The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: One Killing Action

As he spoke, the middle-aged man reached out his hand to touch the air. An invisible ripple immediately formed around his fingertips, spread to all direction extremely fast and reached the ground below Jiang Yun instantly.


Accompanied by a dull sound, the Flaming-Sword directly pierced the right shoulder of Jiang Yun, who did not dodge at all, and the strong impact and force that the sword carried also hit Jiang Yun's body hard then fly out, and severely hit the house behind that belonged to Jiang Yun.


The rubble caused by the collision covered Jiang Yun completely as he fell down on the ground heavily.


Seeing this, Zheng Yuan finally released his breath, but he had not killed Jiang Yun at all. So it was not a violation of the door rules.

Although Zheng Yuan was angry just now, he was also very clear that he was not Fang YuXuan. Stepping onto Hidden Peak, was a small matter, but if he had really killed Jiang Yun, then the sect would not let him off, and once the sect came after him, even Wei ZhengYang was very likely to ignore him. When that time comes, he would be definitely dead.

Therefore, he had not used the sword arts.

Seeing that his task had been completed, Zheng Yuan was ready to take back the Flaming-Sword and leave there as soon as possible. However, even after he had reached out his hand, the sword did not fly back into his hands by itself. There seemed to be a kind of resistance between him and the sword.

This left him dazed all of a sudden. It had been known that for a sword trainer, the sword is just like second life, not only did one have to drop blood for it to recognize its lord, and along the time when they got along with each other, the relationship between the sword and the owner would become more and more stable and tacit, it became just like a real arm completely.

But he had never encountered this kind of situation when the sword ignored his wish totally.

“Is it due to being pinned under some huge rock and unable to fly out?”


Before Zheng Yuan could finish his thought, he heard a loud noise coming out of the scattered stones. Then a figure rose up slowly from within. It was Jiang Yun.

At this moment, Jiang Yun firmly grasped the hilt of the sword which pierced his shoulder and was trembling slightly, looking at Zheng Yuan, in the sky, said calmly. “This sword is good, it belongs to me!”

If previously the public were only surprised by Jiang Yun provoking Zheng Yuan to hit him harder, seeing Jiang Yun now, and hearing what he said, they were truly shocked.

Pierced by Zheng Yuan, not only did he not seem to be greatly obstructed, and even threatened to take Zheng Yuan's sword as his own, which really was a bit abnormal.

However, Zheng Yuan's laughing voice soon rang out, “Ha ha ha ha, how reckless you are! Do you want my sword? As you? Good, as long as you can control it, then it will be yours!”

It was not that Zheng Yuan was being deliberately generous, but the truth was that the Flaming-Sword had identified Zheng Yuan as the owner, so there were only two ways to rob it.

Firstly, it was to kill Zheng Yuan. Once Zheng Yuan was dead, the sword becomes an ownerless sword again, and anyone could take it as his own. The second was to wipe off the seal left by the blood that Zheng Yuan had dropped onto the sword, but it required a strength that was more powerful in spiritual impression than the previous owner's, which meant that first Jiang Yun had to reach BLR to own spiritual impression, then it must become stronger than Zheng Yuan's.

Zheng Yuan did not believe that Jiang Yun could kill him, nor did he believe that Jiang Yun, who had no spiritual impression at all, could erase his own seal on the sword.

Of course, no one believed it.

However, Jiang Yun smiled, slowly pulling the sword out of his body.

Although the sword felt Zheng Yuan's call, and it was also trembling violently as if it wanted to get rid of Jiang Yun's control and return to its owner's hand, but Jiang Yun's physical strength was too strong. He even stopped the sword with only one hand, making it impossible for it to leave his palm.

This time, suddenly a person exclaimed, “There is no blood on his shoulder, how could he do that?”

As the voice resounded, everyone noticed that there indeed was no blood coming out from Jiang Yun's shoulder.

Before anyone could figure out what was going on, the sword in Jiang Yun's hand suddenly shook violently again.


Even, in this trembling, the red body of the sword gradually become transparent, as if it was really put in the fire to be calcined.

Most people understood that this was due to Zheng Yuan's secretly control. It was the magma hidden in the sword's body. As long as Zheng Yuan was willing to, this magma could be summoned by him at any time.

Obviously, Zheng Yuan was not prepared to let Jiang Yun seize his sword, so he summoned the fire of magma and wanted to let Jiang Yun abandon the sword.

However, Jiang Yun seemed to have no feeling at all. With a cold smile, a pale white mist burst out from his palm, instantly wrapping the sword completely.

And under the cover of the white mist, not only did the fire on the sword began to disappear, but also the trembling gradually subsided.

Immediately, Jiang Yun put the sword into his storage ring.

Zheng Yuan's face suddenly changed greatly, because at this moment, he actually completely lost the connection between him and Flaming-Sword.

Now, Zheng Yuan was really in a panic. Although he still did not believe that Jiang Yun could really take away his sword, he did not dare to take any more risks.

More importantly, as a cultivator in BLR, as an inner disciple of Seeking-Tao Sect, it was a great shame that he was robbed of the sword by a servant who was in MCR.

“I've killed you! Fire-Flow!”

After the roar, Zheng Yun's figure flashed, immediately turning into a ray of green light, straight hit to Jiang Yun in the air, and in his body, there were countless sparkles of the size of the palm, and also kept emerging at an extremely fast speed.

By the time he was about to rush in front of Jiang Yun, the countless sparks around him had actually become a quiet river of fire, full of flames.

The fire river seemed calm, but through where it passed, even the air was burned into nothingness. With Zheng Yuan's momentum, the river of fire slowly came to Jiang Yun.

Zheng Yuan, after all, was in BLR, and he was also a sword trainer. Even if he did not have a sword, he could still use the sword arts, and the Fire-Flow was one of the killer moves in sword arts.

Although there was no Flaming-Sword at the moment to launch the attack, the power of this shot was still not to be underestimated.

It was not hard to see that Zheng Yuan really wanted to kill Jiang Yun!