The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: Harder

There was a flaming red long sword in the sky above Hidden Peak. On the sword, stood a man in green clothes. Although he was average in appearance, the killing intent, which was almost shooting to the sky, could be seen in between his eyebrows.

Whether the sword, or the person, both were too prominent, and the man's voice was also extremely loud, which immediately caught the attention of a number of people in the sect, even some of the elders had also cast their spiritual impression here.

When they saw the man in green, they knew immediately what was going on, but even if they did, they were all silent, and no one spoke.

In a cave in the middle of the mountain, as an elder, Sha JingShan looked at Lu XiaoYu, who was cultivating with her eyes closed. There was a hint of hesitation on his wrinkled face, but he finally sighed silently and continued to monitor Hidden Peak with his spiritual impression.

Under Hidden Peak, numerous figures had gathered quickly. Among them, there were some were servant disciples and some outer disciples. Although they dared not climb Hidden Peak, the peak was not high, so they could see clearly above the peak.

Soon, some of these disciples recognized the man in green.

“Isn't that brother Zheng Yuan? How could he run to Hidden Peak to look for trouble with Jiang Yun?”

“Zheng Yuan was a core disciple of the Fence Peak. Do you understand now?”

“But he, unexpectedly dared to come to Hidden Peak?”

Another rule in Seeking-Tao Sect, which Jiang Yun didn't know, was that, all disciples were forbidden to step in Hidden Peak once they were promoted from being outer disciples unless they were allowed in by some lords or elders.

Therefore, for some disciples who knew this rule, when they saw that Zheng Yuan dared to wield the sword, as he stood in the air above Hidden Peak and provoked Jiang Yun, they could not help wondering why Zheng Yuan had such great courage.

But they were soon relieved. Zheng Yuan's finding troubles with Jiang Yun was for Fang YuXuan, and was probably even for Wei ZhengYang, the lord of Fence Peak.

Wei ZhengYang was famous in the sect for protecting his disciple despite their mistakes. So since Jiang Yun had offended Fang YuXuan at the retest, and it had also given Fang YuXuan a little bit of bitterness, so as Fang YuXuan's master, he certainly would not be so easy to let Jiang Yun go.

But it would be inappropriate of him to come here by himself, so ZhengYuan, as an inner disciple could do something for his master. Even if it would violate the rules and annoy the master of the sect, Wei ZhengYang would have put all the responsibility on Zheng Yuan and let Zheng Yuan receive some punishment.

This was indeed Wei ZhengYang's plan. In fact, during these three months, Zheng Yuan had visited Hidden Peak several times, but Jiang Yun was not there all the time.

In desperation, Zheng Yuan could only find a servant disciple to keep watch on Hidden Peak. As soon as he saw Jiang Yun coming back, he must immediately inform Zheng Yuan.

In fact, Zheng Yuan could have waited for Jiang Yun under the peak, even outside the gate of the sect. However, he deliberately waited until Jiang Yun returned to the Hidden Peak, which meant he wanted to show himself off.

Although Zheng Yuan was an inner disciple, he was also in the first level of BLR and was even a little famous in the sect, but in Fence Peak, there was a bright star--Fang YuXuan, so there was no chance of his succeeding.

Therefore, after being ordered by Wei ZhengYang, Zheng Yuan immediately realized that this was a great opportunity for him, so he decided to not only to give Jiang Yun a lesson, but also let everyone see it and firmly remember it themselves!

That, there was not only Fang YuXuan in Fence Peak, but also him--Zheng Yuan!

As for Jiang Yun, he a mere servant disciple in the third level of MCR, with some brute strength. He paid no attention to Jiang Yun at all.

The only thing that made him a little anxious was that whether he had some talisman or not which could defeat Fang YuXuan, and after Wei ZhengYang gave him an affirmative answer, he had no burden at all.

