The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: Eleven-Level In Meridians Unclogged Realm

If one wanted to break through the sword in less than an hour, such a thing had never happened in the history of Seeking-Tao Sect, even then no one dares to think about it.

Therefore, even the three of DongFang Bo had little hope for Jiang Yun's test this time. In their opinion, the reason why Gu BuLao wanted Jiang Yun to rush through peaks at this time was to let Jiang Yun accumulate some experience for next year.

However, Jiang Yun did not think so at all. At this moment, he had only one thought in his mind, which was to seize this opportunity to go through all the five peaks, so that he could worship Gu BuLao as his master.

He did not want to wait another year, even at his present age.

For whether it was the first five years of peace with Feng WuJi, or Lu XiaoYu, who had went to No-Returning Road, and the disaster that may come to five-mountain island at any time, he was extremely valuable time.

Therefore, after stepping on the sword, he did not hesitate to improve his speed to the extreme, toward the top of the sword.

As for the countless Sword Force from all sides, he did not defend himself intentionally, but letting them to pierce his body, with continuous clang sounds.

These Sword Force might had been sharp, but it was impossible to penetrate his formidable body.

Even the meaning of sword, which could attack the spirit, was shattered directly in the moment when it rushed into Jiang Yun's body, by the thunderbolt net made up of the Thunderbolt-Bead that was constantly moving through his body.

Although the meaning of sword was immaterial, it cannot break through the network of thunder. What's more, the power of thunder in Jiang Yun's body was comes from another world--a pure world made by thunder!

No one knows except Gu BuLao, now Jiang Yun's state had reached the peak of a cultivator in Meridians Unclogged Realm in Mountain-Sea Continent--eleventh-level in Meridians Unclogged Realm!

With the help of Gu BuLao, although the process of getting through the eleventh meridian was still extremely painful, Jiang Yun did not encounter any other trouble. Even in terms of speed, it was much faster than the tenth meridian, which was naturally because the force of thunder was stronger than his physical strength.

It only took two months, and he successfully stepped into eleven-level in Meridians Unclogged Realm!

That was to say, when he retreated for five months, in fact, he can get rid of that Tao-breath from Gu BuLao, but at that time, Gu BuLao let him continue to train the Tao Doppelganger!

To open the meridians with the forces that do not belong to this world, each one of the forces will be accompanied by a special ability--Tao Doppelganger!

While Jiang Yun also saw Feng WuJi, who had owned the Tao Doppelganger made by star force, the power is too big to let him have no ability to contend at the beginning.

The so-called Tao Doppelganger, although it sounds like a separate body, but in fact the level of Tao Doppelganger is much more advanced, because it is made by pure Tao.

Jiang Yun had opened two meridians with the physical force and the thunder force respectively, which meant he can have two Tao Doppelganger, one was the Physical Tao Doppelganger and the other is the Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger.

Therefore, for the rest of the time, Jiang Yun was practicing Tao Doppelganger. While even Gu BuLao didn't know whether he made it.

But even if he did not build a Tao Doppelganger, by strength of the eleven-level in Meridians Unclooged Realm, it was enough to make him proud of the whole realm!

So, in the eyes of all the people, apart from the shock of the crash, Jiang Yun could be seen moving across the body of the sword at an astonishing speed.

One thousand, two thousand, three thousand......

At the hilt of the sword, Jiang Yun's name was rushing up from the bottom at the same amazing speed.

While in the body of sword, the last several disciples clenched their teeth and resisted the attack from sword, while each of them took out various Dan medicine, armor, then went ahead hard.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew from behind them, which made their faces numb. There was only blows of sword and meaning of sword on this sword. How could the wind appeared?

Before they could understand what was going on, the wind had passed over them, and when they came to their senses, they could only see a figure hundreds feet away.

'Well, who's that?'

Everyone was shocked stupidly, even some people could not help but rub their eyes, wondering if they were dazzled.

On this sword, one may be able to run before three thousand meter, while as long as over the distance of three thousand meters, that horrible attack from sword will be able to slow down anyone's speed.

Even Wang Jian, who went the first also made it step by step.

But now, unexpectedly someone over the distance of thousands meters as a gust of wind, which was really deeply shocked them.

At the same time, Wei ZhengYang, who was standing in the air, controlling the sword, finally found Jiang Yun. And his face grew cloudy after saw Jiang Yun's performance.

'What the hell did Gu BuLao give him? In just half a year, he was much stronger than when he fought Zheng Yuan. Is the face of Tao because of him? He opened the tenth meridian as well as Feng WuJi?'

Though it was easy for him to kill Jiang Yun at this moment with the manipulation of the sword, he can be sure that the attention of Gu BuLao and Dao TianYou, even all people, should be focused on Jiang Yun.

If Jiang Yun really died on the sword, then even fool could see the killer!

'Forget it, let you take pride for a while, I do not believe, you really can do it in the remaining time, through the whole body of this sword! While even Fang YuXuan didn't finish the last three thousand meters, let alone, although I can't kill you by myself, but as long as you can catch up with Wang Jian, that I naturally can let him clean you up!'

At this point, Wei ZhengYang finally calmed down a little, and even stopped looking at Jiang Yun. Instead, he turned his eyes to Wang Jian, who was about to finish nine tenths of the sword.

He did not watch Jiang Yun, but at the moment, as long as the people who were not on the sword, they had been caught by Jiang Yun, and almost everyone's face showed an incredible expression.

In particular, suddenly someone asked Bao YuanQiang who was surrounded by many disciples: 'Bao DaTing, you just said that he is not the nine-level in Meridians Unclogged Realm?'

'Yes, Bao YuanQiang, you said just now. He defeated Zheng Yuan by the power of Dan medicine, and was badly injured. He has been healing for half a year.'

Bao YuanQiang, like everyone else, couldn't believe his eyes, and when he heard everyone's words, he had no option but to say, 'That's not what I said, it's what master Xiao said!'

Now, he really hoped that Fang RuoLin could come and see it with her own eyes!

Unfortunately, Fang RuoLin did not come at all. On one hand, she was making final preparations for the beginning of Beasts Peak of the day after tomorrow. Second, in her mind, no one else in the world can match her brother, so she had no interest in the process of the test in Fence Peak.

Although master Xiao's name still played some role, while the shocking facts in front of everyone's eyes let many disciples doubted of master Xiao's words.

Apart from the numerous disciples, the elders of each peak, as well as the inner disciples were more shocked because they had spiritual feeling and could see the performance of Jiang Yun on the sword clearly.

Lan HuaZhao, the lord of Rune Peak, showed a wry smile while shook his head: 'It looks like I missed a good disciple, how lucky Gu BuLao is!'

Although Jiang Yun did not directly reject his intention to accept him as a disciple, while as a cultivator in Sky Reaching Realm, how could he not guess through Jiang Yun's mind.

As for the top of Hidden Peak, Dao TianYou opened his mouth, but immediately laughed and said: 'Gu BuLao, Jiang Yun must have been through the eleventh meridian!'

Although Gu BuLao did not open his mouth, while the young face showed a rare hint of smile.

At the same time, Wang Jian, who had already walked on the final one tenth body of the sword, suddenly heard Wei ZhengYang's voice in his ear: 'Wang Jian, if someone catches up with you in a minute, don't hesitate, don't care who it is, try your best to kill him!'