come out at this moment when the Cross The Five Peaks is being held, you should try it. Or you will have to wait another year!”

Gu BuLao’s words not only made Jiang Yun stunned, other three were shocked as well.

Although XuanYuan Xing had guessed that Jiang Yun might come out for this event, the Fence Tao Peak had been opened for four hours and it would be impossible for Jiang Yun to finish the whole distance within the rest of the time!

Jiang Yun was stunned, “Have the Cross The Five Peaks started already?”

DongFang Bo nodded, “Yes! The first peak was opened four hours ago. It’s the Fence Tao Peak. If you want to attend this event, you should be hurry. Only less than two hours were left.”

“Let’s chat after I cross the peak, everyone!”

With these words left, Jiang Yun's body was like a flash of lightning, rushing down the Hidden Peak. While he was rushing, there were some real thunderbolt crossing his body.

Little did DongFang Bo and other two think that Jiang Yun would go so fast. They didn’t find themselves till a moment later. DongFang Bo shouted, “Brother Jiang! You forget to put on your clothes!”

At the same time, they flashed to the Fence Tao Peak as well.

Over ten outer disciples were responsible for watching the Hidden Peak at its foot. They were unsatisfied as they were unable to watch the big event like others did. Instead, they had to stay at the foot of the Hidden Peak and watch it carefully.

“Is it necessary to guard here? Peak Master Gu now is famous for protecting his disciples. Dare who come here?!”

“You’re right! Half a year has passed, no one has come here once. Actually, no one would come to the Hidden Peak!”

As soon as the disciple’ words dropped, a figure suddenly flashed before their eyes; and while they wondered if they were dazzled, three figures followed, equally fleeting.

“Uh…what’s these? Have you seen? Or have I seen ghosts? Four figures?!”

“Uh…I also see them. It’s said that there are five people at the Hidden Peak. Now we see four of them, in such an amazing speed…they must be…”

“Disciples of Peak Master Gu! Looking at where they run, they must go for the Fence Tao Peak. Are they going to attend this big event?”

“Whatever they want to do, since there is only Peak Master Gu at the Hidden Peak now, it’s unnecessary for us to guard here. How about going and having a look as well!”

The proposal was immediately supported by all the rest. Though it was a violation of the rules to be absent without leave, their curiosity to the four figures who had just left made them willing to be punished later.

Almost at the same time as Jiang Yun rushed down the Hidden Peak, Dao TianYou who was paying attention to those disciples on the Chop-Sky Sword with his Spiritual Sense was shocked. He murmured in an unbelievable voice, “It's only been half a year, and Jiang Yun has already come out! How come? Did he finally fail? No, if he fails, how he dare to go to the Fence Tao Peak! He would not like to take part in the big event, will he?

“If he is about to take this event, then he must succeed.”

Dao TianYou could never imagine that someone could unblock his ninth meridian within half a year, not to mention the tenth and eleventh meridians. Therefore, he guessed that Jiang Yun should have probably failed.

However, Jiang Yun’s reaction proved that he might succeed. Or he won’t have enough courage to cross the Fence Tao Peak.

Thinking of these, Dao TianYou flashed and the next second he was standing by Gu BuLao, “Gu BuLao, does Jiang Yun succeed or not?”

“You will find it soon!”

“You!” Dao TianYou was angry and anxious. However, he could do nothing but sitting near Gu BuLao bitterly and staring at the Fence Tao Peak.

Right now, many disciples watching at the foot of the Fence Tao Peak started to shout and cheer for their peers. There was not too much time left. Everyone on the sword body must try with all their strength.

However, a figure suddenly fell from the sky, stepping on the hilt of the Chop-Sky Sword. Then, without stopping, he rushed as a flash. When the crowd had returned to their senses, only a small figure could be seen.

In a short moment, the figure falling from the sky had rushed out for almost three thousand meters away!

The crowd that shouted just now became silent. All the people were staring at the figure on the sword, shocked. They even did not know who it was until three guys showed up in the sky.

“DongFang Bo, SiTu Jing and XuanYuan Xing. The one who makes them care so much and even show up to watch this game must be…”

Suddenly there was a shining name on the hilt of the Chop-Sky Sword. It was Jiang Yun!

After disappearing for half a year, Jiang Yun finally appeared again, with an amazing talent to be showed.