At this moment, Zheng Yun could not help but feel a little elated in his heart. Even though he still had no expression on his face but he felt so when he heard the words of the disciples around him and their exclamations.

That was exactly what he wanted!

Think about it, in front of so many people, not only did he openly ignore the rule that he was not allowed to enter Hidden Peak, but even beat up Jiang Yun who was hidden in the peak. Such a thing was enough to make him more famous in the whole sect.

“Jiang Yun, I will give you three respiration time, if you still don't come out, then don't blame me for breaking your house!”

As Zheng Yuan's voice went down, the door of the hut finally opened, and Jiang Yun, with a pale face, moving very slowly, almost step by step came out.

This made most people, including Zheng Yuan, think that Jiang Yun had freaked out, but had to come out, so was having such an expression on his face.

They did not know that Jiang Yun was indeed frightened, only not by Zheng Yuan, but also by the flood inside his body.

Now every time he moved, the shock of the current increased by a little, and the pain inside him also increased a little, so he walked very slowly.

After standing in the courtyard, Jiang Yun raised his head and looked at Zheng Yuan in the air. Although he had no expression on his face, if one looked closely, he would have found that there was a hint of happiness deep in his eyes.

Although Jiang Yun did not know Zheng Yuan's identity, it was not difficult to guess that he was an inner disciple from Fence Peak.

This was as Jiang Yun had expected, so he did not panic, and even quietly thanked Zheng Yuan for his presence.

Zheng Yuan, of course, could not have known Jiang Yun's thoughts. Not long ago, he had not shown up in the retest, so this was the first time that he saw Jiang Yun.

Commandingly he watched Jiang Yun, especially seeing Jiang Yun hide, a sneer flashed on his face, and he laughed secretly, “Fang YuXuan, as the No.1 among inner disciples, unexpectedly freaked out from a talisman from a wild man, what a shame!”

But he just thought in his heart, while saying coldly, “You finally came out.”

As his voice down, Zheng Yuan suddenly raised his hand, towards the direction of Jiang Yun, virtual pressed and said, “Kneel!”


There was an illusory hand, the size of a millstone, magnificent, which fell from the sky, directly on the body of Jiang Yun, and even the peak was a little tremor.

Although Zheng Yuan had no good feeling towards Fang YuXuan, he had come for his own fame this time, so he naturally tried his best to insult and torture Jiang Yun. In this way, he not only fulfilled Wei ZhengYang's requirements, but also showed his own strength.

All of them thought that Zheng Yuan's attack was enough to make Jiang Yun kneel down easily.

However, it did not occur to many people that as the unreal palm crashed down, Jiang Yun's body did tremble violently, and his knees bent slightly, but he immediately straightened up again and did not kneel at all.

Zheng Yuan was naturally slightly surprised. Although he had already found out that Jiang Yun had a tough body and could be a Physique-based cultivator, he did not expect the other side to be able to take his attack.

“Really a thick skin!” Zheng Yuan soon reduced his surprise and smiled coldly, “But as I order you to kneel, you must kneel!”


Zheng Yuan shot again, and this time, he used all of his strength as a cultivator in BLR.

Even though Zheng was not good at physical strength, the BLR was a bigger realm higher than MCR, which represented the gap of strength between the two, which was impossible to overcome.

The strength of his shot, let alone the fact that he had always thought that Jiang Yun was only in the third level of MCR, even if Jiang Yun was in the ninth level, he would certainly be unable to take it.


Once again, the unreal giant's hand fell on Jiang Yun's body. This time, the sound was more intense, so that it spread all over the whole sect.

Naturally, more spiritual impressions from all sides fell on Hidden Peak.


Accompanied by a startling sound from afar, Zheng Yuan's expressionless face suddenly looked shocked.

On the top of Hidden Peak, although Jiang Yun's face was pale and his mouth spilled blood, his body still stood upright, with a pair of fierce eyes, staring at Zheng Yuan, said, “Don't you dare push harder?!”