The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: Four-Year Dormancy

Looking at the Hidden Peak, all the people understood who Bao YuanQiang was talking about. That was Jiang Yun!

That day when Jiang Yun had beaten Zheng Yuan had made those who had witnessed that fight deeply impressed. Jiang Yun was only at the Meridians Unclogged Realm, but he had been able to fight with one at the Blessing Land Realm. What was more, he had almost killed Zheng Yuan. It was really exciting to see how well Jiang Yun in such a powerful strength would performance in this event.

“However, after that fight, Jiang Yun has not appeared for more than half a year. He is definitely trying to promote himself to the Blessing Land Realm. I’m afraid that he might not come for the Cross The Five Peaks at this moment.”

“He has been famous due to that fight. He should have been accepted as a disciple by a certain Peak Master or Elder or even the Lord of the Sect. It’s unnecessary for him to attend this event!”

People were talking excitedly. While Bao YuanQiang said with more disdain, “Bah! You should admit that you are ignorant! Who told you that he has been at the Ninth Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm already? Who told you that he has been promoting himself to the Blessing Land Realm?”

“He said it himself! Furthermore, he had beaten Brother Zheng. He could never make it if he hadn’t been at the Ninth Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm!”

Bao YuanQiang pointed at these people and said, “You! You’re just like parrots, saying what others says. How could you believe what he said? If I tell you that I’m at the Ninth Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm, will you believe it? Have he given any evidence? As for the hearsay that he had ever beaten Brother Zheng……Ahem! There was low-down on it.”

Everyone was attracted and asked at once, “What’s the inside information?”

Bao YuanQiang lowered his voice deliberately, “According to Master Xiao, Jiang Yun should take some drugs that can promote his strength during a short time. That’s why he could be so powerful that day. However, it also caused a lot of damage to his body. The reason why he didn't show up for such a long time was very likely to be that he has been healing himself.”

Upon hearing the name Master Xiao, all these disciples were immediately in awe. Because Master Xiao was the only second-class chemist in the Seeking-Tao Sect!

This made the credibility of Bao YuanQiang’s words increased. Because though they might dare to doubt Bao YuanQiang, they would absolutely not dare to question Master Xiao.

“Aha! Then that can explain how a mortal could cultivate to the Ninth Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm within only ten months! He must take some special pills!”

“I heard something as well. A brother told me that Jiang Yun was kind of strange. Now I see!”

“I have been taken him as the model all the time. However, he is actually a big faker!”

“Bah! Then I am really expecting his attendance now. We will know his real strength!”

For a while, all these disciples set their eyes on the Hidden Peak with disdain.

Looking at the public’s reactions, Bao YuanQiang sympathized with Jiang Yun to a small extent, thinking, “Jiang Yun, don’t blame on me. These words are taught by Fang RuoLin. You shouldn’t mess with her!”

The fact was that Jiang Yun was more and more famous due to the fight with Zheng Yun, which even had a trend to catch Fang YuXuan.

Fang YuXuan was still busy in cultivating inside the Swords Wat. He had no idea about things happened outside. But Fang RuoLin, his younger sister, couldn’t stand it. In any case, she could never tolerate a guy who had humiliated her to be so famous. Therefore, she made up such words and asked Bao YuanQiang to spread them out so that everyone would continue suppressing and excluding Jiang Yun.

Obviously, she did it!

While besides these disciples, Dao TianYou was staring at the Hidden Peak as well!

No one knew that the reason Dao TianYou decided to open the Five Peaks ahead of time was right for Jiang Yun!

“I have no clue how Jiang Yun is now. He should be fine. Damn it! Gu BuLao, what on earth do you plan to do?! How you could limit me away from the Hidden Peak?! Gu BuLao, we’ll just wait and see! I will keep my words this time! Once I get the chance. I will definitely replace you with another Tao Protector!”

As Dao TianYou was complaining, a light suddenly rose from the Fence Tao Peak. Then two figures appeared in the sky.

