The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 88

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Chapter 88: Meaning Of Sword Transform To Substance

Other testers summoned their own sword to resist the surrounding Sword Force as soon as they stepped on the Chop-Sky Sword.

However, Jiang Yun had been walking a distance of nine tenths. Not only did he not use a sword, but also he didn't make any action. Instead he only used his physical strength.

Now, as he entered the final one tenth, the coming Sword Force was condensed into an impenetrable wall, and its power increased a lot. Each of them that pierced his body left a small trace. Although it could be repaired in an instant, it would greatly slow his speed.

Therefore, at this time, Jiang Yun finally made a move!


Jiang Yun was really not a sworder, so the way he used was naturally the most powerful art he can perform at present. But he immediately found that there was no other power in this sword except the Sword Force and the meaning of sword.

This was why only those who pursue the Tao of sword dare to rush through Fence Peak.

If he was Wu Shang, even though he was skilled in the five-element arts, he cannot use any of them.

After discovering this, Jiang Yun was not in a fluster.

'Blood mist!'

Blood, which is also water, also evaporates into fog.

In a split second, Jiang Yun's body was surrounded by a red blood dragon-like mist. Its body was like a tangible one, and it suddenly rushed to the airless wall ahead.


In the great roar, the wall of Sword Force crumbled.

Jiang Yun had more spiritual power than all cultivators in Meridians Unclogged Realm, so the force of the collision made by this blood mist was too strong to imagine.

With only a simple impact, there was a hundred feet long crack on the wall of Sword Force. Jiang Yun flashed and past it.

After that, Jiang Yun spilled two drops of blood and let himself cross the distance of three hundred feet. At this moment, Wang Jian was less than thirty meters away from him.

Jiang Yun did not look at Wang Jian at all, but thought that whether there were other ways for him to walk through the rest, otherwise, another six or seven spouts of blood would be hurtful to himself even if he finally ran through the sword. What's more, there were four more mountains waiting for him.

'It seems that I can only use that.....'

Just when Jiang Yun was ready to go forward in a different way, Wang Jian in front of him turned suddenly and stared at him with bloodshot eyes. He slowly raised the sword in his hand, which was surrounded by blue thunder.

Wang Jian didn't know who Jiang Yun was, let alone what Jiang Yun had done. However, at the moment, Jiang Yun was obviously able to threaten him. Therefore, even without Wei ZhengYang's explanation, he was not prepared to let Jiang Yun surpass himself.

Jiang Yun didn't know Wang Jian either, but he could understand what he wanted to do when he saw the other side turn to him and hold up the sword.


Accompanied by a thundering sound, Wang Jian finally waved the sword in his hand.

San Lei Jian Xuan! (three swirls made by vibe of sword attended with thunder)

He can see the thin stream of thunder, which was surrounded by three circular swirls, and rushed toward Jiang Yun with hiss.

Each whirlpool was composed of a number of very small lines of Sword Force with blue thunder. Although there were only three whirlpools, the amount of Sword Force within it was absolutely amazing.

Not to mention being hit by three whirlpools at the same time, even being hit by several Sword Force in one whirlpool could be seriously injuring. After all, this was not ordinary Sword Force, but Sword Force with thunder.

This art was also one of the most powerful arts of Wang Jian. On the final one tenths of the sword, Wang Jian knew that he did not have too much energy to deal with Jiang Yun, so he used his unique skill.

While if Wang Jian faced with other disciples now, his purpose might be realized. But unfortunately, he faced with the Jiang Yun whose eleventh meridian was opened by the thunder force from Thunderbolt-Bead!

Jiang Yun stared at the three whirlpools, never moving. It seemed that he was shocked by the skill of Wang Jian, but in fact, if one look closely, he will find a hint of happiness deep in Jiang Yun's eyes.

'It turns out that thunder can do this!'

Although Jiang Yun was now strong enough to be proud of whole Meridians Unclogged Realm, he still had a weak point. Up to now, there were only two magic arts he had learned, one is fire and the other is mist.

As for the force of the thunder he had just acquired, he had not learned the art of it at all.

However, the three thunderbolt swirls that Wang Jian performed at this moment and the use of the Sword Force and the thunder opened a new window for him, which let his knowledge to magic arts step to a higher level.

He was especially gratifying to find that, in the course of their flight, the three whirlpools were able to break down all the encircling Sword Force.

'You have a good sword, too, I'll take it!'

When the voice fell, Jiang Yun, who seemed to be silly to Wang Jian, suddenly moved and rushed toward the three whirlpools.


Wang Jian gave out a sneer under his breath, and even turned away, not prepared to pay any more attention to Jiang Yun.

But he suddenly stopped when his body just turned halfway, because he immediately saw that the three whirlpools formed by his own thunderbolt silently disappeared in the moment when they touched Jiang Yun's body.

It seemed that it was absorbed by Jiang Yun!

'What, what...'

As Wang Jian murmured, Jiang Yun came up to him and held out his hand. He held that blue sword in Wang Jian's hand suddenly, and he pulled it fiercely.

Jiang Yun's physical strength was so strong, while Wang Jian was in shock at that time. Therefore, under this pull, he immediately let the palm of Wang Jian loose, while the sword of Wang Jian had arrived at Jiang Yun's hand.

'You are killing yourself!'

At last, Wang Jian came back to his sense, and with a loud roar he wanted to rush on it. While without the protection of his sword, there were endless Sword Force came to him.

More unfortunately, a golden illusory sword suddenly appeared in his mind--the meaning of sword transform to substance!


The meaning of Chop-Sky Sword was changed into the substance at this moment. While it rushed in Wang Jian's body, it crushed his mind finally.

With extreme unwillingness and resentment, Wang Jian's figure fell toward the Chop-Sky Sword. Before falling, he saw Jiang Yun wielding his sword smartly, and quickened his pace under numerous thunder.

This scene again deeply stimulated Wang Jian, this Sword Force with thunder was made by him through numerous dangerous, while Jiang Yun can also easily display out, even more powerful.


After four years of hibernation, he thought he could make a surprise hit, but unexpectedly he made a wedding dress for others. Along with a gush of blood, Wang Jian was fainted by his anger.

While at this moment, only Jiang Yun was left with the blade position of Chop-Sky Sword, and after he grabbed Wang Jian's sword, he finally found a way to move forward without spitting out blood fogs.

Although the owner of this blue sword was still Wang Jian, and although the sword was also trying to fight against Jiang Yun, however when the golden thunder from Jiang Yun poured into the sword, it had no option but to come down.

In less than ten seconds, Jiang Yun had walked a hundred feet away again, but at that moment, his figure stopped again. Because a meaning of sword in human form appeared in his body too!