The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: Increasing The Level

The black fog had dispersed, but all the gravel was still in the air, without any movement. Jiang Yun looked closely and saw an almost invisible black fog hanging over each little stone.

“Controlling objects is not only to control them altogether, but to be able to divide the spiritual power into millions, so that each one can control an object. This is what is called controlling objects!”

“When you were trying to make a drug, you took one kind of material every time, but I also found that sometimes you were needed to add three or five materials at the same time. Although it didn't bother you, if you can be like me, it would be more efficient.”

“Of course, if this method is applied to attacking, the power would be multiplied.

After Old Hei finished speaking, the countless pieces of rubble suddenly moved in unison.

Each piece of gravel was like a meteor, moving across a number of completely different tracks in the air, moving from all sides came Jiang Yun’s side, firmly surrounding him, so that there was no place for Jiang Yun to escape.

Jiang Yun's sight was fixed on the track caused by the black fog, the excitement on his face slowly shifted to understanding, as he said to himself, “Controlling objects by spiritual power, to put it bluntly, still lies in the control of the spiritual power, but was more complex, also required more accuracy in the controlling of spiritual power.”

In fact, as early as the first time when Jiang Yun was studying the magic arts of fire, he had been conscious of the importance of spiritual power in controlling, and would even practice grabbing small stones by spiritual power to enhance the ability of controlling. And he had striven to do so without wasting a spark of spiritual power, so now after seeing the presentation of Old Hei, he soon caught the key.

Old Hei had been constantly watching the changes in Jiang Yun's expression. When he saw the expression on his face after hearing the words he had said, he knew that Jiang Yun had understood.

However, he continued to control the rubble in the air, drawing a series of tracks, letting Jiang Yun watch carefully.

It was not until a long time later that he spoke again. “Among the cultivators, there were swordsmen; the so-called sword-controlling, or even the flying sword technique, they all rely on the controlling of objects by spiritual power.

“Now, do you want to learn the art of the Cloud-Sky while Mist-Earth, or get familiar with controlling objects by spiritual power?”

Without even thinking about it, Jiang Yun immediately replied, “Controlling objects by spiritual power'.

Old Hei slightly smile and said, “Good, after you are ready, I’ll teach you!”

After he had finished speaking, Old Hei took back the fog, and the gravel in the sky, that had lost his controlling, fell down on the ground around Jiang Yun randomly.

Jiang Yun did not pay any more attention to Old Hei. He sat down on his knees again. With a wave of his palm, he turned the spiritual power into a small whirlwind and began to roll it over the rubble.

Looked at Jiang Yun who was already immersed in the manipulation of the rocks, Old Hei said secretly, “If he wants to get a precise control over spiritual power, there's not a lot of skill involved, it only needs constant practice, and constantly familiarizing with it, but this process is very boring, so most of the cultivators are not willing to waste so much time. I'm curious about how long he will remain constant.”

He did not know that it was much more interesting for Jiang Yun to control the stones in front of his eyes than to learn the characteristics of tens of thousands of plants and animals.


Jiang Yun hadn't expected that his trip to the jungle would have lasted for three months!

If not for fear of leaving the sect for too long, as well as if the elder brothers returned to look for him everywhere, he would have spent much longer in the forest.

Only, when he rushed back to Hidden Peak this time, he found that the elder brother and second elder sister had not come back; the whole Hidden Peak still only had him!

This made him worry even more. However, he felt powerless and could do nothing. He even wanted to ask someone, but he did not know anyone to ask.

After being in a daze for a while, Jiang Yun raised his wrist and a jade bottle and a hundred pieces of spiritual stones appeared in front of him.

Inside the jade bottle was the fruit of his refining after the two months in the jungle.

Unclogged-Meridians Pills, the grade two Dan medicine, as the name implied, was used to open up the meridians. Although not as precious as Reaching-Sky Pills, but for the cultivators in MCR, it was also a good thing to come across.

The number of Unclogged-Meridian Pills was not too great, at least in the whole sect, and the outer disciple must spend a great deal of contribution if he wanted one.

If others knew that Jiang Yun produced Unclogged-Meridians Pills, then his status would rise a lot in the sect and immediately would be higher than Fang YuXuan, the first of inner disciples.

Of course, if the news of his ability to refine Reaching-Sky Pills were to spread too, even Wei ZhengYang and the other lords of the five peaks, would not dare to provoke and suppress him.

It's just that Jiang Yun didn't want to release the information. It wasn't that he was hiding it, but he didn't think that it was a big deal to refine some pills.

Looking at the jade bottle and spiritual stones in front of him, Jiang Yun did not immediately call out the black stone, but recalled his three months of experience.

For the next two months in the jungle, he had spent most of his time, except for refining, in studying to control objects with spiritual power and the art of Cloud-Sky while Mist-Earth, and had no time to think about anything else.

It had to be said that Old Hei's attainments in magic arts were indeed extremely profound. Even the second elder sister was inferior to him in Jiang Yun's mind.

It was precisely because of Old Hei's careful guidance, that Jiang Yun really benefited a lot. And naturally, it reminded him of Old Hei's identity as someone from the demon race.

In fact, he had one of the biggest perplexities about this--why would Old Hei be friends with elder brother, since they were at opposite to each other.

A moment later, Jiang Yun shook his head with a smile and said, “Brother Hei and I are friends now. Since I can be friends with him, it is not strange for elder brother, with such a helpful character, to be friends with him.

Thinking of the elder brother, the smile on Jiang Yun's face became restrained, and he did not think about it anymore. He called out the black stone, held it in his hand, and directly pointed at a spiritual stone.

After blowing up more than 30 pieces of spiritual stones, Jiang Yun not only succeeded in tripling the effect of the nine Inhalation Pills, but also found that the spiritual stones, which like Monsdans, contained the meaning of Tao in each piece, with as many as three to at least one.

In addition, the increase in the effect of pills, had not been a simple increase, but had even enhanced the level of the Dan medicine!