The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: He Should Not Be Belittled

With the shot from Zheng Yuan, the lord of Rune Peak, Sha JingShan and other people’s eyes flashed a cold light. Their sight involuntarily turned towards Fence Peak again.

Although Zheng Yuan had been defeated repeatedly in the past, everyone knew it was because of some petty tricks of his opponent. Even though Jiang Yun, somewhat, surprised them, it was only because Zheng Yuan had not shown his real strength of the BLR. However, now that Zheng Yuan was determined to kill Jiang Yun, he used his most powerful killing move without hesitation, making it impossible for Jiang Yun to succeed with his petty tricks again.

The consequence of this would be Jiang Yun’s death!

They naturally didn’t want to see Jiang Yun die in such a way, but they also knew that once they made a move, it would be tantamount to offending Wei ZhengYang. As such, at this moment all they could do was to hope that Wei ZhengYang would personally stop Zheng Yuan.

At this moment, Wei ZhengYang was still in his cave, his face glowering in annoyance.

He did not care whether Jiang Yun lived or died. All he cared about was for Fang YuXuan. If Jiang Yun died, the knot in Fang YuXuan's heart would become more difficult to detangle. But, it would be difficult for him to rescue Jiang Yun by himself.

Furthermore, he had warned Zheng Yuan not to kill Jiang Yun, but now Zheng Yuan had openly disobeyed his order, which made him very dissatisfied.

“Forget it, for YuXuan’s sake, I shall let you live longer, boy!”

Wei ZhengYang sighed and started doing some actions secretively. Apart from Wei ZhengYang, the man in Taoist robe, who had released the eternal ripple, finally opened his eyes completely at this moment, and two rays of a light-like essence shone in his eyes, he shook his head gently and said, “Brother Wei, time and again you have wanted to kill this child, you've gone too far!”

As he spoke, the man in the Taoist robe raised his hand again, apparently ready to rescue Jiang Yun. But at this moment, Jiang Yun, who brushed past the river of fire, suddenly raised his hand, and a white air mass about the size of a palm appeared in his hand. He opened his mouth slightly, with a voice that could only be heard by himself, he spoke, “Mist!” Without making a sound, the white air mass in his hand exploded, and there were countless water droplets contained in it, which hit the oncoming river of fire and Zheng Yuan's body.

Water and fire, which contradict each other’s existence, on collision, immediately issued a “size” sounds, forming a dense fog. At this moment, Jiang Yun and Zheng Yuan's figures were completely engulfed by it and could no longer be seen.

This scene created humongous waves in those bystander’s hearts as they suddenly realized that they had been looking down on Jiang Yun all this while.

Because Jiang Yun displayed only his physical strength, in the reexamination!

Using his physical strength alone, Jiang Yun was able to beat Fang RuoLin up fiercely, who was a level-seven cultivator in MCR. As such, all of them believed that Jiang Yun was physically strong and relied only on his physical strength.

Only now did they understand that Jiang Yun's proficiency in the magic arts was equally as powerful as his physical prowess. At this moment, several elders, including the lord of Rune Peak, couldn't help but have intentions of accepting Jiang Yun as a disciple, because even though he was of ordinary talent, all that he displayed was far more than those so-called “talents”.

For those who saw Hidden Peak with spiritual feeling, the fog had no effect on them, but for Zheng Yuan, who was in the fog, he was immediately covered by the thick mist, and as such, he had lost the sight of Jiang Yun’s figure. Without a target, and looking at the river of fire, whose level had been reduced to lower than half, Zheng Yuan momentarily lost his concentration. Taking advantage of this moment, the fog suddenly rushed towards him and tried to encircle him. Zheng Yuan, however, reacted faster and with a vigorous kick on the ground, he shot into the air like an arrow released from a bowstring.

The fog was somewhat strange. It was clear that Jiang Yun performed some kind of magic arts to create it, although Zheng Yuan was not afraid, he would be in a disadvantageous position if he remained in the fog, so he came up with this method.

To Zheng Yuan's reaction, although all people were secretly agreeing with his method, there were a few of the inner disciples who could not help but sneer in their hearts. It was not only the gap between cultivators in MCR and BLR that leads to the defeat of MCR, but also a crucial point was that the cultivators in BLR could fly, while those in the MCR could not.

With this difference alone, the BLR had been established in an invincible position!

Therefore, Zheng Yuan clearly took advantage of this point, so that he could only attack Jiang Yun, while Jiang Yun could not retaliate against him. To be honest, this move was a little shameless.

The next moment, however, caused a huge shock to the whole of the Seeking-Tao Sect, that even all the elders of the peak and, the middle-aged man in the robe had their mouths wide open in disbelief.

As Zheng Yuan rushed out of the mist, it suddenly began to roll violently, just like boiling water, and amid the fog, a figure flew out all of a sudden and rushed towards Zheng Yuan!

“You enjoyed it all this while, and now it's my turn!” The owner of the voice was Jiang Yun so, this figure was naturally Jiang Yun! Jiang Yun could fly even though he was in MCR! It was an ironclad law within the cultivators' boundary that, cultivators in MCR could not fly and this was a notion believed by all.

However, now, Jiang Yun followed Zheng Yuan and flew to the sky. All the people who witnessed this scene were shocked to their core and were unable to make any sounds, and this ironclad law in their hearts had been once again overturned.

Many of them present there, suddenly recalled the previous words where Zheng Yuan asked Jiang Yun--are you in BLR?

Was it true that Jiang Yun was already a cultivator in BLR? However, someone soon noticed an anomaly and shouted, “Look at Jiang Yun's body!” They hurriedly looked at Jiang Yun, and found that under his body there was a faint mist, which is almost transparent. Just like a cloud, the mist carried his body and rushed towards the sky. However, the mist was extremely light, and the color it gave was similar to that of the sky. If they did not look carefully, they could not find it at all. Therefore, it gave everyone a false impression that Jiang Yun used some flying skills using his own power.

When everyone saw the mist, a trail of voices came from all directions. “That's why this fog must be a flying magic tool!” ”Right, it just startled me. I thought that Jiang Yun could really fly!” “To fly using the power of a magic tool is not a big deal, even a mortal can do it.”

Those who uttered these words were all the servant disciples and the outer disciples in the sect, and their words, though they sounded remarkably relieved, still contained a hint of jealousy that could not be hidden from the elders and even the inner disciples.

However, neither the inner disciples nor the elders paid any attention to these voices, because their faces were still full of shock on seeing the mist under Jiang Yun's feet.