One was Wei ZhengYang, and another was a young man who looked arrogant.

Seeing that young man, many old disciples were surprised, “Brother Wang Jian! He is still staying in the sect! How come!”

Bao YuanQiang knew this before. He smiled, “Wang Jian was one of these two veterans who I have told you before. With four-year dormancy, they will surely surprise everyone and become more famous!”

Right now, no one would doubt Bao YuanQiang’s words.

They were not unfamiliar to Wang Jian. He was famous for refusing Wei ZhengYang’s invitation to be his inner disciple and become Fang YuXuan’s immediate Brother four years ago.

He rejected because he wanted to become Wei ZhengYang’s disciple the same way as Fang YuXuan had done!

However, Wang Jian had disappeared after that. He hadn’t even shown up for the following four years’ events. People all thought that he should be assigned to carry out tasks outside the sect or have already left the sect for some reason. However, to their surprise, he appeared four years later, together with Wei ZhengYang!

Dao TianYou found Wang Jian as well. He looked Wang Jian and frowned with head shook slightly, “Wei ZhengYang, how many disciples will you spoilt?!”

Wei ZhengYang smiled to Wang Jian and nodded, “I’m expecting you to be my disciple tomorrow! Go ahead!”

Wang Jian bowed to Wei ZhengYang. A flash of blue Thunderbolt Sword Light suddenly flied out from his body before he straightened up. It condensed into a sword with thunderbolt shining which the carried him from the sky and landed in front of all those disciples who were about to attend this event.

“OMG! He has cultivated the Thunderbolt Sword Light!”

“The Thunderbolt Sword Light is very hard to be cultivated. However, once you make it, your strength will far beyond your peer!”

No matter Wei ZhengYang's attitude to Wang Jian, or that thunderbolt just showed by Wang Jian, the public's emotions were immediately lit up. Wei ZhengYang stopped smiling and said in a clear loud voice, “Come out, Chop-Sky Sword!”

Following his words, Wei ZhengYang stretched out his hand and grasped over the Fence Tao Peak.


The Fence Tao Peak, which was so high that its top couldn’t be seen, was trembling after Wei ZhengYang made this scratching gesture, which made a great roaring sound. Then, a golden sword shadow with thousands feet long rose slowly from the mountainside of the Fence Tao Peak and hung in the air.

This sword, like the soul of the Fence Tao Peak, was taken out by Wei ZhengYang.

Although there was none Sword Light around, and even it just a shadow of that sword, all people could not help but held their breath as watching it.

Especially disciples who cultivated the Fence Tao showed a fanatical look.

This sword was named Cut Sky! Because it had really but the sky.

Try to think how prestige it would be if you held this sword and cut the sky!


Wei ZhengYang shouted loudly. Then that sword shadow with thousands feet long fell down immediately. Through its falling, it became bigger and bigger, from thousands feet long to hundreds of thousand feet long. Finally, it was stuck obliquely at the mountain foot of the Fence Tao Peak.

Its hilt was on the ground, while its body was like a golden road going into the sky. You could not see the point of the blade at all.

Properly speaking, the body of this sword was ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine feet long. For the first ninety thousands feet, one tenth was for each ten thousands; and the last nine thousands nine hundred and ninety-nine feet was the last one tenth of the sword’s body.

If one walked through the whole sword, it meant that the one has run through the Fence Tao Peak successfully.

“Now every participant! Walk on the hilt right now!”

Following Wei ZhengYang’s words, Wang Jian stepped on the hilt. Nearly two hundred disciples followed in a hurry.

After all participants have stepped on the hilt, Wei ZhengYang smiled, “You should know the rule already. Try as much as you can to go through the sword’s body within six hours. I don’t care what you do. As long as you can reach the point of the blade, I will accept you as my disciple. Now it starts!”


The sword made a clear sound, then all the disciples on the hilt rushed towards its body.

At the same time, on the Hidden Peak, a loud sound came through the waterfall. It was not the sound from the sword, but more like a thunder!