The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: This Kid Is Really Good

Jiang Yun's erect and not kneeling body, as well as the provocative words from his mouth, made Zheng Yuan's pupils suddenly shrink.

He did not even get down on his knees!

However, looking at Jiang Yun's pale face and the blood spilling from his mouth, Zheng Yuan relented and said coldly, “You are truly tough, so I will see how tough you can be!”


As Zheng Yuan suddenly raised his hand, three consecutive shots were directed towards Jiang Yun, each of which used all of his strength. The tremor made whole Hidden Peak shake violently.

In his opinion, although Jiang Yun did not kneel, he was already a spent force, otherwise, there would not be blood, as he was obviously suffering from internal injuries. Just now he was just propping up by a gasp, but the shots just now should have killed him totally.

However, he did not know that the blood spilling from Jiang Yun's mouth had nothing to do with his attack, but came from the constant collision of the spiritual power flood in his own body in the ninth meridian.

Even what Jiang Yun said was not provocative, but what he really thought.

Because, Zheng Yuan's concentrated attack which hit Jiang Yun's body just now, caused his almost uncontrolled flow of spiritual power to finally find a vent!

Those spiritual power actively attached themselves to his body, as if he was wearing a spiritual power armor inside his body, which enabled Jiang Yun to be strong enough to resist Zheng Yuan's shots, and the spiritual power would gradually be dissipated under the attacks.

In short, the harder Zheng Yuan fought, the more spiritual power was consumed, and naturally, the more comfortable Jiang Yun became.

Therefore, Jiang Yun really hoped that Zheng Yuan's shots could be more powerful, so that it could help himself consume more spiritual power.

But with Zheng Yuan's three consecutive shots falling down, the faces of several elders who had been paying attention to the situation here with their spiritual impression were all slightly surprised, and they could not help looking at Fence Peak.

Especially, the lord of Sky Rune Peak was frowning slightly and muttering to himself softly, “Brother Wei has gone too far. It is not a big deal if he teaches Jiang Yun a lesson. But it is clear that Zheng intends to kill him. Even if Jiang Yun did not die after the shots, it may have completely broken his path of cultivation in the future."

It was not only the lord of Rune Peak who had this idea, the majority of people among the whole sect had this idea at the moment, Zheng Yuan had the strength of BLR, he attacking Jiang Yun as hard as he could, was not bullying Jiang Yun, but torturing Jiang Yun to death.

However, without waiting for the scattered gravel and dust to settle, Jiang Yun's voice was heard again, “Not enough, not enough, this power is too weak, Zheng Yuan, your ability is only this much in BLR?”

All those who could hear it, however, were appalled, even the lords and elders.

After suffering through Zheng Yuan's five consecutive shots, Jiang Yun had no serious injury, which was simply impossible!

Zheng Yuan's expression suddenly changed, and he cried out, “Impossible, you are in BLR!”

As cultivators, it was very clear that the battle between a high-level and the low-level was of completely crushing the other. There is no possibility for the low to contend.

This was almost the same as an iron law, and no one had ever been able to break it.

But now Jiang Yun's situation turned the iron law on its head, so much so that Zheng Yuan doubted that Jiang Yun was a BLR as he was.

However, as soon as the words came out, Zheng Yuan realized that he should not have said this at all. Jiang Yun's performance at the beginning of the three tests was obvious to all. He was definitely a mortal.

It was now ten months from his entry, and ten months from being a mere mortal to reaching the realm of BLR was all but impossible.

Sure enough, Jiang Yun's voice, with a trace of sarcasm, began to resound, “If I were BLR, now you would be kneeling before me.”

Zheng Yuan's face was so gloomy that he could not even clear up a small servant disciple in the MCR even for so long as his realm. It was a shame.

What more, in order to make a name for himself, he had specially caught as many people as possible to pay attention to the battle between him and Jiang Yun. If he couldn't beat him up, then he would be indeed famous, but in the opposite meaning.

As if to proof Zheng Yuan's thoughts at the moment, there was a sneer from Rune Peak, “Puff, what a shame on you, Zheng Yuan, as an inner disciple, you should kill yourself first.”

There was immediately someone who interposed from Five Elements Peak, “True, but after today, Zheng Yuan should also be removed from the inner disciples.”

Of course, all those who spoke were the inner disciples. Although they were from the same sect, Seeking-Tao Sect encouraged competition, so the relationship between the inner disciples of five peaks was not harmonious.

Especially, as the head of the five peaks, disciples of Fence Peak were regarded as public enemies by the other four peaks, so now they were glad to see Zheng Yuan's mortification. These disciples, who were never willing to let such a good opportunity pass by, began to exude sarcasm one after another.

“You’re looking for death!”

These jeers were like a fuse which thoroughly ignited the anger in Zheng Yun's heart. He dared not use pure strength against Jiang Yun anymore. Instead, he held out his hand, and the flaming sword immediately turned into a red light and went straight towards Jiang Yun.

As a sword trainer, pure strength was really Zheng Yuan's weakness, but the sword was his strength and his fundamental.

Though Zheng did not put his sword skills to good use, the red glow rising up from his sword, just like a flame, seemed to be shining in the air. Even the temperature around it became hot at this moment.

What was also hot was Jiang Yun's eyes. He was looking at the sword, which was getting closer and closer to him. And his eyes seemed to be burning with fire, but his body was still standing there, as if nailed to the ground.

This scene, falling in the eyes of the public, again made the public voice their surprise.

“Is this kid still ready to take Zheng Yuan's sword with his body?”

“Although Zheng Yuan's strength is not very great, his sword path's attainments are very refined, even this boy would remain alive after the shot, he would be seriously injured.”

“It is better to be over than be seriously injured. Although this sword does not contain the sword arts, this Flaming-Sword of Zheng Yuan was made from the magma under the volcano, this boy will be burnt to death by the sword!”

Even a middle-aged man in a Taoist robe, at an unknown place within a metre of the sect, said to himself, “This little fellow is not a rash man, or he is able to take this shot? However, I’d better make some preparations, so that DongFang Bo won't come after me. Besides, this kid is really good!”