The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: Shock Everyone

Wang Jian had been extremely relaxed all the way, coupled with his strong confidence, he had been dormant for four years. For today, he not only had to walk through the sword with the first status, but also had to surpass Fang YuXuan's achievements, so he was not inclined to look back to see others, not to know Jiang Yun's sudden appearance.

This sentence of Wei ZhengYang's made his body cannot help but slightly shiver, it was not shocked that Wei ZhengYang let him kill someone, but shocked that there were still people can catch up with himself.

However, he still did not turn back, because now he, already dare not have the slightest distraction. Because in this last one tenth, except for the number of Sword Force and sword meaning had been more than the degree of terror, meanwhile, the meaning of sword here, can transform to substance!

The Sword Force can transform to substance, while the meaning of sword, an invisible and immaterial thing, as long as it grew strong to a certain extent, it can be substance as well!

Although he did not know exactly which stream of sword meaning will turn into substance, while Wang Jian had been extremely gingerly, every step was careful, like walking on thin ice.

When Wang Jian stepped into the final one tenths of the sword, Jiang Yun had already walked the sword of six tenths in just a quarter of an hour, while he became the No. 5 from the last position.

In front of him, there were only four men, Wang Jian, HuoYuan and two other disciples.

While Jiang Yun did not know how shocking his performance was in the eyes of onlookers. And his speed had to slow down at the moment.

For every part that had been walked before, the number of Sword Force and meaning of sword though increasing, it increased gradually. But after six tenths, their number doubled sharply from five tenths.

The intensity of the attack from sword like the rain of a downpour, crackled against his body, adding some resistance to his test.

Fortunately, his inner thunder net can still easily block those surging attacks.

Although his speed was indeed slower, it was relative to his own speed past, while it was still much faster compared to others.

When Jiang Yun finished seven tenths, he could see in his eyes the three figures just hundreds of feet away from him.

The three apparently did not find Jiang Yun, especially the two outer disciples still talking while breathing heavily.

'Old Luo, you still don't use all strength?'

'Hey hey, don't you also still have some reservation?'

'Well, when the last quarter comes, we'll give everyone a big surprise!'

'Ha ha, good...'

The two people's voice, suddenly stopped, because at their side, Jiang Yun had taken strides, easily passed them.

'That's impossible!'

They stared into Jiang Yun's receding figure almost at the same time, and when they got back to their senses again, they looked at each other without opening their mouths. A yellow light burst out from one of them, and another took out a shining medicine then swallowed it.

Obviously, the unexpected appearance of Jiang Yun greatly stimulated the two of them, leaving them had no time to wait until the last moment, while they had to show their hidden means now.

Unfortunately, although their speed was indeed a bit faster than before, but they were more and more far from Jiang Yun......

As for Huo Yuan this time, he almost forwarded in the speed of a turtle.

Although the Ice-Sword in his hand was still magical, while he needed to exert his spiritual power to control it. By his strength, however, coupled with numerous Dan medicine supplements, he had really reached to the top of exhaustion.

Looked at nearly three tenths in front of him, although Huo Yuan was unwilling to give up, while the proud smile appeared on his face, he said with panting: 'Although I didn't succeed through, but the second grade is enough to the, especially there is no one could catch me among all the new disciples, except Wu Shang.'

At the same time, Huo Yuan suddenly felt a bit uneasy. A pair of fierce eyes flashed in his brain, which made him unconsciously take a shiver.

'That wild man just has some kind of physical strength, and there is no body-training peak among the five peaks can let him through, I do not have to worry about him at all. He is not at my level at all.'

Because Huo Yuan had been closed after the fight in retest, and he didn't come out until yesterday, so he completely did not know the fight between Jiang Yun and Zheng Yuan!

Although his consoled himself, but somehow, Huo Yuan's uneasiness was getting more and more serious, until he could not help but suddenly turned around and looked behind him.

Huo Yuan saw a pair of eyes that did not transmit the fierce light, but he could never forget.

And the owner of this pair of eyes, didn't even look at him at all, he look ahead and went further and further with a kind of completely unbelievable speed.

'Jiang Yun!'

Until the other side's figure had completely disappeared from his eyes, Huo Yuan's mouth only then screamed out to the ultimate sad and shrill, with blood spouting from his mouth.


The next moment, the myriad attacks near his body, and directly hit him out of the sword.

With Huo Yuan's fall, Jiang Yun's position had climbed to the second place and walked out of eight tenths of the sword. Even his distance from Wang Jian was less than three thousand meters.

At this moment, the whole Seeking-Tao Sect had fall in the silence, even the three of Dong Fang Bo, were breathing faster involuntarily.

Because of the impact of Jiang Yun to them was really too big.

Walking through the whole body of sword in three hours had overwhelmed numerous disciples who chased the Tao of sword. So after Fang YuXuan achieve this with two hours, even XuanYuan Xing had to admit that Fang YuXuan really had talent in the Tao of sword.

But now, Jiang Yun had covered more than eight tenths in half an hour. While if he can maintain this speed, and eventually walk through the whole sword. Then the record that he made not only broke that made by Fang YuXuan, but also did a miracle that no one did in the history!

In all the shock and expectation, Jiang Yun finally reached the last one tenths, and three hundred feet ahead of him was Wang Jian.

At this moment, there was only half an hour from this test end!

While at that very moment, a voice of doubt suddenly emerged from the crowd: 'Jiang Yun, isn't he a both-physique-and-magic-arts cultivator? Is he doing sword cultivation as well?'

This sentence shocked the public again, because they suddenly realized that they and others have been ignoring a problem.

Fence Peak was prepared for sworder. All the disciples on the sword will have a sword in their hands no matter how far they go.

However, Jiang Yun had already gone through nine tenths, while he was still unarmed.

'Did he, went so far by only physical strength? While even if his body can resist Sword Force, then how to resist the invisible meaning of sword?'

'Look at Jiang Yun!'