The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: The Spiritual Power Flood

The nine Inhalation Pills made by Jiang Yun were also in men-level at least. And after they had been taken out of the water, the level of five of them also changed.

Three of them increased from men-level to earth-level, one of them from earth-level to heaven-level, and the other one was still in the heaven-level, but its effect had reached the acme, with hardly any impurity, to the point that it could be called perfect.

In this case, Jiang Yun came to the conclusion after carefully thinking about it for a long while, “It is the same as cultivation. The effect of Dan Medicine is just like spiritual power in a human's body. If it had enough, then it would enter the next level. Also, when the effect of pills increased to a certain degree, it will break through to the next step. It is just that no matter how much the effect increases, it can't change the pills own grade.”

“The so-called four levels of heaven, earth, men, and dust is only a general standard of classification, and cannot specify the actual amount of effect of each level of the Dan medicine.”

“Therefore, the four Inhalation Pills that failed to change their levels, including those given to me by the elder Sha, contained much less effect. Even if they were increased by three times, they still cannot reach the advanced level.”

The most surprising thing to Jiang Yun, apart from the advancement of the Dan medicines, was that spiritual stones could also be put into that water. After being sealed with that peculiar brand, although the number of the meaning of Tao contained in them would not change, but the amount of spiritual power would also increase by three folds and become more refined.

“Although I don't have a spiritual stone of level-two for comparison, it is not difficult to speculate that if the spiritual power in the stone is increased to the extreme, it should be the same as Dan medicine, and can also improve the grade, so as to upgrade itself from level-one to level-two.”

Finally, Jiang Yun put the three Unclogged-Meridians Pills into the stone water, and he was very satisfied with the result.

The three pills, impressively all achieved heaven-level, with one that had reached the acme of perfection.

“Swallow these three Unclogged-Meridians Pills, even if you cannot reach the ninth realm of MCR, but it should be no problem to get through with the eighth meridian.”

Driven by the idea of becoming powerful as soon as possible, Jiang Yun did not hesitate to put all the three Unclogged-Meridians Pills into his mouth and swallowed them, and began to break through the eighth meridian.

However, Jiang Yun had underestimated the effect of the three Unclogged-Meridians Pills.

They were not like the Inhalation Pills, and it did not draw the spiritual power in the air to open up the meridians, but it drew the spiritual power from the herbs used, and maximized it as much as possible.

Most cultivators took only one of them at a time, and even so, most of the pills were of earth-level or men-level, even some were of the dust-level.

As for the heaven-level pills, the spiritual power contained in it was really too large, if the meridians could bear to live, then one would be enough to open a meridian, even if it was the ninth!

Of course, there were also cultivators who had taken the Unclogged-Meridians Pills of the heaven-level, but while taking it, there must be a cultivator, at least in BLR, at the side for protecting, in order to carefully guide the spiritual power from the pills, or even store it, and divide it several times to open up the meridians.

Otherwise, it could possibly tear the meridians directly and even explode the body of the cultivators.

Jiang Yun didn't know this at all, and Old Hei had thought that since he was a pharmacist, he must know the taboo of taking Unclogged-Meridians Pills, so he didn't explain it deliberately.

Therefore, when Jiang Yun took three pills of heaven-level, not to mention one of them was perfect, such behavior was equivalent to suicide, and it was also the most tragic way of suicide.

The impurities in Jiang Yun's meridians were already extremely small, and the impurities of the eighth meridian had been reduced to one-third. Therefore, when the three pills passed through his throat, they turned into magnificent spiritual power, which felt just like endless billowing torrents, and with that destructive power, the eighth meridian had been completely cleared through by it.

Although he had stepped into the eighth level of MCR, but Jiang Yun did not have any time to enjoy, especially when he saw the magnificent spiritual power in his body suffer a little loss, he finally realized his contempt for the pills, and hurried to lead these spiritual powers to the ninth meridian as soon as possible.

As the last level of MCR, most cultivators in the MCR realized that the difficulty of breaking through was also the biggest.

Even though the impurities in the ninth meridian of Jiang Yun had been broken into tiny particles, with the help of different herbs, by Jiang WanLi , the flow of spiritual power could not rush out all the impurities in a short time, which led to a large amount of spiritual power accumulation in the meridian in that short time.

Although Jiang Yun's meridians were much bigger than others', the amount of spiritual power was too large, which made it impossible for his meridians to contain so much.

Jiang Yun quickly began to remove the extra spiritual power from his meridians, trying to vent it out through his pores.

But the massive spiritual power, which also exuded a great pressure, blocked his pores, sealing his body completely, so that it could not get out at all.

However, that was not the worst thing!

When Jiang Yun's forehead was already dripping with cold sweat, a sharp roar suddenly resounded from his body.


The flow of spiritual power was blocked by impurities in Jiang Yun's ninth meridian, and there was no outlet in his body, which made them gradually become turbulent.

The spiritual power flood actually began to rush to those impurities, the continuous impact made violent sounds, so that the whole body was shaking due to it.

Gradually, the power and blood in his body began to roll, and even blood began to flow out of his mouth. While the ninth meridian only got through half, the flow of spiritual power was reduced by up to a third.

If it followed this trend, Jiang Yun's body would be definitely bursting with these excess spiritual power before the ninth meridian could be opened.

“No, I must find an outlet and release the extra spiritual power. Otherwise, I will be killed by it before all the meridian can be opened.”

Thinking of this, Jiang Yun managed to raise his hand, suddenly and sharply pointed it at his abdomen.

At this point, Jiang Yun, with almost all his strength, made a hole in his abdomen.

This was Jiang Yun's idea. Since spiritual power couldn't be released and the pores were blocked, he thought opening a wound on his body might let the spiritual power out.

Soon, however, he found that there was nothing coming out from the hole which he had made in his abdomen and had almost pierced his body to do so.

Apparently, the great pressure of the spiritual power flood blocked the wound again.

“This method does not work, how can these spiritual powers get released out after all?”

Just when Jiang Yun was worried about how to find the outlet, an indifferent voice suddenly sounded like a thunderbolt above his head, “Jiang Yun, get out for me!”